[Guide] Planetside 2 what you NEED to know part 1: The empires

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  1. Raichu

    Hello internet people. If you are new to Planetisde I would like to give you a very informational run down of planetside 2.

    Planetside 2 is a FPSMMO developed by SOE . The world sexiest game studio. Matt higby's hair... Just...want.. to...Build ginger bread house in it...and Live there FOREVER.

    Part 1)) The 3 empires. There are three main empires in Planetside. All with their unique traits and abilities.
    Empire one.

    America- America my faction. Is your typical badass american army in any Call Of Duty they fight for freedom and democracy and get lots of money and have tons of ***** swerve. They hit the hardest and dont take any **** from anyone. Also they are the only faction to ever win. Because america is the only real country that really ever matters ever. They are also referred to as the good guys and need to stop the other evil factions. thats why they are in this war.

    Empire two- Soviet Russia. Soviet Russia is the next faction on our list. They look pretty badass dawning the traditional Soviet Russia colors red and red. Ironically they are led by a British man named totalbiscut. As you know british people call cookies biscuts. Which is why america needs to fight totalbiscut and bring him down. This is how the war got started. America wanted to protect thier rights to call cookies cookies. The russians led by TB are also the bad guys. Cause they are red. And anything red = evil.

    Empire three- The Covenant - If you played Halo you know who these guys are. They are back and more purple than ever. Thier signature hover tank. The wraith, also makes a return in this halo sequel. There is nothing really special about the Covenant just your typical aliens in banshees and wraiths not really doing much, Take note they are super protective of thier hover tanks if someone disses their tanks or someone nerfs them they will cry and rage quit. They are in this war because... lasers I dont even know who cares about the purple guys ima right? the only thing good about them really is thier amazing sculpted bodies and butts.


    Hang in for part 2 tomorrow
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  2. Xuram

    This post reeks of bias. You're obviously jealous of our sculpted bodies and butts and the lovely purple spandex we use to show them off.
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  3. robo

    Not going to lie, I laughed at this part.
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  4. Awass

    This is real Planetside lore.
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  5. Raichu

    Yes thats right. I am the top planetside 2 player i have studied the lore for a while now.
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  6. Raichu

    I am not being biased. And you know it....
  7. TheBloodEagle

    The only reason I like VS: The female models.
  8. PieBringer

    I'll give it an 8/10. Any higher than that and I'd get all sorts of hate mail about having "super low standards".
  9. ArcMinuteLight

    Tactical Superiority!
    Tactical Superiority!
    Tactical Superiority!
    Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzaahh!
  10. KRE8R125

    Congrats. You had me at...Build ginger bread house in it....
  11. Jaes

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  12. CHC999

    While I agree with NC representing current US, I actually do not think the TR is the representation of the Soviets. In fact I believe TR and NC is portraying different facets of US ideals. NC of freedom and TR of gobal ambition.
  13. Bravix

    Vanu is space North Korea.

    We have a small *** population, everybody hates us, and we're messing with technology we shouldn't be involved with. Instead of Kim Jung Un, the sexiest man alive, we have Grandpa Vanu telling us how we're failing ourselves.

    Our faction is also too poor to afford proper weapons, ammo, and armor. So instead of armor, we've been assigned some Under Armour spandex suits made in Chinese sweat shops. Our weapons shoot lazers, because light is free, whereas gunpowder can get pricey.
  14. Vultraz

    6/10 pretty good laughs.
  15. Ghodere

    Well yeah, but imperialism isn't really unique to the US. Or the USSR.
  16. Badname3073

    Some NC for ya

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  17. Sebastien

  18. ACE McFACE

    Usually your threads have some mention of space dinosaurs? Perhaps they are the secret faction?
  19. ACE McFACE

    And I guess the VS are a militarised version of Scientology?
  20. ACE McFACE

    Thats not 'Grandpa Vanu', it's Admiral Hackett come to warn Auraxis about the Reapers
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