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  1. LtcNorfleet

    (Please explain why)
  2. LtcNorfleet

    A couple things I’d like to see in ps3 would be floating bases with air vehicle capture points as well as a bastion fleet carrier alert having ants and the new air vehicle mining corrium and depositing it at a depot near the warp gate which ever faction wins would be able to spawn fleet carriers which would act a lot like a galaxy accept it has a spawn point for entire faction and it would have vehicle terminals to spawn vehicles (mostly air)
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  3. LtcNorfleet

    Another thing I would like to see is a sort of aniversary bundle at the launch of ps3 that contains ps1 armor,camo,helmet and specific guns maybe even a title for each of the classes(if there are still classes) that looks like the ps1 armor but is full of bullet hole and laser burns and possible a rusty look for the camo
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  4. LtcNorfleet

    And the topic of game modes it would be a great idea in my opinion if players start in a vr like continent that had a tutorial and you start out as a nsoand once you hit br 15 (if there are still br) you could select your faction or you could choose to stay map and it would put you on lowest pop faction as an nso
  5. TRspy007

    Nah, I must disagree. Remove pop balance queues (they do nothing anyways, the proof is in the game), and go all out with the faction lore. At least make all the vehicles for every faction look different, so 1) It's easier to tell threat from enemy afar 2) It makes more sense that VS especially use something that looks futuristic instead of human-looking NS tech.

    The NS faction could still exist I guess, and serve as mercenaries, but the whole point of the game should be to generate faction lore, more than what Planetside 2 offers right now. I would like to see 2 or 3 layers to fights, underground/underwater, ground/water and air/space.We could definitely have some space anomolies or something in space for our air to do.

    The bases should blend in more with the environment and have significant strategical meaning. Battleflow is also crucial to make sure we're not fighting at the same bases and there's less need for zergs instead of strategical gameplay. Add importance to playermade bases by letting us build anywhere.

    After that, it's really daily life issues that should be resolved. I'd expect way less bugs and better server latency, updated graphics (although the planetside 2 graphics aren't bad, in some instances you can realize they are outdated). Better lighting, maybe add 2 or 3 suns to mess things up. Of course, I'd also expect a new base type to go along with amps, tech plants and bio labs. Bio labs should be easier to to attack and defend, maybe a SUPER BIO LAB with 5 points and 3 times the surface area to counter the fact there are too many spawns and choke points in the bio. Vegetation and layout inside should differ from bio to bio (so it doesn't feel like we're fighting at the same bases).

    Finally add some more shields to players, BUFF THE MAX and try to compensate for poor ping players (that idk how). And overall put some effort into the game to make it a finished version of Planetside 2. Most importantly ADVERTISE THE GAME.

    *I also thought I'd mention, don't get your hopes up, PS3 isn't coming anytime soon, maybe it won't get released at all.
  6. Demigan

    PS3 needs more and better: Variety, (secondary) objectives, capture mechanics battle flow, proper ways to do teamplay with anyone, proper communications that offer information in ways that players can easily oversee information relevant to them and ignore irrelevant information, rewards and representation of statistics the players get, balance between infantry, vehicles and aircraft.
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  7. LtcNorfleet

    Definitly agree on that
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  8. LtcNorfleet

    Would also like to see some crossplay having two separate communities those on pc (master race) and console could open up more to offer as well (would be interesting to see PlayStation 5 support)
  9. JobiWan

    It needs to be made by a new team. A team that don't introduce new bugs every time something is fixed. A team that don't give double XP for all, then have repeated maintenances at peak playing times, that doesn't fix stuff but makes it worse.
  10. LtcNorfleet

    Well I happen to enjoy the planetside 2 /arena teams and look forward to there work in the future
  11. Pikachu

    :D Putting Auraxis in a binary star system would be awesome but then you're at the edge of planet habitability... and perhaps performance due to double shadows. Having 3 or 4 suns would would require the stars to be so far apart that they would just be brighter dots in the night sky.
  12. TRspy007

    True, but it is a sci-fi game after all. Just something to make the planet look abnormal compared to earth. Maybe add a dozen moons, a near planet (like we already have), a black hole, supernova or something lol. The sky we see rn isn't the best lool.
  13. LtcNorfleet

    What if they had 2 to 3 suns for one system and had the map like 75% day 25% night (possibly change faction colors to purple and white red and white and blue and white instead of the darker colors that vs start out with)
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  14. LtcNorfleet

    Would be cool if they brought back old maps and redesigned them either look abandoned or halfway destroyed
  15. Pikachu

    With 2 suns you could get a day cycle that changes over the year like this. Red and green light colors are just to enhance contrast.

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  16. YellowJacketXV

    Aerial bases or island bases.
    Keep construction and have a construction focused continent.
    More rewards for following orders (allow plat leaders to make directives to follow and give exp for flowing it. Choose from a list of directives or be able to mark a point for attack/defend)
    More rewards for giving orders that are followed by members of your plat.
    Navy if possible, strong ships that are super slow but can wreak havoc in an area. Can be stormed by enemies of course.
    Flying ANT, but give the ground ANT 2~3 times more radar range as it does now.
    Split MAX units into two categories, Walker and Power Suit. Walkers are vehicular versions and can be built AV or AA or AI -BUT- can no longer weapon swap. Power Suit maxes are units designed to push the front line and hold territory, are best effective for AI, and are close range (be it melee or otherwise) they can change weapons still.
    More options for a lightly-armored artillery based vehicle, mostly best at assaulting player-built bases.

    Things old like to see but never will.
    PS3 will basically be a rerelease of PS2 with a better engine and a few other nice things all UI and the like, new continents and maybe just a bit more. I just don't wanna see construction die because I like making my own little firebase that provides me free ESF.
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  17. Pikachu

    Here's what the planet's lighting would look like as it orbits the small star. One orbit would take 162 days. Small star makes strong orange light and big star makes weak pale blue light. Keep in mind that the planet would rotate around it's own axis as well, unlike the static planet in the pic.

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