PlanetSide Intel – 100% Player / Outfit Stats site super fancy! ;)

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    I do plan on expanding the leaderboard to add extra fields to view and sort to make your own custom leaderboard :p
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    I'm struggling to find what the point of this site is. What does it offer than can't be found at any number of other sites?

    About the only thing new or unique about this site is the "impact" score. The impact score itself is a worthless metric because it merely reflects what the developers of the site think makes someone impactful without explaining what that is or how it is calculated. Why should I care what your site thinks makes an impactful player?

    Doing a quick character comparison:

    Frenchbread and I. Frenchbread's impact is about 175 higher than mine. I have scored more while playing about a week less, my score per minute is about twice his. He has 500 more kills, but I have over a 1,000 more assists. His K/D is better than mine. My highest scoring "weapon" is the medical applicator while his is a Scatmax.

    What about his stats make him a better or more impactful player than me? It's not readily apparent.

    This metric is useless unless people know what the metric means and how it weighs particular actions. I can then look at the metric, see if I agree with the value judgements it makes. Then I may or may not care. But until then, what's the point?
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    In that case, I think that average impact would be clearer than impact by itself (PSI doens't mean anything to me) -- impact by itself sounds like the sum of all effects that the outfit has on the game, not the average impact of all outfit members. This is reinforced when every other stat (except playtime -- any particular reason?) has the sum value as the primary value with the average value listed underneath it. Being able to sort by total impact does give me a bit more faith in the impact score -- the top people in my outfit seem reasonable.

    Also, impact will not be more than a curiosity if users don't know how it is calculated. I'm not going to pay much attention to it as is because I have no clue what it actually means. If you explain how it is calculated, I might care (if it makes sense), but as is, I am not going to use impact for any real comparisons -- without more knowledge, it is only suitable for bugging friends (heh, my impact is higher than yours. What does it mean? No clue). People simply don't trust a random person's "voodoo."

    Also, I'm pretty sure you mean "Captures" on the "what is impact" page -- faptures sounds like something else entirely ...
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    I changed some of the wording around a little I don't want to show specifically how it is calculated than everybody will be using the exact formula and ruin all the in :) I did however show some of the main stats that are calculated to give people an idea of what is calculated :)
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    Bored at work bumpsauce
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    Hump day bump for justice!!!
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    Working on Advanced Search, It will be up soon! :cool:
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    I has been a while bump! :eek:
  19. pica

    Looks pretty good, some feedback:

    Killboard is kinda broken, compare (set entries to 100)

    Also, sorting on 'Last login' on the Outfit page doesn't actually sort on time past, for example,
    According to the sorting 6 hours is longer ago than 5 months.

    Also, I'd spend some time on the design of the signatures, the ones from are a lot prettier.
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    I can take some prettier pictures :)