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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by OpolE, Feb 6, 2019.

  1. OpolE

  2. adamts01

    I definitely won't touch BR. IF they ever give us a good TDM or persistent 2-faction world, I'll wait for reviews and possibly check it out. But so far this looks like a quick cash grab, just like you said.
  3. Towie

    Ummm - I was kinda expecting an actual review of Planetside Arena beta ?

    All we get is some guy droning on about how rubbish the very concept is while playing a loop of the previously released footage. Maybe he's making a point of the fact that the servers are always down when he plays ?

    The fact that he seems to have a hard-on for PS1 and supporting videos pointing out why it's still better than PS2 doesn't exactly suggest an unbiased approach either. Maybe we should just give it a chance.
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  4. icufos

    Yes, agreed...we should all give it a chance.
    I've got all the games, mostly.
    I've got Overwatch.
    I've got Apex Legends.
    I've got Fortnite.
    I've got Titanfall 2.
    I've got ALL the COD games.
    I've CSGO.
    I could go on and on but won't...

    I play Planetside 2 because there's simply nothing else like it. The gameplay is fantastic. You got vehicles/planes/whatever/tons of weapons and even tuneful horns. Love it.:p

    Yes, it's a bit clunky compared to Respawns efforts....but ended up playing PS2 nonetheless.

    I'll do the same for PSA.

    Oh, and I will do a review for PSA on my clansite when it comes out.
    I've done a few for PS2 to try and get the few remaining to play it.;)
  5. Demigan

    Halfway through the video there is 1 minute of what could be considered a 'review' which basically says "I dont like it" and gives you virtually no information. Everything is so open without cover? Show us because the footage you show off on-screen screams cover everywhere! It makes you look dumb to your audience. "Hey there's no cover" <multiple buildings, foliage, trees, cliffsides, fallen rocks, pillars, bridge pieces and containers visible on screen>.

    Then there's more PS1 glorification. I watched a tiny part of the second video and while the guy tells you how easy it all is there was little rhyme nor reason, and also asking people to have someone on teamspeak who already knows the game as a requirement to an easy time learning is not a good introduction to the game. If you want to review it, REVIEW IT. But dont smack us with "PS1 did it better" without any real comparison or actual footage and stats to verify that this could be true.
  6. TR5L4Y3R

    sooooo reading the responses so far .. the video is not worth watching i take it?
  7. DeadlyOmen

    A review for every arena game: It is the same thing over and over.

    A review for every person that is holding on to dead games: Let it go.
  8. strikearrow

    Apex Legends BR went live 2/5/19 and already has 2 million players on the BR mode and 25 million total....blows even PS2 out of the water. PSA is not even going to be a cash grab - it's going to be a cash dump. Probably sink PS2 with it. DBG needed to distinguish itself from other games, not try to become similar.

  9. Twin Suns

    With the oversaturation of BR's driving the shooter genre.

    DBG would've been in a good position to release the next evolution of the Combined Arms Planetside Franchise.

    Just tragic really.
  10. pnkdth

    When will we see the 250v250 match game mode? That's the only mode I care about since it would satisfy massive scale combat + give a new way to play "server smashes." Also, why the hell didn't they lead with this game mode and added in BR later on? Right now they're trying to butt heads with industry giants and established IPs.
  11. Skraggz

    Exactly, all the while bringing more players per game as the only perk to play this game. Other games have better hero selection, graphics, controls, building... all little niche. How are you gonna fill a game when other games play better. Unless they launch lobbies at half full and then give up their only perk. I just don't get it.

    Should be innovating not copycating. At least that's how I feel personally.
  12. Yessme

    PSA Looks like castrated PS2.
    It`s the noob version of PS2
    For Idiots and Noobs.
    Nothing more to Say

    And it`s a shame for all PS2 Gamer and the Community, that he givs them the Name of Planetside

    DGB does not have the best reputation in the gamer community anyway.
    But with PSA they shoot the bird
  13. gunnner10

    Since the release of Apex, DBG will have a lot of trouble charging players to play Arena. The better idea is to release arena for free and charge for skins. That way they can get the 100's of players they are hoping for
  14. AlcyoneSerene

    Not going to talk about PSA since I don't want to risk stepping on any NDAs.

    So, I'm going to say for PS2, please do not change anything when it gets ported into DX11. I play PS2 because I really enjoy the game's responsiveness (barring some minor lag), the unique mechanics and properties built into every game item, the challenge of learning to use and master different solo and team combinations of such gear, and the way the game was intentionally calibrated - by its original developers - to come across as a fun and challenging massive multiplayer open world battle with engaging faction lore and quite decent hardware performance given how much action takes place at once.

    Also I enjoy PS2's complexity, depth of strategy, squad tactics and rewarding team play that makes it really stand out from otherwise stale and unbalanced arcade-arena shooters like overwatch that I've played a ton of since beta before finding and migrating to PS2.

    In PS2, you get to craft your own adventure and contribute in some small or big way to your chosen faction, team mate, squad, platoon, outfit. This keeps the game fresh and exciting on top of what online team-based PVP provides.

    When DX11 arrives, I really hope efforts are made to smooth out the inevitable bugs and other network-related problems. Everyone says DX11 will allow modern GPU to speak the game's coding language more fluently and therefore improve game performance. It would of course benefit to have more FPS, to have fast-firing guns work properly and reliably for once, and to make the game playable for some of my friends who have AMD GPUs that since recent patches have lost so much FPS it's become unplayable to them. All of these supposed benefits would be utterly useless if the DX11 implementation isn't handled properly.
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