Planetside2.exe has stopped working

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by AngelSnypz, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. LaChaDerp

    You know that is really funny someone further up on the forums reported having and plugged in controllers. 3 times I launch the game with only a G510 keyboard and a Mouse and its working fine. I close it down go and grab my joystick USB slot and it wont launch that might be the fix trying un plugging any non required gear.
  2. TSR_Bil-G Customer Service

    Yes, at least at this time it is confirmed that some USB peripherals do cause Windows 8 crashing problems. Thanks for following up, Heeden!
  3. CaptainYamerica

    Been tried already at least on my end.
  4. CaptainYamerica

    Also running Win7 Ult. 64
  5. TeReKBio

    same problem here!! fix it plz
  6. have2laugh

    same problem here. The frustrating thing is THIS PROBLEM HAS ALREADY BEEN FIXED IN BETA... TWICE!

    I've been playing in beta for a few months now. Everything ran fine for weeks, then there was a "performance patch" and bam! crashing every 5 minutes. waited a week and another performance patch... miraculous fix! Huzzah!

    this happened twice more, the most noticeable of which came after the first new content drop and took ages to fix. Now it may be just coincidence, but given that SOE have just dropped A TON of new textures, content and UIs into the game that they never tested, even for a day, in beta (seriously guys, wth? surely this is exactly the reason that you have a closed beta? what are you thinking?) and now we're back to the exact same symptoms and behaviours in the bugs.

    For the record, literally not a single thing has changed on my PC since last week when everything was running fine, now I don't even get two minutes before the crash. Stop trying to tell us to reinstall or download drivers, the problems are not on our end! we are all using the same machines that we had a week ago, the only people who have changed anything IS YOU!

    So please stop treating us like idiots. If you don't know what is causing it, just bloody tell us. If you do know, then still tell us so that we know what to expect instead of repeatedly getting frustrated.
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  7. AngelSnypz

    anyone who has some crashing problems they cant put down to USB peripherals have a look at this. I got directed here by tech support and told that my gpu wasn't compatible. i honestly dont know how they managed to **** this up like that. once again the freaking beta works/ed better than the full release. if anything bring the bloody beta back.
  8. sh0rts1ght

    I get the same thing.

    Win 7 Pro 64
    i7 26K Processor
    8GB 1600 Mhz
    ATI / AMD 6950 2GB (Msi Twin Frozr 3 Power Edition)
  9. AngelSnypz

    yep, clean reinstall with a total uninstall before i started again. and still crashing
    fault module is planetside2.exe

    now wth is going on? the executable is the broken bit for me aparently.
    guess planetside 2 is gonna get shelved almost indefinitely by me now.
    back to games that actually work and devs who actually care about their players
  10. RoXQi3x

    Win8 fresh Enterprise 90days, new I7/mobo/660Ti - and this crasch. Unplugged the 360 controller - and there I could play. Gee!
  11. CaptainYamerica

    Great for those who find the controller causing issues. But, those of us without a controller still having this issue are getting hosed right now.
  12. praetorg

    USB power supplied to my headset caused this crash... please fix.
  13. gr33ntroller

    i can log in and do all things but if i puch play than he says planetside 2 isn't working and i dont have any controllers only a mouse (razer naga hex) and a keyboard (razer lycosa) what to do ??? ...
  14. FRGhamza

    i have windows 8 too.... is windows 8 the problem??
  15. Gmasta1022

    lol its the microsoft controller. I had the xbox 360 controller plugged in and it woudlnt work. it works fine now
  16. Intradas

    i'll confirm this one. i was hoping to set everything up to play using my joystick and the game wouldn't load (planetside2.exe has stopped working). disabling the device (not unplugging it) fixed this.

    seems to be a general software issue with default drivers for usb devices.