Planetside just closes after patch

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by cptStrawberry, Sep 9, 2014.

  1. ironchickenfist

    same for me on Miller.

    Why don't you provide us with patch notes, there you could at least warn us that your service may not run correctly.
  2. Sir Cypher

    For some odd reason, creating a new char that just logged in, did the trick. So now I could login to Cobalt to my main.
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  3. Conscript Jones

    If only there were some way to test patches before they go live.
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  4. TongueFish

    same happening here, but only on one character.

    server is emerald. TR character won't load in (c2d at 100%), but both VS and NC alts work. TR character was last on Indar, but both alts are in VR Training.

    I was able to change continents on my NC alt (to Indar). Also, after changing continents the NC alt received a 'wyvern' and 'standard cockpit glass' for the valkery. I don't remember this ever happening on the TR account.
  5. Grandpa

    The cleaning lady is stumbled on a power cord.
  6. Missundaztood

    Game goes black screen after clicking 'Play' in the launcher. :(
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  7. pestiseed

    same problem :(
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  8. LordCookey

    Yes Sony learned out of his mistakes of the last patch. F### this patches because Sony is so stupid. NOT to be able to test a patch before bringing him out is amazingly stupid. Sony is just stupid. They are playing friday night ops and dont care about these not working patches.
  9. DemoDan

  10. elakoon

    same here, Miller
  11. Missundaztood

    If I dont run RTST it runs.
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  12. Bindlestiff

    Same problem, I've managed to get in to play once out of 20 attempts.

    Nice patch.
  13. urasamis

    same here does this mean my directives are going to reset as well now?
  14. bubbleawsome

    I last logged into indar also. Maybe that's the problem.
  15. elwood_z

    Same problem - After reaching 100% in the prrogress bar -> exit!

    SOE i think you have a problem with your configuration management!!!!
    You should review your release process!
  16. user101

    thanks guys - I'll just wait for the second or third hot fix... no need to try the first.
  17. gehzilla

    Same here.....
  18. elwood_z

    Do we have a choice? :(
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  19. DaoSage

    Same issue. Connery, logging into Hossin.
  20. Valthis

    Made a new character and was able to log into tutorial area. Seems to be problem if you were last on Indar maybe?