PlanetsideBattles is organizing a World Record Match!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by OdinsPride, Dec 16, 2014.

  1. OdinsPride

    We are talking with SOE about a plethora of things, thanks for the input though!
  2. Calisai

    The PR and excitement it can bring in. Especially when bringing together multi-server cooperation. It's mostly to drum up excitement about it. Its also easier to guarantee the numbers are there when the Guiness people are around, rather than hoping for numbers during a certain day/time.
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  3. TheBlindFreak

    Fair enough, I suppose.
  4. Desann

    First off, i thought the maps supported up to 2,000 players anyway.

    Second, this sounds like a huge lag fest.

    Edit: Third: will players actually render in this massive battle or will we be killed by invisible enemies 20m away. Because this happens on the "reg" during 96+ vs 96+ fights.
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  5. OdinsPride

    Was there something inherent in the post that said that hundreds of players would be fighting in the same hex?
    Each and every one of us has played in battles this size on a daily basis. There should be no difference in gameplay than that of a heavy prime time alert.

    The cap limits are of little consequence, but if it makes you feel better we have talked with SOE about them. They are not 2000, and no unfortunately I can't give you the information on what they actually are. At the end of the day, we wouldn't want it at 2000 anyways to provide for a better gameplay experience.

    If you don't want to participate, that's totally fine. There are so many ways that you can support this event that doesn't require you to be there shooting things...
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  6. Ribero

    For me at least, it was the part about "In a single FPS Battle".

    The way I reasoned it was that the fights at different bases/hexes would be individual battles (which cumulate into continental conflicts, which are part of the planetary war.)


    Though this response about each continent being persistent, no load screens etc etc made enough sense for me to see it as otherwise.
  7. Desann

    except of course for the FACT that players accross the country will be on the same server. I get much better ping on Connery than on Emerald since i am closer to the west coast.

    And the reason I was under the impression that the servers support 2,000 players per map is because I have seen it on a dozen websites. I would link them but linking to other websites can award me a temp forum ban.
  8. Bindlestiff

    I would love to see 1100 people in a Bio Lab :)
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  9. mavix

    If only we could have a 5 minute cease-fire treaty.
  10. Dudeman325420

    So if this is a record to break... does that mean that PS2 has never had more than 1000 players on a continent before? Wow, population is quite a bit lower than I thought...
  11. Paragon Exile

    We exceed that daily, but to obtain the record we'd need to have a GWR representative to confirm it officially.
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  12. vanu123

  13. Tycoh

    *Plays with 1100 in a single battle, can only see barely 60 players render under 3 meters*

    At least in Man Vs Machine you could actually see 999 players fighting at once...
  14. OdinsPride

  15. ElastaPlast

    Or maybe like the soldiers in world war 1, play football (soccer to you Americans) on the battle field and swap Christmas gifts?
  16. zombielores

    You can have my Christmas Gift, I'm sure you'll be BLOWN away by what you'll receive. :D

    @OP. Is this going to be a regular 3 way server smash or is there something special being planned.
  17. FBVanu

    Bumping this...

    There would be a parking lot around the BioLab.. with 300 vehicles all around it..
    and a long line inside the biolab.. going all the way around the top dome... for players waiting to get in...

    A turkey shoot for the 200 Liberators, hovering above.. .. what a promotional video that would be!
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  18. RedolentBastard

    You are forgetting the efficiency of the teleporters. Scatmaxes at every exit with an engie-medic team. Everyone else files in single line. It will be the most efficient farm you have ever seen.

    In all seriousness though, if you have played on a continent with a que while there was an alert going on, you have participated in a fight this large. It is just we have to do it with Guinness reps watching to actually get the record.
  19. FBVanu

    Bump again.. let's make this happen
  20. Dotz0r

    Imho, why is this not stickied? I thought you slept with radar and everything!?!