Planetside 3 on Stadia ?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Mekk_TR, Mar 26, 2019.

  1. Mekk_TR

    Have you seen the google's presentation on their gaming system, Stadia ?

    Because all will be on a cloud, They pretend that there will be no latency and no cheaters....

    That was like music in my ears... because thats the 2 major problems in PS2....

    I dont know if tere is a PS3 on project but for me it look like a perfect match between Google and Daybreak if the there is such a project. At least PS2 on Stadia ?? easy way to do an interesting relaunch !
  2. Gen.Drake61

    planetside arena is planetside 3,dude,as far as i can tell,planetside 2 is the last non battle royale game they have made,or will make.also, googles horrible at supporting their apps and services,if it doesnt work out,they will shut it down like they did their other projects,services,and apps,just look at google+.
  3. Pacster3

    On the other hand: At the current situation what do DBG have to lose? I mean, unless PSA, DX11 etc. get the game a sudden and impressive influx on players the game will not survive anyway. So it might be a win/win situation for both and in case they fail together they would have failed each on their own as well...
  4. AlcyoneSerene

    I haven't heard or looked into it, but how would that solve the latency issue since your user input still needs to travel varying distances through different routes through the net?
  5. Gustavo M

    And also no players because it's completely inaccessible for most (if not all) current players. Oh, and also massive input lag because the internet is not fast enough to flawlessly stream games like that.
  6. Roxxlyy Community Relations

    This isn't an official opinion or anything, just me speaking as an individual and not an employee. I am unaware of any plans having to do with Stadia in the future, and as far as I know there's no official launch date out for their new platform.

    Anyway, I got to demo Assassin's Creed on Stadia last week on the floor at GDC. As of right now, there's definitely significant input lag from your controller to the screen. I don't feel confident that it would play out well in a large-scale online shooter environment like PS2 in the platform's current state. It seems to me that something like Stadia will be best suited for solo players that don't have any other access to gaming hardware, and it certainly won't replace my PC. There could still be work going in before launch, and I didn't get to test online play, so hey - maybe it will deliver when it does come out!

    (Again, these are just my opinions from the demo as an individual, and not at all representative of Daybreak's opinion/relation/anything with Google Stadia)
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  7. Gustavo M

    You could always create and use an alt account, you know. :p
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  8. Roxxlyy Community Relations

    I like being a real person sometimes, I swear! :)
  9. AllRoundGoodGuy

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  10. DIGGSAN0

    Hear hear! Finally a human answer :D

    I didn't thought it is possible :)

    It is nice and beautiful to hear personal impressions from the Devs. Please keep that attitude :)

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    What Internet do people need to play this technology without any Input lags?

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