Planetside2 on PS4. Why I feel it's the best version of the game.

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  1. Ziggurat8

    In light of all the craziness going on in planetside2 right now I feel like I should point out just why I think the game is better on PS4.

    1. Everyone plays on the same settings. This of course means that hiding in a bush means you're hiding in a bush that is rendered for everyone. No one can turn off or tweak settings when it comes to graphic displays. Smoke obscures vision, shadows cast dark areas and a bush is a bush for everyone. Also no custom over lays. I'm sure some people would consider this a negative, but everyone has the same display.

    2. Everyone's legit. No one on PSN can have a modified PS4. It's not impossible to hack or modify a PS4. It is however very hard and it requires you to use a previous version of the PS4 OS. Logging in to PSN (the playstation network) automatically updates your console. If you've hacked or modified it you won't be able play online.

    3. A longer development cycle. This may seem like a negative at first. With all the crazy changes coming williy nilly to PC lately having a longer development cycle means that changes on PC get tested, sometimes for months, before coming to the PS4. PC gets to be the guinea pig for PS4. Case in point, thermals haven't changed on PS4. Maybe after the smoke clears thermals will remain and whatever the final version is will find its way to PS4.

    4. PS4 coupon codes, discount codes and PlayStationCash can be used for purchasing Battle Cash. This actually makes the games purchaseable content cheaper on PS4. I got a $10 coupon for the holidays from Sony that I used for BattleCash (the planetside2 on ps4 currency). PS4 users also get all the same store deals that PC gets (at least we have).

    5. You don't have to trouble shoot the game to get the best experience. This is actually the entire reason I stopped PC gaming.(besides needing to upgrade again) I really enjoyed many aspects of PC gaming. Custom user files, generally better graphics (if your PC can support it) arguably a better interface (you can get a mouse and keyboard for PS4 though). One thing I think makes consoles much better is you install a game and then you play it. No driver issues, no registry edits or additional files to make it run. No turning off background programs or running in windowed mode or tweaking the .ini files. Just turn it on and play.

    Anyways that's all I got. I played ps1 and ps2 on PC. When I heard ps2 was coming to PS4 I made the decision to buy a PS4 and haven't looked back. I really only regret that the time and money I spent on the PC version didn't carry over (I miss alpha squad and my ps1 veteran decal the most 8'(

    If you own a PS4 I highly recommend you DL planetside2 and try it out on PS4. It's really good. You may just decide to stay.
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  2. NutellaArmy

    This game on ps4 runs like cr4ap. It barely gets 15 frames per second in heavy fights, freezes a lot and sometimes it crashes too.
    The map/respawn screen is bugged, lag hit detection is horrible, the UI is bugged as f@@k. It's the worst ****** coded game i have ever experienced.

    if you own a ps4 , go play something else
  3. GoTDirt fromMAG

    Yep I've got a few thousand hours on both.
  4. Ziggurat8

    It does freeze. Can't deny that. There is a general maintenance fix that definitely reduces the number of issues. Just rebuild the database.

    As for the rest of it? I've never had that terrible of a frame rate. It can dip low enough you notice it but I can say it hasn't made the game unplayable. It also runs a bit better on ps4 pro. Any issue that plagues the game in general, lag, hit detection, respawn shennanigans also effect the PS4.

    One thing I forgot to mention but is definitely a perk. Every PS4 automatically has video recording or broadcast streaming. Have an awesome game moment you wish to save? Just hit the share button twice or long press (however you have it configured) and the last 15 minutes of game play are recorded. Set up an account and that video can be automatically uploaded to your YouTube account, it's pretty neat.
  5. Naaahhhhh

    Some points that bother me on PS4:
    1. The Waypoints on the map are way to small and always red. (Difficult to see on TR trerretory)
    2. Almost no coordinated open platoons that use the V chat. I am happy if a open platoon leader is capable to set waypoints.
    3. Carshes and freezing
    4. Most time just high pop at Indar / the crown / Ti alloys
  6. Ziggurat8

    Never really noticed issues with waypoints. I will check it out when I log back in. You could be right.

    I've never understood the voice chat thing either. Most of the time I'm more annoyed at some idiot playing music or weird background noises and game sounds coming through an open Mic. If you play VS Predacons is very good with the squad/platoon chat, as is VOID. I know my outfit (Abyss) is bad at using squad and platoon chat. We mostly use the outfit channel so non outfit members get silence. INCH used to be very good open platoons on TR. Haven't run with many NC.

    If you don't mind crazy off color remarks and general shenanigans come play with Abyss on VS sometime. We've been doing a lot of recruiting lately and usually have a squad going or a joint outfit platoon. We do more small ops 24-48 fights and avoid the crown and ghost capping like it's the plague. It's a lot of fun and we have a ton of veterans that play pretty regularly we might ( more like will) give you a hard time but we'll help you out with whatever too.
  7. Naaahhhhh

    Thanks but I never heared of this outfits so I assume you play on the US server. I play TR on the EU server and for TR the only big platoons are french or russian and even they seem to not use the v chat or they dont speak english.
  8. Moz

    There is one BIG reason it will never be as good on console:

    Controllers suck donkey balls for FPS games.

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  9. Liewec123

    that ties in to what i was about to say, people don't need hacks on console for FPS if they have a mouse and keyboard,
    there is no way i'd be able to enjoy lying back on my couch with a controller playing an FPS, because you just know you'll get wrecked by each and every person who is sitting at a desk.
  10. Naaahhhhh

    It is not that common. Until Rank 55 I just noticed one person that was clearly using a mouse and keyboard.
  11. LaughingDead

    Even with crashes and freezing, those minor hiccups to sessions, game quality outshines game networking in this case it seems.
    Being kicked off a session for a bit in trade for no hackers, no cheats, better deals, use of cover with graphic settings (meaning SMOKE IS ACTUALLY USEFUL), also throw in no unnecessary nerfs to bull crap because people actually know how to play and devs actually know how to balance things! An actual choice between console and PC and not a straight up PC is better! No other game title has been able to make this sort of balance possible! Kudos devs.
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  12. Ziggurat8

    The very best infantry player I know of, arguably the best infantry player on Genudine, OGClementine. Uses a dual shock 4 with thumb extenders and maximum sensitivity. At least that's what he claims.

    It's generally accepted playing an FPS is easier with a mouse for aiming and movement but after nearly 1200 hours of using a dual shock 4 to play Planetside2 I can say it's not really the handicap every PC player claims. That's coming from 15 yrs of using a Razer Boomslang and Razer Mamba for gaming. Some of the guys I run with use a mouse and keyboard emulator. But it's just that. It EMULATES a mouse and key using controller inputs. So things like maximum turn rate that a controller has the mouse and key also has. It's not as fast as you can move the mouse your character moves on screen like PC. They all say 1 thing. It plays like a PC shooter but it's not the same, the precision and speed of a game using a real mouse input is much better.
  13. Liewec123

    ah righty! i was under the impression that PS4 had native mouse and keyboard support, yeah emulators could drag it down substantially. :eek:
  14. Ziggurat8

    It does and it doesn't. You can plug in a usb mouse and keyboard for use but it depends on if the game supports it or not.
  15. GoTDirt fromMAG

    Gamepad = more fun. Rumble rumble.
  16. FieldMarshall

    To be honest i wouldnt want to play FPS games with a joystick any more than i would with a steering wheel.
    Another thing is the FOV. This may just be me, but i dont like playing games where it feels like im looking through binoculars.
    I just wouldnt be able to enjoy playing like that.

    But i guess we all have different priorities when it comes to big decisions like choosing what to play a games on.