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  1. Taris26

    Hello Planetside 2 Community

    I have been playing planetside for a long time. I have 3 profiles one of them is br 99. I am playing on Cobalt but i get a lot of frustration while playing this game. Now i want to say that i am not the only one of corse there are a lot of people who are getting frustrated. Most of them just quit the game after playing few hours and never return. Thats a sad state. Planetside has a lot more to offer than just boring fights or a map which is complete empty. There are just a few things which can make planetside 2 a lot more enjoyable for all players. I want to mention some of them. Of corse there are a lot more but thats what i experience are most frustrating things. Here I want to show you the problems and the solutions which came to my mind.

    1. Reduce or disable Friendly Fire Damage (espiacelly from granades and explosives in general!)
    Imagine you would never die from a friendly grenade again. NEVER. This would make the game less frustrating. Just reduce their damage to friendlies or completly remove it. IT WON'T MAKE THE GAME WORSE. People won't start grenading all the time trust me you still want to get kills so you dont start spaming them.

    2. Map helper
    Most of new players don't know where are the good fights. Even for me its hard to find good fights. Now what is a good fight in my opinion. When a fight is balanced. which means population about 45-55%. This is a good fight. Everything else is ******** trust me. You wonder why you get killed so much? Look at the population! Thats the reason. Now this good spots should be marked on the map. Currently there is no such thing. You are pretty much helpless and don't know where to go. WTF and this now for 3 years?

    3. Balancing!
    Balance the game. Balance the fights. Make restrictions if a team has more then let's say 65% pop. Remove the spawn ability at such bases! It makes no ******* sense if people would spawn there. No fun garanted for both sides! Even for the one side which has more population. This is a very important aspect of the game. Why not doing it? It would create more interesting fights and less frustration so WHY NOT?

    4. Better Spawnpoints!
    Why not having the possibility to spwan everywhere YOU want to. Now you can only spawn at some points on the map i don't know why really. But sometimes the good fights take place at another place and you have to wait until you get a spawn point which is stupid and timewaisting. When i want to play i want to play now not later! Funny is with instant action you are able to spawn at random places of the map. Why not allowing to spawn everywhere at any time??? What were you guys thinking? Srsly... Im sorry but this just makes no sense to me. Pls fix this.

    5. Reduce redeploy to 3 seconds
    On Ps4 you have 3 seconds for redeploy and pc you have to wait 10 secons. Thats more then 3x times to wait. Why?!

    6. Restrictions everywhere why not more freedom?
    Deploy possibilities of the sunderer are very restricted. Why would anyone enjoy this? Even if the enemy has a sunderer directly at the A point. If the Fight would be balanced (Point 3) this would not be a problem. Defenders are able to defend even if a sunderer is deployed at the point which is in most locations not even possible. But the restriction lines are sometimes very big too big to create interesting and more challenging fights. I believe this was an update added to the game. Earlier it was not like that. Sometimes there are 5 sunderes staying useless around the base because they cant deploy it. Waist of possibilies and longer fights. Create more freedom into the game right now there are too many restrictions.

    7. Spawn beacon timer
    Another bad restrictions which makes the game boring. same thing as redeploy timer. We want to play now not in 2 minutes.

    I could continue but i want to make a break here. I was typing this right of my mind so don't be too hard to me ;)
    I love planetside 2 but i think it has a lot more potential if you make some tweaks. Just make the game a bit easier to play and enjoyable to play and everyone is happy. There would be a lot more players look at counter strike global offensive. Such a simply game has so many players. Thats what planetside 2 needs. No more directives which need like 200 hours of playtime. Why not just 10 hours? Getting awards in real life is hard enough this should not be hard in a game! Don't forget its just a game which should be easy to play not hard.
    Thanks for your attention.
  2. OldMaster80

    Sorry I facepalmed at "disable friendly fire".
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  3. Taris26

    Why don't you just explain instead of giving such a useless comment?
  4. Scr1nRusher

    I just have to stop you there.

