Planetside Self Closing

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by The Wolf, Aug 30, 2014.

  1. The Wolf

    Alright, I load up the launcher, press play game. It launches stays black loads the cursor then self closes. Sometimes my launcher will self close. I have validated my game 10-12 times now, reinstalled it. Downloaded and placed D3D and the D3D Compiler into the folder still has the same issue. I submitted a support ticket but won't get anything till probably monday. I was hoping someone could help. This is non-steam btw.
  2. The Wolf

    Also I forgot to mention, this didn't start happening until the recent update yesterday. Sometimes it even says its downloading. Downloads then says play game with the same end results.
  3. The Wolf

    It doesn't throw any crashes or errors. So I have no idea what is going on. I apologize for triple posting but the edit button seems to not load itself properly.
  4. Chrispin

    Everybody that plays on the 32 bit client has this problem right now.
  5. Syber

    Same problem here, don't bother validating or reinstalling. The latest patch seems to have broken the 32 bit version, not much you can do about it (other than thinking about switching to a game that is not being patched to death).
  6. NC supporter

    Download the 64 bit client
  7. Chrispin

    If your operating system is 32 bit, you can't run it anyway.
  8. Conscript Jones

    Wow! that was helpful.
  9. The Wolf

    Oh so you are saying its because of their patch that screwed us up? Are they trying to fix it?
  10. Bigenz

    i have 64 bit and i cant get passed character select without getting a CTD