Planetside just closes after patch

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by cptStrawberry, Sep 9, 2014.

  1. cptStrawberry

    What did you do SOE after the downtime of the servers i cant play the game anymore i get to char screen chose one of my chars its loading till 100% and than simsalabim it just closes without any error msg or what so ever
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  2. iProtocol

    Same issue.
  3. Frostbeast

    The same for me. There was no problem before that patch
  4. BengalWACO

    Same here.. Amerish loads to about 100 then closes whole game before I can enter.
  5. HawkArmada

    Same here...

    The game worked perfect for me before the patch...Now they broke it again...
  6. Xuani

    Yep. Crashes at the loading screen every time. Well done SOE *slow clap*
  7. krokolop

    I have the same situation.
  8. D0tN1

    Can confirm.
    EU miller VS
    Windows 7
    core i7
  9. MozzerV12

    I have this exact same issue. I cannot login on any of my characters, it gets to 99 / 100% and then the whole game suddenly closes and I am looking at the desktop. Validating the files via the launcher has not helped. This just started happening today after the latest hotfix.
  10. Dniw4e

    both x86 and x64 clients
  11. Simferion

    Same issue, tried 2 chars so far
  12. Peald

    Same here,

    32 bit and 64 bit client crashing like ****... Server cobalt.

  13. Sovano1

  14. iProtocol

    Tried validating my files but that didnt help.
  15. Valthis

    Same for Emerald server...
  16. TerranRepublic101

    Same here,

    it happens on all three characters I have.
  17. cptStrawberry

    glad i am not the only one here

    soe so much wow so gud never stops to amaze me :D
  18. Sir Cypher

    Cobalt, same issue. Win7, 64bit PS2. Starting taskmanager, I can see crashreporter is running.
  19. hanisoft

  20. Teabeard

    Same here.