    Its ok for people to not agree with what you have to say, its up to you(as the OP) to respond in a way that allows the people who have a different opinion to express it more so the discussion(with different POV's) can continue.
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  5. OldMaster80

    Because it doesn't need an explanation: without firendly fire the game would become very stupid. One could just clear a room by throwing tons of grenades without to care about friendlies, not to mention the spam of tanks shells.
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  6. Diggsano

    It would be better if you make your own Faction less damage as to the enemy, i died so many time because people did just roadkill me or there are plenty teamkillers out there which can kill you up to 3 times without any consequences....

    How about teamkills will not be listed in your K/D Ratio?
  7. Demigan

    Taris, your suggestions are horrid.

    Most of the restrictions in place are there to prevent problems. The Sunderer deploy restrictions for instance make sure the attackers don't benefit more. Most bases are designed so that the points are more easily defended... And it's the attackers that actually sick to the point to cap it. The defenders recap a point, then are forced to go look for the Sunderers to stop the tide of enemies. Allowing Sunderers to deploy almost on top of the point makes for cheese tactics, which is why we have those restrictions.

    Dieing to friendly grenades comes from two sources: Yourself and your friendly. It's frustrating to die to a friendly grenade to be sure, but to remove friendly fire altogether? You get explosive weapons spam, no repercussions for blindly spamming rockets, missiles, tank shells or bullets into your friends, either by accident or by design. That is bad, baaad for the game.

    Redeploy and spawn restrictions are there to prevent the problem of entire platoons redeploying and respawning anywhere on the map in an instant when they are needed. This is called "redeployside" (and this is also the reason why I'm wondering if you actually have a br99, seriously you should know better by then).
    The game would actually be helped much more by restricting redeploy even more. That way territory control becomes more important, travel through territory and towards contested area's becomes important, and with it you suddenly have a lot more value to controlling a base rather than bases being unimportant for the most part.

    As for your restrictions to player pops, it would actually do the exact opposite of what you want.
    Consider this: A large battle is raging at a base. At some point one faction is going to win. This causes people to redeploy away to a better and more fun fight (which is what you "want" right?). Only now you have an overpop capping the base. Since the next base in line isn't being attacked your system would restrict this (and if it didn't Zergs could form in the previous base and then wash over the enemy). This means that the Zerg that's now formed at the base that was captured will be able to move to the next base... And won't be contested. They defeat the whole spawn restrictions because they move there in force.
    Now after reading your original post I can guess at what your next thought is going to be: So we make sure that the attackers can't respawn at their sunderers until the forces are equal again! Which actually means that if only 12 people show up, they can force people to move to another fight (if there is one, if you are warpgated there's only 2 or 3 fights available and you will almost guaranteed have an overpop at almost all those fights), which is detrimental to their gameplay.
    The best solution would be encouragement to spawn and fight at bases with overpops against you. Think things like reducing resource costs across the board, increasing XP gains, having special items spawn inside spawnrooms that allow outpopped players to fight back, these items would only be useable outside the spawn (no spawn warrior usage) and would give highly specific perks. Think of a shaped-charge that can destroy a deployed Sunderer. An item that can instantly flip all points in the area and reset the cap timer. Special items that links all shields in the area (both beneficial and detrimental. All players lose shields equally and the linked players can only die once all players have lost their shields allowing everyone to stay alive and kill longer, but one player getting hosed down by rocketpods or a few shotgun blasts could leave everyone without a shield). And other items and specials to boost fighting capabilities.
  8. Taris26

    In most cases the room is full of enemy right? No friendlies nearby. People alrady throwing granades into this camped rooms lol. Thats not the point i am talking about. I am talking about if you see a enemy far away you throw a grenade and you didn't see the friendly infiltrator. It is going to kill you but it should not. Same with friendly roadkills. Most people don't really care about team killing! No friendly fire = no more roadkills no more c4 *** teamkilling in captured bases like bio labs, no more accidently granade kills, no more small arms kills in close engagements. So many profits you ignore. Just because maybe 1% of the game would spam granades. And i am talking about grenades not tank shells thats something different. Did you ever get killed by a friendly tank shell? Well I can't remember so keep it like that.
  9. Vanapapi

    I'm all for carrying through changes that would enchance gaming experience for most if not all types of players. But, if I may, I'd like to point out a few flaws in some of your points you've shared with us.

    Be it mentioned, I see that you're what i call a "Lone Wolf" type of player, so i can see where you're coming from. In comparison, im somewhat the opposite. I'm a little more than a casual, though not a hardcore player. I'd say im your avarage trying-to-understand and see type of player, a thinker.

