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  1. DirArtillerySupport

    No man I don't think so. This game was developed from the ground up to fit in a tiny little box sitting under your television. Innovation gave way to a socially responsible open wallet long before a single line of code or a developer with a hungry baby at home was ever hired.

    Besides there is no where else to go.
  2. DeadAlive99

    Missing the point really allows for great sarcasm..... There is a lot of improvement that can be done with this game, and at the very least, paying customers deserve it. Getting excited over PS3 at this point is putting the cart before the horse. The development history and design of this game has burned a lot of people.

    I just read a thread on Reddit where everyone was saying that DBG is NOT having money problems as a company. They have simply chosen to move staff away from PS2 and over to other games. If that's the case, then it's even less reason to be excited about PS3.

    I've pumped a lot of money into _this_ game. I'd like to see more resources put into fixing it up.
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  3. DeadAlive99

    I have the exact opposite opinion on the gameplay. I did not start really enjoying it and spending money until about a year and a half ago, and I had quit playing the game twice, the first time about a year, and 2nd time maybe 6 months or so.

    It was so boring before, with so much concentration around the Crown and Labs, and no VP system. The only thing worth doing was farming. But they gradually made enough changes, and then the construction system, that the battles began to spread out nicely, but still chunky enough, and it felt like the whole map became playable. I've probably spent around $300 so far, but I don't plan to spend anymore because they're falling too far behind on simple bug fixes and core design issues. I'm tired of seeing flat out broken stuff listed on the bug tracker, and the response is, "won't do", "no timeframe".
  4. Demigan

    I understand what you mean. PS2 is far from a lost cause and considering the massive overhauls that DBG is willing to perform the game could still reach that special status and continue on for several years. But looking at how jaded the population is, even if we gave them the perfect game tomorrow they would still complain about it. It would be better to start over from scratch, new hope, new faith in the system, new technology and building from scratch to allow for better systems, like a better vehicle physics and interaction between vehicles/aircraft/infantry when they come into contact, or a larger amount of things that infantry and vehicles could do like teleportation, contextual movement like going through tight spaces (windows), climbing surfaces, wall-running/driving, vehicles not instagibbing simply because they flipped, wreckage not being the most dangerous thing in the game etc.
  5. DeadAlive99

    I understand the upside of a fresh start, and I'm certainly not opposed to the idea of a new game. Obviously PS2 can't last forever, so there will need to be a new one at some point. But I actually think that if they make some significant changes to core issues, that they could get a lot people back and the good word would spread.

    Since there's no real competition yet, there's a unique opportunity to breathe new life into the game. If any competition arrives, PS2 will croak and PS3 will have to be gold to bring people in and keep them.
  6. dreyone

    All I know is what I personally experience and observe in this game. In 2014, any time I logged on to Planetside 2 I could immediately jump into a fun fight and have ton of fun. Now today every time I log in there,s 200 koreans and chinese *** holes sitting outside the spawn room shooting me. As soon as I launch an ESF I have 100 chinese scythes and reavers descending on me with fire suppression. If I unlolad an entire mag into one of them he survives with his half his hp and I die from 100 people shooting me at once. This type of stuff just did not happen to me in 2014. I played the game extensively and it NEVER happened to me. Fast forward to 2017 and this is literally all I see every time I log on. I literally have lost all desire to play this game and will likely be deleting my account soon. Daybreak ****** the game up so bad that its literally unplayable for me at this point. PS2 ******* sucks now
  7. dreyone

    And i must reiterate just what a terrible idea it is to give this company any money at this point. They have demonstrated a profound level of incompetence and total lack of compassion for their player base. They simply do not care about us at all. Every update just shows that more and more as they continue to break the game more and more. Every time they add a new game update they are slapping all of us paying players in the face repeatedly and insulting us for supporting them. Do not give this crooked company your money. This is not the same company that Higby worked for that created the original planetisde franchise. This is basically just another COD clone devleoper at this point. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY. let them starve financially and go bankrupt because they deserve it for ruining this game
  8. SixNineFour

    A stream of lava has far higher density and kinetic energy and enormously more mass compared to a singular ice bolt. A globe of fire has less density, energy and mass than either. It is logical to assume that the fire globe will do even less damage even before considering that Dragons usually can project fire from their insides which shows their body can handle being on fire.

    A fire globe should logically be useless.

    PS2 itself is a pure fantasy game. Last I checked we don't have mind uploading, wormholes, energy shields, cloaking, jetpacks, nanoweave, levitation, minerals cortium, super nanites that can do virtually anything, inertial dampeners, spaceships, orbital lasers and ion cannons, laser/plasma projectiles that behave similar to normal kinetic projectiles (VS weapons) and more armor on a dune buggy, bus or airplane than a battle tank. Planetside is quite insane.
  9. DarkStarAnubis

    Consistency - "Ice Dragon" strong against cold, weak against heat...

    Lava - hot - more damage to an Ice Dragon
    Ice Bolt - cold - less damage to an Ice Dragon
    Fire Ball - hot - less than Lava, good anyway (because it is hot)
  10. DarkStarAnubis

    Hmm... Coming from a +20 years experience of software engineering, if what you say represents the pinnacle of DBG technical assessment, it is quite scary!

    What prevents those good things to be implemented in PS2?

    Either the PS2 architecture allows those improvements at a reasonable cost (time/money) or it doesn't or the dev team does not know how so they say "Huuh well let's start over from scratch."

    It is a quagmire pattern that you see often in software products, but it is not a good one: it inplies the dev team has either given up because they haven't a good technical grip over the system or the product manager (or whoever is in charge of the game evolution, if any! ) hasn't a grip of the product roadmap, or both.

    The first scenario usually can't be fixed, so if this is true it is indeed PS3 time, the second scenario can be fixed with time and a lot of effort in communicating and getting in touch with the player/customer base (but I do not really see this happening): this is the official PS2 forum so if those people do not even invest time here, I wonder what are they doing.
  11. Tankalishious

    Doesn't PS2 build on an old platform and thats whats limiting this game when it comes to details and that "freedom" feeling newer games provide?

    A newer engine gives much more possibilities, but engine change wont happen. The game all in all is fantastically diverse and entertaining, and i hope for more of the same+ much more "freedom", details and interactions in a PS3.
  12. FateJH

    At the moment, ForgeLight is the least at fault. If the developers focused on utilizng it more, this would be quite an elaborate game. Heck, if they worked a bit on PhyX particles, I'm certain they could even get that working, and that's probably giving them an immense amount of confidence more than they should be granted.