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  1. chamks

    lol bro.... hahahaaaaaaaa.... not every rocket is a kill. ill just put you on place, so you will realize how effective im with this rocket.
    sure, its a 1 hit infiltrators. but the rockets are not all going thword (tward/ tword/ to the position of) infils. infact, most of the rockets are tword armor. and even flash ATV is not killed by 1 rocket. so many of the fire shot is armor punches, which also give 60 score. not all vehicles i killed with it also killed the driver/ passengers.
    not all punches were ended up in killing the target. for it could be out repairing me or run away or the fight ended before i could managed to kill the target. also i have countless of rockets shoted to the air in a job of fireworks, because im enthusiastic with my phoenix and i want all my empire to see it, so i shoted to the air and press 'e', to immediately exit the rocket control. speaking of which and regarding to time spent on use, as soon as i see that the shot didnt went well i press 'e' to exit the control and start reloading. there was even a peroid of time in which the phoenix reloaded while in flight XD
    but i promise you, i do hit and i hit hard.

    also in a side note, there were many times when i was in situation were i said "**** if there only be 1 or 2 guys with me now shooting phoenix with me, instead of running around like rabits, follow my technique, we could kill the their sundy/ kill the HESH tank/ win the fight"
  2. chamks

    and yes it takes a lot of time, but what is not. and the results this weapon achieve are not achievable by every weapon.
    (you can be kill machine with carv, nailing 78350 kills per hour, but the carv cant blow a tank or 1 shot infiltrator)
  3. LaughingDead

    So what you’re saying is that the phoenix and NC are still OP despite having to use more than twice as many rockets as it’s competitors per vehicle kill despite having more damage than them.

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  4. LordKrelas

    A Phoenix can't blow a tank unless it's asleep, but it can be shot down mid-flight.
    As well, the Commission One-Shots an Infiltrator.

    The Weapon's capabilities, are remarkably limited, even though it is the only camera-guided.
    There are multiple laser-guided weapons, of which are all explosive; and most of which one-shot any infantry unit not just infils.
    A Phoenix is not able to hit a tank at 700 meters; Lancer.
    A Phoenix isn't reliably able to be used in a Valk, nor have massive range: Striker.

    Why bring up the Phoenix, of all things about NC, when the Weapon has the most poor results of any weapon even close?
    AV? Bested by every Rocket Launcher.
    AI? Are you kidding me.
    Range: 270, with a static operator.
    Guidance: Camera instead of Laser.

    Not every weapon can achieve a damage-output under an engineer's repair tool, or repair grenade.
    Like.. with the original argument, being NC as OP, the Phoenix is the worst possible example.
    The Lasher provides AOE Spam easily, killing around corners; and is impractical.
    The Lancer, allows a Charged-Blast that is nearly hitscan at range, against any target; But is poor by itself.
    The Striker allows fire&forgot Proximity-detonation missiles against aircraft.
    The NC Railjack is one of two weapons, with a firing delay, is first of, and has only a single bullet work with; and is an accuracy weapon.

    The results of a Phoenix; isn't anything that can't be out-paced hard.
    The manner it works, is what isn't matched strictly by anything else; As it is the only camera guided missile.
    It also the only weapon that can be intercepted.
    And has the shortest range; The other missiles of this type, are laser-guided, deal more damage, and have more range.
    Hell, NC' has a Max-version of a laser-guided missile: Which is a grand deal better than a Phoenix for effectiveness at ANY task.

    The period in time, where the Phoenix reloaded mid-flight, was a short period, caused by a Bug.
    And smashed to pieces; Was not an intended feature, and resulted in 5 threads demanding the phoenix lose this ability, be locked out of the spawn room entirely, or lose the entire weapon, since it had the ability to actually fire faster than an lone engineer's repairs.

    In the same vein, TR's ES Launcher, has been unaffected by anything.

    The Phoenix, is a weapon, you can literally shoot down with a Pistol, making it the only weapon who's damage is so low, with a reload so high, while exposing the character, that also can be denied entirely by the target with a couple bullets.
    And has the shortest range of any Launcher on top of this.
    For hitting hard, a weapon that can only kill an infil, and be shot down by a pistol, is very poor at AI, worse at AV, and hilarious at AA.

    Like when you say a Flash won't even die to it, it's hard to not laugh at the concept of the Phoenix in any "NC OP" statements..
    Which it was, a page earlier.
    Like, I assume you've actually used a Weapon that can Kill right?
    In which case, Why exactly is NC's Phoenix on a list of OP, when every description of it, is it failing to kill near anything..
  5. LaughingDead

    There is a difference between enjoying a faction, and calling it OP.

    Never once did I say the prowler was OP. It could be, it performs better than other vehicles, or the other vehicles aren't as great as people claim. I can't call it OP just from one experience though, that was simply me enjoying it.

