Planetside just closes after patch

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by cptStrawberry, Sep 9, 2014.

  1. Niramartlu

    SOE, pls.... Can you have at least one patch, that works correct and do not need further patches to patch a patch, so that patch can work? Only once, pls!
  2. VSDerp

    crazy thing this was happening on the test server yesterday
  3. bubbleawsome

    Yep. This means another couple hours to a day of no ps2. :( Oh well, it happens.
  4. Jedesis

    SOE can't you do anything right? **** sake, I've spent over $200 on this game and it still happens after a "minor hotfix".
  5. Frostbeast

    I solved it for myself. In the Characterselection screen i turned my graphic settings from ultra to low and from "fullscreen without window" to fullscreen.
    With that i got in and changed my stuff back.
  6. RDKillerITA

    yep got the same problem too....

    +1.. 32bit briggs..

    but looks like there is some ppl manage to login as shown by pop counter on char selection screen?
  8. pizo1

  9. Whek

    Run the game as administrator then you can play
  10. MajiinBuu

    Man we are just flooding this guys inbox like crazy :D
    But yeah, I'm having the same problem
  11. Germaux

    Yup same here... On all of my acounts :(
  12. Dandis

    Yep... same, sadly
  13. RDKillerITA

    Did someone try this too? Does it work? Don't want to change my perfectly configured options when I'm not sure if it works 100%
  14. Jedesis

    Can confirm some people can get in, most of my outfit members.
  15. PresterJohn

  16. Grandpa

    Same here, this morning (europe time) everything was fine. now after i started that game again, i got a small file download (patch?) then, after the loading screen, the game just closes and throw me back to desktop. tryed restart from pc, nothing, ame happens to me.


    EDIT: MILLER but i guess that depends on the client not the server...
  17. Dniw4e

    did not helped me...
  18. TerranRepublic101

    Both doesn't seem to work for me.

    I think this shows that the client is causing this.
  19. krokolop

    It doesnt work. Its a joke.
  20. osterhagen

    same here, none of the mentioned solutions helped