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    Incredible,but i will speak what game i think,inspires planetside,correct me if i am wrong. In the year 1999 dynamyx company of videogames launched starsiege,i was Young when i played starsiege,i was fascinated for this sci fi future game based on mechs and tanks.

    After this,the company launched a new universe related to starsiege named tribes,this game based on infantry PvP combat was very similar to planetside. Why? Terrans are like the Blood eagle tribe,NC the phoenix tribes "freedom" is the motto of the harabec phoenix weathers. And vanu are the cybrids,alien tech,and plasma weapons.

    If you are around your 27 years old,you know what i am explainimg.

    I always liked the sheperd herc from cybrids,the quad plasma cannons cybrid helped me to pass totally the cybrids campaign. So i like the vanu faction. What happenned to tribes universe and dynamyx goes down and close. And years later they formed team with Sony,secretly because there are no social media in 2003.

    But wait,this is a theory and speculations,you must have been played starsiege campaign,played tribes universe and compare.

    Maybe i am wrong,but they have some kinda similitudes. What you think?
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  2. Erendil

    You're not wrong.

    I know this was posted a while ago, but I thought you'd like to know.. David Georgeson (ak Smokejumper) was the Producer of Tribes 2, and then later he was the Producer/Director of Planetside 1. A few Tribes 2 artists worked on Planetside 1 too.

    So Planetside does indeed have its roots in Tribes, if somewhat unofficially.