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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by OneShadowWarrior, Jan 8, 2020.

  1. OneShadowWarrior

    I happen to love this game, 16 years of it, tried so hard to find a replacement, in 2018, DICE took a crack at it and I tried BF V, I thought the game were garbage and came crawling back to PS. So BF V does a bunch of new maps and some serious updates, they addressed time to kill and rebalanced their weapons to increase players survivablity. They fixed a tons of bugs like footsteps.

    So I took a second look at a game I uninstalled and was pleasantly surprised.

    Daybreak your not fixing your outstanding bugs and have horrible server stability, the time to kill with certain classes is way out of synch and no new maps, your not listening.

    I am so glad I can finally step away from PS.

    Lastly, it amazing how a massive patch done properly can change a game overnight.
  2. ican'taim

    See you tomorrow.

    Nice clickbait btw, I thought you were gonna talk about a new MMOFPS game.
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  3. Zizoubaba

    hah I'm the same, I really want to stop playing, I'm sick of this game in so many ways, but at the same time, I can't find anything else ]@_@[

    I don't mean just another fps/tactical mmo, I mean like, just any mmo. There's no or very little good MMOs whatever the category that is focused on pvp out there right now, although maybe one or two may be coming up in 2020 like New World. I got a feeling that when that one comes out, I'm out of here haha
  4. Liewec123

    64 players on a map, cute.
    PS2 currently has no competitors for the MASSIVE fps scene.
    i agree that it'll be in serious trouble when it does, but currently it doesn't.
    the rest are struggling to push 100 player maps, PS2 is sitting on 800 or so.
    there is no competition.
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  5. That_One_Kane_Guy

    Humorously, it is because of the latest ****show of a patch DICE has released that I have come back to Planetside. Your description of the current state of Battlefield is farcical enough that I'm still not convinced it's not bait.
  6. Twin Suns

    meh...cold turkey is the way to go.

    Why go from one money leeching game to another money leeching game? Especially with the poor quality of workmanship that's becoming the norm in this shoddy Gaming industry.

    I guess some people need their fix. Not judging anybody.

    I don't game no more, I put that money to a new hobby. Bow Hunting. ;)

    My chains are broken.
  7. OneShadowWarrior

    I love PS, but the whole experience of tons of players online is pointless if their servers run like crap and the client hit detection goes to garbage.

    What is the point when your camped in tubes by greater numbers? He who fields the most numbers wins it’s what PS has become.
  8. Johannes Kaiser

    Also lack of new and interesting stuff. Of course it's impossible to roll out **** left, right and center. But the last big new addition for EVERYONE (NSO doesn't count) was when? Honest question, I can't remember.
  9. icufos

    Played them all. Started GAMING with a ZX81. That says it all.
    At the moment PS2 is frankly the most diverse and problem free game around.
    Think I've been playing this for a year maybe. Only crashed 2/4 times.
    It offers a total world with many forms of transport.
    The graphics are still very nice after all this time.
    The movement seems to have improved since I started.
    The servers seem much more stable now as well.
    Nothing else like it.
    Love is too small a word for how I feel about this game.:rolleyes:
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  10. waystin2

    There are no comparable big battle FPS games out there. The POTW have looked and are still looking and the only three games we are active in right now are PS2, AH3 and HLL. They are all different animals. HLL is a WW2 FPS and is locked at 100 player threshold and a total different genre. AH3 is a WW2 Air combat sim has large player threshold 600+, but unfortunately is dying out. BF, WW3 and some others all have bugs galore or are dying out. PS2 really is where it's at right now for the big battles.
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  11. OgreMarkX

    I agree with the OP on PS2 not fixing long standing bugs. I don't know if they just can't do it due to staffing and experience (which is a budget allocation problem and not the current team's problem) or if they really are thinking that something like Sanctuary is a higher priority (yikes).

    And I believe that PS2 has been mismanaged right out of the gate (2012) where much of what has been done to the game takes AWAY from it's market differentiation.

    The latest "big" updates included the spawn revamp which makes it harder for PS2 players to play the game and to enjoy it--the design is a central planner dream which of course failed to take in account real impacts.

    But BFV? No thanks. Updates or not. Not only the base game (64 players) but the SJW approach that is still there. NO THANKS.

    I've always played games that had female NPCs and Avatars, never had a problem with that and often my characters were female.

    Early xcom games, early MMO's, Tribes 1 and 2, even PS1 and PS2.

    Dice wasn't innovative in their approach of shoving their politics down our throats. Just look at the games above who had female and male characters as a natural thing--no forced perspective. DICE was just annoying and preachy. Sweden (the DICE studio) decided to rewrite WW2. Sweden was neutral in WW2. By convenience and out of fear. So just say NO to lecturing video games from people who have no right to lecture.
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  12. Scatterblak

    Welcome to the Lattice.

    Called it years ago.

  13. Nuggz

    Here I thought you might be talking about something that actually CAN replace everything this game is. BF V cannot in anyway replace what PS2 is... FAR too small.
  14. BrbImAFK

    Take a break... play Warframe! Unlike P2W-side 2, Warframe is F2P done *right*.

    Absolutely everything in the game is available by simply playing it. Even the paid-currency-exclusive stuff is available to free-players because Warframe allows free-players to grind lewts and sell it to other players for paid-currency which they can then use in the shop! I paid for Warframe for years, simply because the devs were so awesome that I felt they *deserved* the money. Even though I'm not playing atm, I still have a massive stack of paid-currency built up because I was buying that even when I didn't need it, just to support the devs!
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