Planning to build an VS Anti-infantry Max

Discussion in 'MAX' started by SemperFi, Dec 19, 2012.

  1. SemperFi

    is there any Vs anti-infantry max weapon that is on Par with TR's and NC's max weapons? or should I just forget building an anti-infantry max?
  2. Cryptek

    Cosmos is good because it has 75 shots, which will when you're chasing people, then being assaulted by more people, and more people and so forth be very handy. It also shares the spot of highest accuracy with the Nebula and same TTK

    Nebula shoots lots of bullets but they don't hurt as much, however the TTK is still only beaten by the blueshift

    Blueshift has the shortest TTK of all the guns (but also the worst accuracy)

    Standard quasars are rubbish in every department, since they have an lower TTK when compared to the others and have no upsides.

    I Personally run 1 Blueshift and 1 Cosmos, that gives me lots of stopping power when I'm up close and personal, while allowing me to still lay down suppressing fire with at least one gun while the other reloads.

    If I could redo it I'd probably run 1 Nebula and 1 Cosmos though. Since they both have the same accuracy, but the different fire intervals makes connecting bullets easier. (I bought blueshifts originally because I like many, was fooled into thinking it was more accurate by the tooltip)

    interesting fact: while the Cosmos does take longer to reload by itself, if it reloads at the same time as any other quasar variant, it'll reload at it's speed, so you don't get ANY downsides from the 1 Cosmos if you run it with a Nebula/blueshift.

    Having 1 Cosmos is always preferred to having 2 of either blueshifts or Nebulas, because they run out of ammo REALLY fast, so being able to continue pumping bullets out keeps most people at bay and still kills just fine in CQC.

    At any rate, VS MAXes can reliably melt infantry in CQC and at medium-close range, you don't have as long range as TR and you don't kill quite as quick as the NC (but you still have a TTK that's about half a second at the range a NC MAX is effective at, so still pretty decent) You are however a very reliable middle ground. Learn your strengths, weaknesses and limitations and then compensate for them and you will have a nice killing machine.

    You should also not forget that the steps of a Vanu MAX are almost silent, so it is a very good ambush MAX, since unless it's so silent that you can hear normal infantry running, you can't hear it either.

    Edit: Also a tip for fighting TR MAXes, get into CQC with them, stand at about 3-5 meters (or whatever the blind spot range is) then aim for their head, because their torso goes up to their ears and behind them, all the bullets you miss with that don't go over his head, will still connect. While if he aims for your head, most of the missed bullets will go over you and to the sides of you. The range you want to go for is the 'blind spot' that normal infantry can hide in, since he'll have to aim for your chest to reliable damage you with both AI weapons, while he's wide enough for you to hit him in the head while reliably damaging him. Just make sure you're aiming for his mouth.

    as for fighting NC MAXes?.... don't, especially if they have Hacksaws.
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  3. Blitzkrieg

    Dual Nebula's.
    Flak/Kinetic Armour.
    Extended Magazines.
    Get an Engineer or two.

  4. SemperFi

    ty very much for the reply
    Your post deserves a new thread ty very much for the replies
  5. Scrangos

    There was a post with the data for the weapons around. Conclusion was the cosmos was way superior to anything else. Better accuracy, same ttk, bigger clip, more dmg per bullet.
  6. tugernut

    i gotta say i got the dual nebulas and i hate them
    i do much better with 1 nebula and the stock AI arm , sorry atm i cannot remember its name quasar maybe ?
    one does more damage , the other fires faster .
    before buying both id highly suggest you trial it , then only buy 1
  7. Cryptek

    the stock quasar has the lowest TTK of all the guns, replace it with a cosmos and you're golden, more ammo, more damage and it's only downside (longer reload) is negated when you reload it with another quasar type.
  8. tugernut

    I would if I had it. But I don't , and I refuse to buy any more guns at this point in the game.
  9. Ryko Nailo

