Planetside the last of it's kind

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  1. OneShadowWarrior

    There are times I reflect at the years that have passed and I enjoyed both Planetside 1 and 2. I often wonder what happened to the video games industry when at even 10 frames per second, you didn't care and still had fun.

    I am still in shock with today's technology that not one single game company has come to challenge PS. If we all think about it Blizzard easily stole the crown from EverQuest to produce World of Warcraft, they essentially have the tools to do it under the guise of Starcraft, afterall the word zerg comes from them.

    People like to sandbag Wrel, but he never had the dream team of coders to really show how he could do it. If it wasn't for him the game would have been dead long ago in 2016. It's a 10 year old engine and showing it's age. I see games like Call of Duty with Modern Warfare 2 with the potential of great computer physics but subpar map sizes and no where near the size of players PS has brought to the battlefield.

    I think there are times the profits and consoles in todays technology are all that matter and that PC games are a dying breed. There was a time they made games with fun in mind. I can only live in hope that something fresh and new will emerge out of the ashes.
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  2. RabidIBM

    You're right, it is surprising that nobody else is going for the genre. As much as I love PS2, I really love the idea of it more than the execution. I don't think it would survive long against competition.

    Blizzard could absolutely do it in the StarCraft universe, but they would have to keep things Terran. The asymmetry of StarCraft's races would be too much for players, who wants to be the Zergling going up against Zealots? But, swap Terran Republic for Terran Dominion, swap New Conglomerate for Raynor's Raiders, then throw in a Protoss inspired Terran faction for the Vanu and you've got something comparable.
  3. Johannes Kaiser

    They tried it with Eternal Cursade in 40k, but had too high aspirations, then nearly everythign was cut, players were unhappy, the parent company stopped the funding, optimistic/false promises were made (probably to rekindle interest in the hopes that they'd then get the funding to then make good on the promises, but that didn't work out) and everything went down.
  4. OSruinedPS1

    All gaming companies have been bought up by money grubbing goblins, the greedy owners just want to chase popular trends they think will make them money, that's why every single FPS??? or ???FPS that's come out in the last 10 years has been a Battle Royale. Why every MMO a WOW clone. Why every FPS a COD clone. Why every Bethesda game a clone of previous Bethesda games. Every Paradox game a clone of previous Paradox games. Every tactical RPG fells the same. Every RTS plays the same....

    The gaming industry is completely incapable of innovation.
  5. Liewec123

    Wrel is veeery lucky that noone else seems to have the balls to do what SoE did 10 years ago.

    the day that another MMOFPS comes along is the day we can finally escape.

    but every year tech gets better, and who knows,
    in the near future we might be able to have hundreds of players in a next gen FPS.
  6. ButcherBrother

    PlanetSide is indeed one of a kind, and I love it to every bits n pieces. The game is an image of how epic games were back in the day. And I hope I can see more of that for the years to come.
    Big thanks to the developers in putting their efforts in this game!
  7. AuricStarSand

    The issue is people who follow " trends ". Even if the trend is a lesser fps.

    Here's example: Escape From Tarkov
    I often see DJ's stream. Who is Mighty Mouse Pro featherweight ufc fighter, well was. He still trains.
    & He has weekly streams of Tarkov.

    Literally for every stream, he has 2 hours of nothing happening:

    1) Theirs a loading screen.
    2) He then trades loot
    3) Then organizes inventory
    4) Loads screen for map for 3 min.
    5) Walks around a empty map
    6) Walks around a empty map
    7) Sees a enemy
    8) Crouches and shoots
    9) views inventory
    10) loading screen

    It's sooooooooooo lame, zero sense. He knows Call of Duty has faster gameplay, yet he still plays Tarkov. Then some say " realism " the game isn't that " real " you still bandage to heal yourself.

    The engagements aren't super sweet either, I don't understand the hype. Not that Tarkov has much hype. Yet it's still trendier than PS2 as he has 130 viewers for YT streams.

    Are the other lobby games newer than Tarkov, any different? Not really, even Warzone 2 has a lot of walking around empty buildings. To finally run to what 2 enemies?? Wth.

    So if you follow trends you're a noob, that goes for DR. Disrepect too, as he walks around empty maps a ton, you just don't notice it as he deletes the empty map walking out of his edits. To just show his engagements. Yet Warzone " trends " for some false reason.