    1. Disabling friendly fire, for me personally, would diminish the immersion. Walking through explosions and such - i understand it's a game where Anything is possible, but i don't want to be a god when it comes to friendly fire. In fact, even the almighty god had friendly fire ON when "it" (I can'st say god is a he or she, now can i?) came to this earth. (i'm not a believer myself, and i don't think down to those who do... no offence) This already should persuade at least some ppl lurking on these forums. Hah! (really, no offence though). God didn't even have the damage reduced to him while this game actually already has it. An enemy granade does more damage to me than a friendly granade (might be because friendlies who throw granades at their teammates are still new to the game, meaning they don't have anti tank granades yet which are more deadly)

    2. The suggested "MAP HELPER" is a step in the right direction, but i wouldn't want this feature to be implemented the way it's suggested here. In fact, i'd suggest working around the idea of introducing stuff better, simply put. Try to search this game up as if you knew nothing about it. As if you had never heard about it even the slightest. Every1 should be able to notice the flaws in advertising.

    Sure it says thousands of players... don't they all nowadays? You have CoD with "Massively multiplayer" label, just like Planetside 2 does. So, as a new player, you WILL NOT see any difference in that sense. Now you go ahead and look the pictures, guess which game is now more appealing? Then you look at the player numbers, again, which game is more appealing? Oh, it's a free-to-play game, and it has quite a few years behind it, too, so it must be a bad game. And since you already think it's a **** game compared to all those other games, and a friend recommend you to try it out, even though you're reluctant by now... Then you join a game and simply quit with the excuse: It was a **** game (i didn't actually even want to try it, but now you can see i have logged in for a second, and the fact is that it was loading so long i cntrl-alt-deleted it and uninstalled shortly after, but there, i tried it, just like you told me to). There's tons of similar stuff that you will definately miss unless you've literally tried it out yourself. But why download a **** game (new player expression of this game from the outside of the game) in order to see for yourself? Most of the time, the information available around you has proven to be rather accurate. Only that this game doesn't exaggerate at all like ALL the other games do!!!! In fact, i think this game is trying to be super modest or something, expecting a medal any time soon now, understating every aspect that bears meaning.

    Now, the reason why the suggested "map helper" word by word as a feature is not cool in my book. I think it's normal to be able to dig out at least some information all by yourself. I personally don't mind if i have to think just a little when playing a game, so that i won't feel like i was a crippled guy for playing this game.
    Sure there are lots of players in that area of the map. You can see the numbers yourself! Now what? We need the "helper" to tell us that approximatelly in 2 minutes there's gonna be enemy influx on our area, because they really need to hold on to that locationor else they'll get in trouble on both fronts? Or more, we need the "helper" to notify us when the closest enemy territory has had a sudden increase in enemy activity, pointing it out that there's a massive zerg that just split up from their last captured base heading this way? Or we need even more complex babysitter? Instead of relying on your own awareness, the helper makes you feel crippled, really. No offence though, ppl are different, some ppl don't really care enough to pay attention to details like me (it's a whole different story when you're trying to use that information in action though... i simply see it as a quality of life knowledge that this game can teach you, some will never see, though). There's alot more you can dig out that way. The basics are worthless to mention in comparison. I think the basics are common sense, really. Now, when a helper points those common-senes things out, it's like an insult. No1 really likes ppl that point out the obvious as if it's something important, as if they came up with it while no1 else had any idea of it even existing.

    Oh, ****, it got long... sry

    3. Balancing... I can see how this is a problem from a Lone Wolf perspective. To be honest, from my perspective, it's balanced enough. They removed the ability to spawn in to a location when the pop gets too much on your side. Well, you can still spawn in that base when you're literally next to the base's territory or inside of it for that matter. Every1 else has to start running/driving/flying/waiting. But yeah, i think it's solved already the way you've somewhat suggested. So i give you that ^^

    4. Uhhh. It really hurts my eyes. No offence, considering where you're coming from, you know, and where im coming from... But yeah, that suggestion implies instanced based fights literally. Renive the bases as they are pointless in that scenario. I don't know. It just sound so horrible to me. You seem to be a drastic type of player to me. Like, a drastic type of player. Like... like a... idk how to explain this. I hope you understand. Oh, maybe like the opposite type who is all about roleplaying in a virtual world. If it takes an hour to chop down a tree in a life simulator, they're all fine with that. That is what they want. That kind of drastic type of player, you know, simply not the kind i took as an example, but analogously.