    Personally I started to love the heck out of the Comet, a direct hit rips off half hp on most infantry and murders other MAXs as well as lets you scare away vehicles. And the splash can hit guys around corners granted far less damage that way. I'm not so sure I'd duel wield them though unless you have ungodly aim and fight only a person at a time or jump in and out of corners. Especially since its a waste to fire one at a wounded guy. If I didn't buy a Blueshift for "accuracy" I'd definately go Comet / Cosmos. And if you buy them right that even gives more options, ie Dual Comet and Cosmos / Quasar if you don't like the mix style.
  10. Moneypills

    How do you know the TTK of these weapons? Is there a website that holds tests and trials of each weapon?
  11. Ripshaft

    They're all pretty good, personally I run dual quasars and it's super effective. I have no idea why people are whining about them all of a sudden... The complaints about the effective range on these are fairly unfounded, you can be surprisingly effective at range, certainly nothing like a normal weapon, but maxes aren't normal. For the general ranges that maxes operate at, they will prove to be super effective, so long as you understand basic principles behind weapon handling, like recoil, bloom, moving/crouching and their effect on your aim .etc. If you fire controlled rounds, you'd be amazed at how accurate the weapons actually are, I routinely kill people who are almost entirely obscured by cover at a decent range (about half the length of a biolab flight pad, however without cover you can easily kill people an entire flightpad length away). They usually dont bother hiding to heal since they dont expect to get sniped by a max that's so far away, which also works in my favor.
  12. Cryptek

    all the stats for MAX weapons are available here

    (originally posted by StormFrog)

    if you go digging you can find someone who did the actual math and number crunching to prove that the stock quasar has about a 0.2 second worse TTK than all other varients, which is about 20% worse in case you're wondering.
  13. Grotpar

    Glancing over the spreadsheet the optimal choice seems to be either cosmos/cosmos or nebula/nebula.

    I've been using the Cosmos, lately, and it feels a lot better than Quasar/Blueshift and Blueshift/Blueshift.
    Maybe when one of the Nebulas goes on sale I'll try dual wielding that with the other arm on trial and see how that goes.

    I really don't get what's going on with the blueshift, I like the idea behind it, but it's clearly not designed for increased accuracy or range.

    Would still like to get a shotgun variant, those stats on NC MAX weapons show a lot of potential in close range.
  14. Kedric

    TTK = rounds to kill divided by rounds per second

    So first divide 1000 (base infantry health + shield) by the damage to get the rounds to kill, then divide rpm by 60 to get rounds per second, and then divide rounds to kill by rounds per second.

    Cosmos comes out the best statistically and is a better weapon for longer distances, although you can mix and match like Cryptek suggests.
  15. Kiddneey

    I've been rocking double Comets for BioLab fighting today. It's actually quite hilarious.
  16. Cindarr

    I'm using the dual cosmos setup just now, and it's rather proficient at melting faces. If you fire one down to about 30 rounds then fire up the second one you can maintain a constant stream of purple death and lock down a doorway (engi turrets ain't got ****) stand on an ammo pack and you're good to go till the end of time.
  17. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    Actually, the other guns aren't bad.
    Nebula is easy to hit with, and the Blueshift has the highest DPS, if at the cost of being barely more accurate than a Shotgun.
    The Cosmos also has the slowest Projectile speed and longest reload, so it's not flat out the best.
    It's just the gun with the fewest shortcomings, so getting one should be mandatory if only for not running out of ammo.
  18. Chancellor Gowron

    dual comet is actually pretty good vs infantry at range. You have to get direct hits though. You can kill unmoving infantry almost 100% of the time at almost any range and if both projectiles hit its instant death.

    A lot of times infantry, especially snipers, will stand still or crouch and shoot at my max and wont try to run or strafe because it doesn't even occur to them that i can actually kill them at extreme range.
  19. Randomguy365

    VS AI MAX units are a complete waste of certs / SC
    a light assault is a better AI unit for VS than their ******* MAX, completely worthless pile of ****.