    Then I sometimes wonder if these " newer fps's " have elite recoil & they don't, it's about the same as to what PS2 has. Their gun gameplay isn't anything brilliant. & since most of their fights are only verse one, two, three enemies, they rarely have to think outside the box to avoid flanks.

    Unlike PS2 where enemy flanks happens way often.
    That's without even mentioning no class system and lack of leveling experience.
    Less vehicles. & shrinking maps.

    I've yelled at LazyPeon to review PS2 & I'm sure he's read my posts, yet nothing.
    I've yelled at Asmongold, yelled at Dr.Disrespect even tho he's talked of PS2, he knows it won't trend enough for the money, & yelled at John Strife Hayes. Where John Hayes mentioned PS2 for one of his podcasts shortly after, or from a ps2 dev writing to them. Either way jesus, it's like they aren't even reviewing games for what is best, just what is trendy or what they get paid to review. Asmon isn't a pvper, even tho he use to Counter Strike.

    Why are all these famous game reviewers noobs. They are all treating PS2, how Sony treated PS2.

    & to those who say PS2 has 10 year software & it's starting to show, rivaling what other fps? The only other footage of a fps game that impressed me, was a video of BF1 with 4k graphics for the train dessert map. Other than that, I don't see anyother fps game, not even Warzone's " software " to outshine ps2 10 year software, if you're just walking around a ton of empty warzone buildings. That's if the 4k graphics don't hurt me eyes from being too shiny. smh.
  8. Westphilly0

    Fun is subjective No need to bash other games my guy, not everyone likes the gameplay of planetside 2 once the novelty of the spectacle of large
    Constantly ongoing Battles wears off it doesn’t really have staying power for most, planetside 2 could have been more popular but several factors killed that opportunity right from the start and it’s long past that now, many factors I won’t go into detail about right now but one of them was the new player experience up until very recently(and to a degree still is)was dog**** even more so if your newer to FPS since that would be much more likely since this is an F2P game

    For most of those who stayed, Ti alloys getting straight up blocked(then rock bridge removed)on the map started a landslide of good hotspot bases
    getting removed to the point redeployside zerging was stupid easy(still is) I don’t care how you try to spin it as player choice but with the way the game is designed zerging is NEVER fun to fight against and I’d say is one of the major killers of this game for many, the game was dead in PS4 by the time the bastion update came and many more problems that kill any player longevity

    Also doesn’t help that in order to avoid most problems of the game you have to actively be apart of the problem which explains why a portion of the player base is straight up tone death to any issues
  9. EWanderer

    I am just back from a year long hiatus and happy to see the game being alive. truly it is one of a kind. sure there is always room for improvments and the engine shows it age, but when it clicks, it clicks like nothing else. I mean arma, squad and whatnot have combined arms gameplay, but honestly I like the fast gameplay a lot more than those 2.
  10. Snow Sheltie

    Here's something I like to tell EVE online players who try to convince me to return to that game. You can have the most unique piece of **** in the world, but because it's still ****, I won't play with it.

    I witnessed the dev team for PS2 fall numerous times for the good ol' trap of chasing the trend instead of doing their own thing, which is why you have such a mess of a game with things that either make no sense for a game that was meant to be around large scale warfare and belonged in a COD clone while leaving to rot everything that did give the game a unique flavor (The whole "Commander" part of PS2 went the way of the dodo so mindless zerg tactics it is!) It also didn't help the game was released as a 'finished product' way too early and that there was absolutely zero attempt by Sony, then Daybreak to advertise the game even back in 2013 so that nobody even knew the game existed.

    How old is Team Fortress 2? How old is the source engine that TF2 still runs on? (Its first iteration was back in 2004). Valve created a timeless classic so many players still enjoy over 15 years later. An older game engine doesn't mean much so long as it works well and the game behind it is a sound design. Sony did create their own game engine for Planetside 2 but couldn't ever quite get the teething issues resolved. I remember there was one time where the game actually ran better on the highest graphics settings than the lowest graphics settings. That's quite an accomplishment, how the hell did you achieve that one?
  11. AuricStarSand

    To each their own. Still Tarkov is a inventory simulator. With slow loading screens. & not much to shoot at.