Planetside just closes after patch

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by cptStrawberry, Sep 9, 2014.

  1. Contego

    Did you guys really expect any different on a ps2 patch day? SOE probably doesn't even know their game doesn't work yet :D But yeah both the 32bit and 64bit are ****** right now.
  2. Devoneir

    Oh well... seems SOE want to see how much punishment we can take in form of fixes that need fixes to fix.
  3. pizo1

    Hmm it seems like noone is looking this thread ČP
  4. TerranRepublic101

    I'm on my TR main and it's loading amerish.
    100% -> Screen stops -> CTD
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  5. DoNotTryThisAtHome

    This fixed the issue for me too on Connery.
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  6. BigBro

    same here, but i only have amerish to play on, lol
  7. Valthis

    So after making new char i logged out and was able to log in on main.
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  8. Alixial

    Same here.
  9. Gorion

    Yesterday we told SOE that this will happen today ! The exact same error is on the PTS!

    Thx for listening to the Community!
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  10. Morti

    >about to finish 2 auraxiums
    >soe borks game

    time for fallout 3
  11. Brasjtamanirya

    Same issue: crash to desktop when 100% loading complete. I've been playing PS2 more than a year ago and this is the first time I get these crashes.
  12. Dracorean

    Its infectious.
  13. Altrue

    Hi Sony, please make the game actually work. That's what hotfixes are supposed to make.

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  14. Booface

    I can confirm that creating a new character and logging in, then logging out and switching back to your main character works. At least it got me in.
  15. chaid24

    same issue
  16. Bindlestiff

    At least they consistently don't listen to feedback about the PTS. That is one known in the vast cesspit of unknowns that SOE bring to the table..
  17. Isobutane

  18. Kelutrel

    This fixed the problem for me, on Miller
  19. B4ttlemaster

    same problem here



  20. Ganker

    same here