    5. I can only count that as a preference of a drastic type of player.

    6. i think the restriction are there for ppl to actually play in a certain way. The restrictions are actually very open compared to most other games. Just that yea... teamplay orientation i suppose.

    7. boring to some, enjoyable for others. There are those who would like to push the button and instantly start aiming for heads arcade style. There are those who want to put in some effort so that it would feel more rewarding and such. etc

    I learned that ppl are different when i was in 5th grade. Like. Literally very different in every possible way. Even the way each and every1 understand a word, a symbol that resembles something, differently. It's tied to **** ton of factors. I think this here makes it clear why ppl consider Philosophers to be sad *****. How can you not be sad?!!?!? Look at this ****! (no offence)
  10. KaletheQuick

    Your arguments are as rekt as your namesake. (had to)

    But in all seriousness, the whole spawn algorithm and system is just a ******* mess. I think an easy solution would be that your closest lattice linked base has a 10 second respawn timer. And each lattice link away adds 10 seconds to that, or doubles. With the spawn you last used having that halved or something, because the printer has your data in RAM or whatever. That way you can always spawn at every base, but it can dampen redeployside, and still let you always be able to get to an aircraft or tank spawner. Areas cut off from the warpgate would be isolated too, kinda interesting. The UI needs help too. The highlighting and beep of selecting a spawn is not overt enough to be informative. It should change color, or put a player icon over it or something. And I keep having this problem of not spawning where I select. I think this is because if a spawn you selected becomes invalid, it automatically selects one for you. This is terrible. A squad Valkyrie could have just dipped out of range, or a sunderer blew up, and instead of asking me to reselect a spawn, it just sends me two bases over. Unacceptable.

    Everyone here is right about friendly fire. And you are too. Something needs to be done about it. Lots of FPS people are coming from games where it isn't a thing. I think a solution would be a noobie item or ability. Either a suit slot that reduces FF by half, or low BR people take fractions of the damage. 5% at br 1, and 100% at 20. Interpolate there. It would empower the noobies and make them more likely to have fun and stay, but not eliminate it. And it's slow introduction as a mechanic would come as they get better at the game in general. I think it could be an OK solution, as FF is important to the teamwork (And cutting down on server load, think about it)

    A lot is going to be changed with the new building mechanics, (My personal fantasy of just being some guy on the ground in an RTS will come true). So hopefully it will be a good time to make a bunch of noobie friendly changes. Heck, we can rebill the game as "Resource Harvester 2074:2016!" And pretend the glorious combat is a secondary concern. Get some fresh meat that way.
  11. Codex561

    What does that do? KD doesn't really matter..
  12. Taris26

    You people need to understand that Balancing is a major problem in planetside 2. New Player Expirience is suffering badly from it. Imagine being a new player. You are not in a outfit yet keep that in mind. You see the minimap and you go to the next big fight. You most likely get killed in the beginning thats normal. But what if you spawn in a camped base where you can't even get out of a building because tank shells will kill you instantly or whatever you name it. Its the same with friendly fire. You guys think if friendly fire is disabled the game would suffer from it. Are you really sure about that? Now I have read the "consequences" of disabling friendly fire. You worry about massive chaos. What if you just disable friendly fire on small arms fire? That would be a beginning in the right direction. I don't think the server would crash because of that. No way. Btw if you kill a teammate thats also punishing for the server? Btw guys i am not god who knows the best solution right away but i think its important to talk about the major problems this game has. I wanted to start discussion about it. Give me your own solutions. Don't critice me. Friendly Fire is a problem you have to agree with me here. You can't deny it.

    What excatly is positive about waiting 2 minutes to respawn if you already know where you want to respawn?

