Planetside 2 Ultra Settings INSANE Massive Battle ELGATO HD60 BEST SETTING 60FPS

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by TheBroMan, Sep 7, 2015.

  1. TheBroMan

    I Say Ultra Settings Becuz i recorded it with ELGATO HD60 at BEST SETTING
  2. Akuzimo

    You're spamming the forums with this stuff... why?
  3. TheBroMan

  4. TheBroMan

  5. Liewec123

    "you're not going crazy, crazy people don't know they're crazy."-John Locke
  6. Pokebreaker

    Lol, using the BAX thumbnail FTW.
  7. ModsFreeAreForTV

    Cause his videos don't get views cause they're uninteresting videos of planetside gameplay with some thrash metal blasting in the background.

    Why do people record videos of them playing a game when the viewers are just gonna close your vid and play the game?
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  8. Ximaster

    Because superiority of first person shooters in consoles versus the inferiors of computer versions. Its simple.
  9. Yuki10

    didn't even watch it - he kid is spamming and this has nothing to do with PC version.
  10. TheBroMan

    ok im a view ***** XD
  11. TheBroMan

    IKR What A Trash ******* channel
  12. TheBroMan

    im a view ***** XD
  13. Yuki10

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  14. Sagabyte

    This is a spam thread, there's nothing interesting about this gameplay.
    Just... don't start a console vs. pc war.

    Yeah yeah pc master race but I like consoles too. I like gaming in general.
  15. Cyrek

    Good video, I like the PS4's sleek interface much more.