Planetside 2 too many hackers, or too much skill?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by FROG55JON, Jun 8, 2013.

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  1. Radeonman-K

    30% of the Player base uses and compensates for weapon recoil to get headshots... er I mean hacks...
  2. p10k56

    Highly possible but probably use them only sometimes.
    Specially during alerts accuracy goes up.
  3. Hiding in VR

    My son plays GW2. He was recently complaining that he can't play online with any of his mates any more, because they were all using this farming hack, and the admins have moved everyone that used this exploit into their own little walled off area. So because my son didn't cheat, he can't play with his friends.

    Regardless of my son's feeling (he didn't seem that annoyed) maybe SOE needs to do something similarly public and transfer all those caught cheating onto a Cheats Server?
  4. Tobax

    It's skill and situational awareness that show the good players not hacks/cheats, only a tiny tiny percentage of the players might not be legitimate and too many people are too quick to call hacks just because someone got the drop on them and took them out before they could react.
  5. Wildclaw

    The only actual research about cheating percentages I have seen is when Popcap polled social gamers. According to the answers they got, 8% of all social games players had cheated in some social game. (out of those, half had also cheated in a real life relationship)

    Now, 8% is for having cheated in some game. And probably not everyone cheats all the time. But I think half of that sounds like a good estimate for any specific game. And while social games and games are not the same, I doubt there is a huge difference.

    So my best guess is 4%. I would really like to see more studies/polls on the subject. But I guess it is difficult to find an unbiased selection of people to poll.
  6. Earthman

    Back when we had GMs announce their presence, "skill" certainly seemed to go down that moment, and for about an hour or so after.

    My most memorable example of this was when 6 people were pinning in 30 at an amp station during an alert, LMG "sniping" with headshots after headshots, but then the GM showed up, and they left. Redeployed or logged out, but in either case, gone. The base was practically empty after that.

    But of course "ur K/D ratio is low my opinionz are objectiv logikal faktz u r scrub". :rolleyes:
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  7. Bevet

    You know cheating in a game would make the game so boring I would quit after 1 day.

    I do think a fair amount of cheating happens in PS2 but I am baffled as to how people can keep doing it without dieing of boredom.
  8. Luighseach

    There are cheaters in this game some blatant others not so much. However for ever 100 deaths you have I would say only 1 of them was probably because of a cheater.

    Overall the game is easy when it comes to aiming. Hitting people is not hard.

    What makes it feel like someone is cheating is because of latency and other factories. This makes 5 or 6 shots to the head feel like a OHK. It also makes dieing through walls and getting killed while in the spawn happen. When I lag sometimes people run out of the spawn I shoot and kill them to realize that I'm lagging and when the game comes back they die and accuse me of cheating/exploiting when I didn't realize I lagged(happens a lot and I don't always catch when I lag).
  9. Bevet

    I think my latency is bad. When I die a lot it is OHK. Many times i'll get the jump fire a whole clip into his backside and then the guy turns around and I am like WTF and reloading and BAM..OHK. I must have a bad connection.
  10. Kunavi

    I'm not sure you can even tell who's cheating, subtlety is all. I've seen a couple of strange things, still see some. I think there's been a slight increase lately but I can't say for sure. We're all prone to have some bad days or ugly streaks too, and some people out there can finish Tetris blind folded and you almost can't see their hands moving, imagine what others can do in FPS. There's no telling so if they're used properly(IE NOT like that floating AV MANA Turret guy I saw recently)... GL proving the other person cheats. I report what I definitely don't think would have normally been possible and from there on it's up to SOE to decide if I just stumbled on an FPS artist or a cheater.
  11. come1l

    Ive been playing for a year, averagely I meet a obvious hacker one per hour. Approximately three or four of 100 people of I killed and those killed me is a obvious hacker(super fast reaction speed with hyperMLG accuracy).
  12. Luighseach

    You never never know. But yes sounds like it actually. I have actually had this problem because to the enemy you are standing still and his client registers him kill you before you fire and when the lag comes back he is alive and you are dead.
  13. Utrooperx

    As all will agree, there is no real way to accurately determine just how many players have that "little extra help"...or is there?

    As I posted in a previous (but unfortunately locked by a SoE Community Rep) thread, there is INDEED a defined precise mathematical formula to accurately determine the probability of if the opposing player that just killed you with 6 no-miss shots from 100 meters away had a "little extra help".

    As it is against the forum rules to "quote" from closed threads, simply look up my content (Utrooperx) posted on 01/21/2014...specifically my reply to Vsae, where I relayed that such a "probability script" has been determined and actually defined as a mathematical formula...and tested.

    In the study I found, it was quite possible to determine who had a "little extra help", it was completely server-side based, and almost impossible to fool.

    As far as a "actual percentage" of what players use a "little extra help"...If you read the very last post closing the thread by the Official SoE Community will see a eye-opening admission that "fairly" begs for definition.

    The bottom line here is that we, as a player community, all desire the same thing...a 100% guaranteed level playing field so that our experience on the battlefield is one that is enjoyable and challenging. With the repeated and near daily posts of obvious cheaters in game, it erodes our confidence in SoE's anti-cheat measures (such as they are...CTD/crash logs anyone?) and this study shows a better way to do things.

    Take a moment, click this link---->

    Ask the man in charge to take action to restore our faith in this Great Game, because closing threads discussing the issue/solutions solves nothing.
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  14. Ac3s

    Under what rock have you been hiding? The Christmas holiday was horrible with cheaters on Miller, thank god it seems to have gone away now that those little kids are back on school.
    They were literally cheating every single day for weeks with ESFs going at 500% speed, making 180° turns and instagibbing everything they encountered, or just shooting all the infantry in the spawnroom from under the floor or inside a rock somewhere.
    Srsly you never noticed them or saw all the people raging in region or yell chat about it?
  15. Cowabunga

    Experience goes a long way in this game - Sounds often give infils away more than they (as novice) even know it. I can by just hearing the cloaking sound almost with 99% acc. say where you are in my vecinity. Also knowing every building layout with certainty know where you are hiding inside the specific building.
  16. Stonewall_Jackson

    If we ran that probability script in planetside 2, what percentage of players do you think it would find to be cheaters? A guess?
  17. Negator

    6 shot no miss 100m is pretty rare, but entirely possible with some guns
  18. KnightCole

    You see, the thing about radar darts is it does not tell one what floor a person is on in a building. It does not pin point 100% the location, it just tells you something is in that spot. So, when someone rushes in as if they are god and insta shoots you as if they knew right where your sitting, its not a radar dart, its wall hacks.
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