    But with all the numbers backing up that NC isn't OP in fact the converse in which NC is actually underperforming, you cannot simply tell me that NC is OP just because you played phoenix to aurax, because aurax is simply time put in, not the performance of the actual weapon.
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  6. Prudentia

    i stopped reading and laughed out loud when you said the lancer has 700m range. like holy ****, i know that NC are allergic to the truth but even you should remember after i told you a hundred times that the only rocketlauncher that has even close to that range is dumbfires (600m), Phoenixes fired from valk rumble seats (1400m) and strikers (900m). the lancer is hardcapped at 450m and softcapped at 150~200m
  7. LordKrelas

    I said it was impractical as hell in that very same sentence.
    Not to mention, I just guessed the number.
    Phoenix from a valk, needs a static valk or it suicides.. and Static valk = bad time.
    Striker Valk = Murderous.
    Lancer Valk = Why.
    But sure why not, lets go after me, for not getting the Lancer' range right while calling it impractical to use.
  8. Prudentia

    yes you guess a lot of numbers.
  9. LordKrelas

    Well, that's the best I can hope from someone with an Anti-NC Hard-on, I guess.
    Given, the VS must be hard-done-by, while topping the charts.
    You enjoying the Mini-saron, while NC's newest OP toy is a 20-meter-arming rock?
  10. Prudentia

    well considering that in your next paragraph you went:
    "a single Phoenix is bad, so the phoenix is bad"
    "a single lancer is bad, so the lancer is good because you can have multiple of them"
    like seriously. it takes 6 Phoenix users to instagib any vehicle within 300m, regardless of line of sight
    it takes 20. TWENTY! Lancers to instagib vehicles within 450m, based on line of sight.
    not to mention that it takes less coordination for NC to do that as they can just follow the lead rocket into the target and don't have to announce their target up front.

    so yes, as people use whatever is the best, i do enjoy everyone massively switching faction to use the VS gear... oh wait... NC have 38% pop everywhere... upps.
    and yeah the buzzard sucks and the Starfall is useable. whoopdiedo, i forgot that Flashes are the most used and important vehicle on the battle... oh wait... i also forgot that the devs are competent at balancing new guns... oh wait...
  11. Moz

    OP has to be TR right?

    NC has high alpha dmg, the server are laggy.
    Ok that increases the high alpha even more.
    Lel ofc this doesn't lead to a buff.
    Again vs with all these pew pew no drop guns, tr like orkze dakka dakka and than we have ncs heavy bolter.
    The aircrafts ain't that different.
    Reaver has a big hit box true, but a holly **** strong nose gun, you really don't want to get shot by it.
    The scythe is a disk. When it needs to run away from the reaver, which is like 50% of one clip hit, it is an easy target.
    Mossi is most hit n run.
    Big clip not that high dmg,
    Assuming your accuracy is more or less the same on all aircrafts, they are all the same.

    Phoenix can shoot around corners, even when in spawn room, this is the reason why noone likes it.
    Everyone hates spawn room heros.
    Make it self destructive to these barriers, but increase its damage. This is something useful.
    Still NC having the only super hard hitting guns, but tr and VS got the normal dmg model is kinda bull.
    Both fractions got ramping up weapons with a garbage dmg model. But NC got the promise, so they can vary the most in their damage model.
  13. LordKrelas

    Max range is 270 on the Phoenix.
    And as well, leaves 6 Phoenix users who's missiles must reach the target at the same time.

    20 Lancers, instantaneously, at 450 meters, with LOS.
    No dodging, no reaction, there's a reason, Lancer Nests were more common than Phoenixes.
    Which if actually useful, would (the Phoenixes), actually be common & in high numbers.

    38% pop everywhere.. yeah.. on what server.
    Not to mention what times.

    Ah yes, use-able.
    Lets forget an AV weapon mirroring the Saron, one of the most effective AV weapons on a grenade-costing flash.
    You mean like the Canis on release? Which favored VS hard...
  14. Prudentia

    you mean, 6 phoenix users who don't have to be braindead and move their mouse?
    sorry you are right, i forgot that we are talking about NC, not being braindead as a requirement for a weapon really makes it unusable.

    while requiring the organisation of TWENTY ******* PEOPLE AT ONCE for VS to achieve the same thing is totally fine as everyone knows that VS are more intelligent and organized so in the end it all balances out.
  15. Demigan

    Using Iridar's site here:

    Lancer used to have 700m range, now it's 450.
    Striker has 500m range, not 900.
    Dumbfires have 650m range.
    Phoenixes have a maximum lifetime of 12 seconds at 42m/s travel for a maximum of 864m, nowhere near the 1400m you describe. But whoops what's that? It can be only a maximum of 295m away from the user. Also there's been this bug that means firing a Phoenix from a Valkyrie rumble seat means it instantly explodes, as far as I'm aware they were never able to fix it which is one of the reasons why Phoenix Valks are non-existant.

