Planetside Meme thread

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  1. No0T

    Despise the hate for light assaults and snipers the last comentary takes the cake.
  2. No0T

    Made my laugh to much pass me the salt.
  3. No0T

    Did you see hovv the uniforms are more opaque to look better in this video to make it look more real...

    That is vvhat vve need not default povver ranger colors.
  4. No0T

    Maybe try to first be told to have charisma then try to be a leader... Might be tricky for you.
  5. No0T

    In real vvar it is infantry that takes control not tanks artillery or air units....
  6. Hammerlock

    yet another classic
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  7. Daigons

    Well if we're now switching topics to RL, that quaint notion was put to rest on 08/06/1945 & 08/09/1945.
  8. The Shady Engineer

    Weekend is here. Planetside meme time.

    Pubby medics be like:

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  9. Pikachu



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  10. BlasTech

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  11. WeRelic

    God damn, I forgot how much I miss crazylegs.
  12. Sil4ntChaozz

    Fascist Flakes my sides!