PlanetsideBattles is organizing a World Record Match!

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  1. OdinsPride

    Dear Fellow Auraxians,

    PlanetsideBattles and SOE are very excited to announce an event to cement Planetside 2’s place in gaming history. On January 24th, 2015, at 22:00UTC, we will be attempting to break the Guinness World Record for “Most Players Online in an FPS Battle.”

    The definition of the record from Guinness:
    “This record is for the greatest number of players simultaneously (in one single instance) in one server on an online FPS (First-Person Shooter) video game.”

    Thecurrent record is 999 players held byMan vs Machine, a one off, browser based game created in 2012 specifically to surpass Planetside 1's record at the time.

    Our record attempt will consist of approximately 1,100 players and take place on the Jaeger competitive server as a 3 way match on Hossin, pitting each FACTION, not servers, against each other. What this means is that a TR from Connery will be fighting alongside the combined TR populations from all servers; the same goes for the NC and VS.

    This will be by far the biggest organized event for Planetside Battles, as a community, and for Planetside as a game, and we are announcing this as early as we can to prepare. We cannot do this without the help that SOE is providing and we cannot do this without YOU.


    If you are interested in participating in this extraordinary opportunity, here’s the skinny:

    Fill out>>THIS GOOGLE FORM<< to become eligible for participation.
    (NOTE: Each individual player must sign up for themselves. If your outfit wants to bring multiple people, each one of them must fill out this form)

    Each server has its own dedicated Server Faction Representatives that will oversee organizing their faction’s squads for participation. Every faction also has two overall Faction Organizers who will oversee administration for their entire faction.

    For a list of these organizers and how to contact them with inquiries, please click here to find the correct email address to message!

    Server Faction Representatives have final say on who will be playing in their squads based on one rule only: GUARANTEED ATTENDANCE. Other factors that could increase your chance at participation are: being able to stream live on Twitch, being a platoon or squad leader, and your ability to advertise the event. These should be listed in the signup form as reasons you wish to participate. If you do not get in though this sign up process, there will be a reserve system on the day of the match which we will give more information about in the future.

    Make sure you are messaging the correct server and faction; as we will be checking player names!

    Player participation will be based on server population, and each server will be represented in proportion to its population to that of Planetside as a whole. Squads Per Faction: Emerald (8), Cobalt (7), Miller (7), Connery (6), Briggs (3).

    Given the nature of this event, we expect there will be a great deal of interest to participate. There are tens of thousands of players in Planetside, and while approximately 1,100 is a big number, it is still a small percentage of the playerbase as a whole. This means that it is much more likely for you to NOT be participating than actually shooting your gun.


    There will be quite a bit of information that will be coming out between now and game day, so please stay up to date on the latest by interacting on our social media platforms.

    Twitter: @PS2Battles
    Reddit: /r/Serversmash

    We are very excited to bring this to the community, and with your help, we know that this will be an event that we can all share in and be proud of.

    Come be a part of history!
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  2. Ribero

    I feel like hosting it on Esamir instead of Hossin might be better off for performance, even if the bases are dull.

    Good luck with it though.

    (Also InB4ServerCrash)
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  3. zuka7

    PS2 ftw!!!
  4. Ribero

    What's the proximity requirement for this, by the way?

    Since "Most Players Online in an FPS Battle." sounds much more confined than a whole continent.
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  5. Bindlestiff

    I've registered. I want to hedge my bets; either be part of a world record which would be kind of cool, or be able to say "I was there when the whole thing imploded and SOE lost all interest in hosting PS2 from there on in"
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  6. Calisai

    When PS1 obtained the record, it was a full continent previously. Technically... a PS continent is a "map" when you consider the ability to traverse the full map during the match.
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  7. Calisai

    I feel like any of the other continents would be better for this than Hossin (due to graphics), but I would also get SOE's input on it.

    They should be able to tell which map would be best. The fact that Hossin has many more links to fight over than the other continents might mean spreading out the population more and thus reducing load in particular locations.

    Most of the issues come from having high concentrations of players in one or two hexes (think EMC/Octagon in MergerSmash)... The servers tend to be okay when things are spread out completely. If the force commanders keep that in mind and don't send 4 platoons to a three-way fight, it should be fine.
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  8. Ribero

    That makes a lot of sense to me, when you put it that way.
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  9. z1967

    My cpu just let out a whimper, lets break some records.
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  10. Bindlestiff

    Finally a use for those stat padders who drive to the edges of continents, or to some random bit of land in the middle of nowhere. Get them all to sign up!
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  11. ElastaPlast

    So we have to play Planetside 2 and not Zergside 2. Something different I suppose ;)
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    Are those 1100 people going to be fighting over a single facility? If so the question is, does a FPS game running at at a avarage 5FPS still meet the criteria 'first person shooter"?

    Otherwise, cool idea and I'm hoping that we'll break the record.
  13. Bindlestiff

    It is in its own category. First Person Slideshow.
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  14. RedolentBastard

    Hossin is really the only continent you can do this on for several reasons. It is the only one that divides evenly three ways. Imagine the drama if we did it on Indar and your empire got stuck with the southeast warpgate. And perhaps most important for this, it is the largest continent and has more bases for the population to spread out to.

    I know everyone has their continent preferences, but for competative three ways, it is really the only option.
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  15. FBVanu

    IMHO, all those trees and leaves blowing in the wind, they do slow down GPUs.. Esamir is by far the least taxing continent for GPUs..

    Do I understand this correctly, we have to show 1100 players on a map, but they do not have to all fight in one spot, fight based on lattice, or even try to win... they just have to be there ??

    For how long does this whole shebang have to go on? Is there a time minimum - must be at least 30 minutes, or an hour for all those players to be there at the same time?

    Maybe ask SOE to remove the Lattice for that one day on that one continent ? That could ensure battles everywhere.. instead of 1100 players trying to cramp all into one tech plant.. (or Bio Lab ?)

    Maybe also ask SOE to keep this thread in the top, regardless of posts, to keep it in front of forumside
  16. Calisai

    I think a 2 hr alert with 1100 players on the continent would be enough wouldn't you think? I mean... what other criteria would you need? A single FPS goal (to capture the most territory), a single "map" (traversable the whole time and no loading screens).

    I think that would be more fitting for the record than a "browser based game created specifically to break the record"... It actually fits more the intent of the record.
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  17. consciousvillan

    i know im only br 37 with 150 odd hours in game but im signing up for this.. wonder if any of my outfit will to.. this is the sorta thing that makes it hard for me to play any other game.. ps 2 for the win
  18. DrBash00

    So lets break the world record!

    Nice Idea!
  19. TheBlindFreak

    Isn't the continent population cap already something like 1200 players? Meaning that during prime times when a continent is 33%/33%/33% with queues for each faction the 1200 player mark is already reached. What is the point of scheduling an event to do something that happens on a daily basis?
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  20. OdinsPride

    If I run a 9.4sec 100m dash in my backyard and no one sees it, is it still the world record?

    Same logic applies...In order to be OFFICIALLY recognized, one must go through OFFICIAL channels.
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