    So... You were right about 1 thing, almost right about Dumbfires, and absolutely wrong about everything else! Are you going to be allergic to the truth now...?

    This is ofcourse compounded by mistakes like the Starfall which you thought of as a Fury but with less AI capabilities because it needed 2 clips to kill infantry. But the truth is that it deals 1500 damage against infantry with one clip enough to kill any infantry with nanoweave/flak unless it's a Heavy with shield on. More truth is that it's a freaking Prowler AP canon strapped to the Flash with faster reload speed, but according to you it's "just a fury without AI capabilities"...

    I think you should have a hard look at who's randomly throwing stuff around and take some medicine for that Vanu Inferiority complex you have there.
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  16. LordKrelas

    So static target, that doesn't shoot down the missiles, doesn't move, all 6 manage to cross the distance, within 270 meters, not 300,
    As practical? It isn't.

    I never actually mentioned the twenty VS operators, with a pint-point Laser, being practical.
    It does however have further range, and no action by the target can stop them.
    The target also has no reaction time or means to counter.
    Is it practical: No. I've been saying that a bit.

    But sure, lets' put insults out, as obviously, when someone calls a weapon impractical, You can't just accept that.
    VS has to be considered in the ****ter, so they can look best.

    And hell, if I wanted to make you cross;
    At 10 people, that's 50% of the target dead, at their max range, near instantly, needing a repair-time longer than the time between shots; And of course, no reaction can be done.
    For the NC, that's 3x people, plus the travel time of the first, then reload, then the travel time again.
    Or 6 people, finding the target, travel time to target, assuming all perfectly land, in range of 270 with no interception.
    Is either practical? No. But one has a much longer duration, can you guess which? Does it matter? Not really actually.
    Hell, can you find the magical concept, that this thread was never Lancer vs Phoenix?

    Someone said NC was OP, due to a Phoenix.
    A Phoenix.

  17. UrielSeptimIV

    Well, some things in TR faction is OP, but true power lies in NS weapons. The best NS weapon that can outperform any CQC weapon in the game:
    Soldier Soaker.
    It is literally the most unique gun in the game with mechanics never seen before:
    • 2 united color schemes for NC and TR (But not for VS, they got Canis and Starfall already),
    • VERY slow projectiles affected by gravity.
    • Unique limited overheat mechanic.
    This gun reminds me of days when weapon designs were interesting and uniqe...

  18. Prudentia

    did you even look at the page you linked yourself?
    the striker flies for 500m in 2.5 seconds during it's acceleration and then flies the remaining 2.5 seconds at 190m/s resulting 875 meters range
    testing with valkyries has revealed it to detonate 1.4km away from the Firepoint. also this still allows it to fly loops to it's hearts content within the 300m and circumvent ANY cover.
    also G2G lockon launchers lock on to 250m and deal a consistent 750 damage at any range which means it has a longer effective range than the Lancer and lesser manpower requirement aswell.
  19. Prudentia

    you can also use 20 people with phoenixes if you want and instagib 3 vehicles at once or focus all on the same vehicle.
    you can even do that with 10 people. thats the fun thing isn't it?
    6 phoenix users instagib a tank every 15 to 17 seconds with reload
    7 to 8 lancer users whittle a tank down every 14 seconds. or if it's only 6 it takes a nice 17 seconds too.
    and i'm not the one insulting NC. you are the one insulting NC by constantly stating that anything that requires even marginal teamwork on NC sides is impossible to use while also reiterating that coordinating half a platoon is completely natural to VS.

    and no the Phoenix is not OP.
    you just have no idea what you are talking about.
  20. LordKrelas

    You do realize, you came after me, for saying 700 meters on a Lancer, and that was it.
    To then personally insult me multiple times, over mentioning a Lancer's range, when responding to someone calling the Phoenix OP...
    And your end result, is this..
    "You can spam this weapon, to achieve the results of this other weapon, by needing more people, with entirely different mechanics"

    Did I say insulting NC?
    No, actually; It's been specifically worded.
    Did I ever mention teamwork in this, past Your own data?
    No. Did I say NC can't operate together? No. You did, in sarcasm.

    Hell, I didn't even say VS could assemble 5 men, or couldn't.
    I' said both were impractical.
    Does this mystically turn into words never spoken for you?
    Can you read my post? , I literally took a picture of it, above.

    Like for ***** sakes man.
    I literally said Insulting me, and you act as if I said you were insulting NC?
    And I'm the one who doesn't know anything?

    Like your first response to me, is insulting, the second is of the same.
    I talk about you quickly drop to personal insults, and You literally act as if I ever said You insulted the faction instead.
    I am not the ******* NC.. When I say, You're quick to insult, I don't mean against NC, when every post is aimed at me.
    Dear lord.