Planetside Arena...zzzzz

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Blackweb, Feb 13, 2019.

  1. Blackweb

    How boring, another repetitive, instanced shooter. I could care less about Planetside Arena.

    PS2 is the only MMOFPS and has been quite succcessful at it. Hang your hat on that Daybreak, be different, dont follow the crowd into another FOTM game genre.
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  2. gunnner10

    People always brag that PS2 is the ONLY MMOFPS around, but I suspect there is a reason for this. After 7 years, I believe the reason you don't see any others is because Hit Registration has been horrible and extremely inaccurate. But I do agree they shouldn't just make another copycat BR game. With Hit Reg so bad in PS2, how would Arena be better?
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  3. Twin Suns

    BR is a perfect example of a good idea gone bad. The road to he// is paved with good intentions.

    It started out as a innovative and gamer inspired mode. Innocent enough, right.

    Who knew!
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  4. SixNineFour

    It only took ONE other BR for H1Z1 to lose its appeal.

    PS2 is kinda in the same spot. It likely would only take one other mmofps of this kind to replace it.
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  5. adamts01

    They delayed launch because of Apex. Great move. They're intent is to focus on game modes other than BR. An even better move. PSA could fix most of what makes PS2 bad. Zergs, unbalanced fights, terrible vehicle/infantry balance, Maxes, no DX11, annoying skills/implants...... It could be a great game. I'd never pre-order it, which isn't a thing anymore, but I'm willing to give it a chance before I knock it.
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  6. Blackweb

    Good post. I cant find any veteran PS2 player in my outfit that is interested in PS2 BR or Arena. I am sure they will try it if they dont have to pay for it. Big qualification there Daybreak. Are you listening?
  7. adamts01

    I HATE the platoon-level meta of PS2. Absolutely HATE redeployside, crashing fights, leaving fights, warp here, warp there, either being double teamed or doing the double teaming.... I hate it. PSA will be competitive, and I'm going to keep a close eye on it. I loved Squad till fighting vehicles were introduced. And that game would be even better with more players and if it were a little more approachable. I want to love Arma 3, and do in many ways, but the drop in, drop out, and smooth running nature of PS2 beats it. I'd love Wildlands PvP if there were more players and a ticket system. PSA could be the ticket, but I'm not jumping on the hype train. Battle Royal rightly put a sour taste in most players' mouths, but after these new announcements it could shape up to be a great game, and people need to keep an open mind to it.
  8. icufos

    Totally agree with that.:cool:
    Give it a chance for the love of all that's holy.

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