    Redeploy and spawn restrictions are there to prevent the problem of entire platoons redeploying and respawning anywhere on the map in an instant when they are needed. This is called "redeployside"

    Well its working on ps4 right? Would the game suffer from instant redeploying whole platoons? I am not sure. If you want more territory control why not give the player awards for caputering or holding this base. That can be implemented also as balancing fix. Tell the player where he is needed.
  13. Vanapapi

    1. With friendly fire ON, it makes you think before you act. With friendly fire OFF, it becomes senseless shootout. I personally don't like it. Some like it. Matter of preference.

    2. Waiting 2 minutes to respawn also makes you think before you use it. Otherwise you'll just spam that idiocy and die with no consequences, because you can just run back in with it. Obviously you'll get through the enemy lines at some point like that, but well, sucks to be the attacker then. Enemies pouring in from the sky to defend the ******** base you've put your effort into locking down from the inside after either a heavy or light battle, after having pulled through a tactical action - it's all wasted and pointless with that "insta" action button or deploy option... It is, literally, a ******* CHAOS.

    See, a guy who really cares and even cries about his K/D, your suggested option works, because they won't exploit it to actually "win" in the grand scale. The worst case scenario is when they use it until they drop behind the enemy lines, put on allahuakbar song, and try to take out as many as they can before they drop dead and INSTANTLY use that F button again... Now, for the rest of us, that suggested option just destroyes... idk, everything? It literally becomes CoD/BF/CS TDM with 1000+ players on 8x8km arena with that instant deployside option.

    It's not really any1s fault ppl think this is CoD or Battlefield or CS when they play for the first time. They play this game with that mentality. Surely it's hard for them. But why make the game adapt to them? They should adapt to this game if they wanted to play it. Teamplay actually does matter in this game. The way you play does matter. It's not just you and your bloody score here... There are hundreds of other ppl you NEED to play WITH and against. You're not a hero with you bloody jetpack just because you managed to spawn behind the enemies first (Team Deathmatch in those other games - sensless shooting). If it takes them some time to cope with that, good for them. If they give up because they expected to spaw behind enemies in a big fight, well... does it really need explaining?

    Try queueing up a S&D match or anything alike in those games where ppl put at least a little bit effort into it. **** that **** (There's rarely any playing there, every1 is on TDM, and there's always a ******** kids (by the looks of things) there who are doing everything wrong and lose the game for the team, but you know what, no1 gives a **** if a game was lost or won, they look at their pathetic score and decide if they won or lost from that instead. They don't play to win, to have fun WITH others while they play. Sure you can play with them, join ts3 and talk about non-game related topics [better talk about those things in person, really, at practise, work, school or whatnot], or talk about game related topics, such as how cool ones gun looks!!!!! (sarcasm) jeez). I'd rather play Planetside 2, really, perfect game for my taste. I was growing sick of that ********tery in those games.

    No offence. Ppl are different, still. All you see here is merely my a bit emotional "opininons" on the matter. It's obvious, ofc, but i've learned through my life that it's not actually an obvious thing for some.
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  14. Demigan

    Dear Taris, Thank you for picking one piece out of my post and saying exactly the same.

    PS2 does have a balancing problem, but your idea's are similar to saying "let's give all players 200% extra damage to make it easier for new players to kill people". In theory it works, in theory it also works the exact opposite way and it also changes the game in a bad way.

    You are cutting corners, looking only at how it would improve for the new players without seeing how it would change the rest of the game, including how higher skill players would use this against the very new players you are trying to help. You are also missing the bigger picture on how it would change the meta, making base control even less important for instance.

    You are mainly talking about accidental teamkilling, well unless you are doing your best that doesn't happen a lot, and the people who are doing the accidental teamkilling are... The new players for the most part. The people who haven't figured out how to throw grenades properly yet, or people who don't realize they will be shooting their friends in the back repeatedly as they took up a position at an important thoroughfare of friendlies.
    Accidental teamkilling is part of the game, and an important part. It reduces spam of explosives and bullets randomly at enemies and increases the skill required to identify and shoot enemies and not friendlies when you turn corners. It also reduces the strength of a Zerg since they will be less capable of firing randomly through their friendlies to hit an enemy. It also prevents tactics such as throwing mines between your friends to deal with people jumping in between you to cause chaos.
  15. MonnyMoony

    For the love of god dont remove FF.

    The game would just become an explosive/HEAT spam fest. It can be bad enough as it is when you get heat raining down on a base - without adding friendly player immunity into the mix.