Planetside2 will be DEAD sooner than my initial projections.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by CapEnTrade, Nov 29, 2015.

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  1. JustBoo

    THIS. This right here. (I've just had an epiphany, and we know how painful those can be.)

    I suspect most of the World Class Whiners that are salivating over the demise of PS2 are people who are not just petty and sad, they are pissed off and totally butt-hurt about the game not "bowing to their will." To wit: "If this game won't do what *I* want, then it needs to burn in hell."

    And here is a key, they then seek validation for their bad life choices by coming to this forum and trying to get 'everyone' to agree with them. In sociological terms this used to be called "building armies." It kind of explains why they do not act like any sane person and just move on. No, they are the human equivalent of vultures that have to make sure their unhappiness is pushed on others. What a 'life' eh?
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  2. pnkdth

    Odd, I'm running this game on what most would consider a potato. Have you considered external memory leaks, malicious software, faulty RAM, overheating graphic cards, cables/wiring, or other hardware issues? No patch will ever be able to fix conflicting hardware(and since it doesn't show up as broken it is incredibly hard to locate where the issue is). Sometimes a clean install is good to do.

    If you've went through this already, I dunno. Have similar problems with SWTOR, kept crashing/freezing my computer, which is really weird since it requires a whole lot less than PS2 to run. My brother encountered this with counter-strike of all games. Turned out it was a faulty cable of all things. He switched it out, then it started to work again. Tech is fun like that. Doesn't matter how epic your machine is when something as stupid as a cable has broken.
  3. WarmApplePieTG

    Im new to the game and absolutely love it. Ive brought 3 over from another game and 2 more shortly. You say the battles keep getting smaller but my stream says otherwise. The battles on us east last night were insane, so much fun.

    Whine on!!
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  4. DeadlyPeanutt

    LOL, how wrong can you be?

    most experienced players are concerned about PS2s rapid decline... and concerned about DBG basically ignoring the game for the past year. After hossin, which was a nightmare and the newbie map, which was another screwup (letting experienced players farm to their hearts content), there has been no significant new content, AND most importantly, no programming to address massive bugs, hacking, huge balance issues in pop and class, hit detection, lag compensation, etc, etc.

    War Thunder has added massive tank and air content in the last year, including buildings you can knock over, fences and trees that fall over when you shoot them (unlike the steel trees growing in front of every AV turret on hossin). Star Wars, Warframe, Dota, etc have all had major new content added in the past six months.

    What has PS2 had in the past six months? space pumpkins and the 'get revenge' button.

    So your raging about experienced players voicing their concern and irritation with DBG for ignoring PS2 and letting it die slowly sounds like world class whining to me !!

  5. Gundem

    War Thunder has a massive team behind them to add this content. Same with Starwars, Warframe, Dota, TF2, Overwatch, any other game you could list.

    PS2 has a skeletal team, working on a massive project, ANT's. Stop acting so insulted that they don't have time to add stupid little bells and whistles.
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  6. pnkdth

    Do you have the memory of a gold fish? Seriously, just take a moment and review the last 6 months of content and you're going to realise just how fundamentally stupid your post is.
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  7. Pikachu

    Last 6 months. I can remeber blackhand (modified com no ones using), swarm (old striker no ones using), vehicle av set (finally base level quality content, waiting for balanxe), victory poikt thikg that i forget exists when i close the map screen, aame for revence thing. I cant remember anythikg else.
  8. Who Garou

    SOE is gone.
    What was SOE is now Daybreak.

    Some of the people left or were laid-off, but Daybreak is what SOE was.

    So SOE doesn't want or prove anything as SOE is no more.
    Daybreak Games has been in control of Planetside 2 for a good while now.

    Columbus Nova owns Daybreak Games.
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  9. DeadlyPeanutt

    fundamentally stupid is to call useless weapons and auto turrets firing spitballs to raise a few bucks for DBG content. Or are you referring to space pumpkins and 'get revenge' buttons?

    Also I've seen no improvements in hacking prevention... in fact I saw three TR on Miller standing in front of the doors of NC spawn rooms taking thousands of rounds today, holding a knife and daring anyone to come out.

    talk about stupid

    you should test your own IQ and play another game or two before you call anyone else stupid
  10. Savadrin

    Funny, I spent $650 on mine and the games runs ultra like butter.
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  11. TacoMasters(PS4)

    You're literally the most toxic player I have ever came across on a forum board. For the last SEVERAL months, all you do is complain, whine, and cry. You seemingly try to shove your own BS down people's throats to get your stupid point across. We get it now; you don't like Planetside 2. Now go away. The fact that you continue to walk these forum grounds tell us how much of an idiot you are. If you're going to criticize, do it in an way that won't make you sound so foolish. You're a mere reflection of disappointment and you should just accept that.
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  12. RedArmy

    Whatever, i preordered The Division on PC, so ima try n transition to that when it comes out anyway - i bought the gold edition so ive got an $80 pre commitment to the game already.
    and ive already got twitter confirmation that Wrel will be headed that route as well
  13. JustBoo

    Quoted For Truth. Nothing more I can add. Thank you.
  14. DeadlyPeanutt

    very pleasant, aren't you? do you treat everyone with an opinion with such a kind and open minded attitude?

    I've been playing PS2 for over a year. I'm not a newbie and therefore I have just as much of a right to express my opinion as you do. If the only players allowed to express opinions on forumside are PS2 fanboys and newbies, then perhaps you should ban me, if you're a moderator, which I assume your not.

    So apparently your opinion of my posts are worth nothing at all. Sad for you.
  15. DeadlyPeanutt

    btw, I also don't post personal attacks on other players... who's toxic again?

    (one solution: if you don't enjoy or agree with my posts, don't read them. I suppose you want to ban books you don't agree with also?)
  16. MaxDamage

    SOE had a really counterproductive and aggressive approach to punishing people who used bad language in game, or made girls/fairies feel "unsafe" in an online environment. They thought BuzzCutPsycho and his kind were bad for the game, far from it. The success of his twitch and youtubing prove contrary, he inspired a lot of people to play/continue, while he was active.

    I've been in competitive gaming for a long time.. and adrenaline filled action games, are full of what americans like to call "douches". We have ignore buttons, we have mute buttons, but instead staff chose to pro-actively hunt and ban because their CS leaders were simps and women with ZERO experience of actual gamer culture.

    And while that might work in EQ99, when SOE dominated the market and most players of an RPG were socially inept nerds - it kills a player base in an FPS game.

    An FPS, you know, those things where spotty annoying ***** yell mean things at each other and swear to slay f*****ts and their mums.

    Sure, we hate them, or ironically love them, but they are needed or you just made a pretty engine for a handful of fragile muppets.

    "Personally I'd rather not be offended and play alone than suffer a JERK".

    Congratulations, you got your wish.

    Also MAX units are great. #BUFFTRPOUNDERMAX
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  17. Savadrin

  18. RadarX

    I think we're going to go ahead and end this one here.
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