Planetside 2 too many hackers, or too much skill?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by FROG55JON, Jun 8, 2013.

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  1. Curse_Gamerkin

    Recently came back to the game, and in the first 2 days in noticed about 5 blatant hackers, like flying through mountains headshotting people with a revolver, and doing 180 spins and getting perfect headshots at any range and defending the base from a zerg. There are hardcore blatant hackers, and then there players who ESP/wallhack, and since the game is clientside they can practically be a god and teleport items/vehicles etc. Some blatant hackers would take weeks before they were banned, idk about now, but its much harder to get caught with ESP and ive noticed plenty of players shooting at me the moment they go around a corner while im on a mountain sniping with a 12x and cloaked.
  2. smokemaker

    Do you know we have radar?
    I can put radar on my vehicle and move around till i find an enemy. Dismount and kill said enemy even though i never saw him and they did nothing to alert me to their presents. Both Air and ground have this ability.

    "The reason why Mr T9 carv was able to pinpoint my exact location in building X without giving him reason or cause was experience. In this example the dude literally sprinted into the building without caution or concern, nonchalantly stood over me as I was crouching in the corner cloaked stabbing me twice. In the death animation (sorry don't know what to call it, the 3rd person panout accompanied by a short blues track.) I found it odd he did not take time to investigate the building further almost like he was certain I was the only person there."

    And this is exactly how it looks to the other guy.

    I do this a lot and get accused of cheating a lot by the same people. I did indeed know exactly where they where. I used an in game tool called radar.

    My experience so far has led me to believe most cheats are in fact bruised egos and misunderstanding of game mechanics. There are indeed cheaters out there but i think they are rare.
  3. Nocturnal7x

    so you have 48 hours in the game. a lot of us have 300, 400, 500+ hours in this game. We are going to **** on you lol. A lot of us know the weapons inside and out, and we have gotten really good at controlling recoil and getting headshots, lots of headshots.

    The game has very few hackers, I saw more in my 60 hours in BF3 (teleport you to the restricted area type hackers lol) than ove seen in over 500 in this game.

    Just learn to play. That is all.
  4. PieBringer

    I would say too much Skill.

  5. IamDH

    Hackers are rare
    I think mattherson is their home tho
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  6. GhostAvatar

    By the sounds of it, this is down to the short play time you have, resulting in the lack of knowledge about the games mechanics.

    There are a few ways they can ascertain that your the only one around. Firstly they can use the main maps population percentages for that hex. I do this often, see a ghost cap starting where an enemy faction has 100% pop for that hex. Spawn in and then see that there is 25% friendly population. Result, I now know there is at max of 3 people I need to kill. If they were already in the base they might of heard you cloak and ascertained the direction of the cloak noise. Or they could have tracked you prior to the cloak from benefits such as scout radar or recon darts, which would also let them know that there is no other enemies around either.

    As for being cloaked, that a simple ****** up graphics issue that SOE need to resolve. Basically in low settings your cloak means very little in a one on one encounter, as you appear to them as a shadowy figure. In big fights it may allow you to slip by unnoticed against these low graphic settings users, since there is so many other targets that are far more visible. But when being hunted down in a cat and mouse scenario, it does very little to help except to cloak you on the minimap.
  7. FROG55JON

    Thanks for the comments guys, looks like its a L2P issue on my end thanks
  8. Giggily

    If you're on Mattherson running into hackers isn't really uncommon. I've had at least two different people noclip into the ground to try and kill me today alone.
  9. Cyridius

    About 30% of the players use some sort of cheat. Body-aimbots they toggle on/off. ESP. Maybe 1% or so go full on blatant and do crazy stuff.
  10. Hosp

    I've said it before and I'll say it again...

    The blatant hackers are a very small minority when compared to all the subtle cheaters in the game. The ones that toggle cheats on/off such as ESP, aim-botting body shots, a slight boost of speed when out of sight of their target. Also subtle cheats that are always on such as a slight speed boost, perhaps a slightly smaller hitbox, slightly lower recoil, faster reload, faster RoF.

    Now, do I see a cheater in everyone that kills me. No. I've even gone so far as to tell my mates to not report some people because they thought a person was cheating when I knew what was going on. Experience with the game and game mechanics helps me to sort through many questionable acts. But at times there are many questionable acts that I can't explain, and goings on that repeatedly don't seem possible. It's those instances people are beginning to see more and more of as they get better at the game.

    Finally...There are no NC cheaters, TR cheaters, VS cheaters...they're just cheaters. Playing on that character at that time. To many times I see idgits bring empire into the argument saying "the TR have WAY more haxcxors than VS and NC" or some such combination. Empire is irrelevant. People don't often see cheaters on their own empires because they're not usually getting shot at (as much) by their empires. They notice what's going on with the enemy they focus on. And it's pointless.

    All I can say is, I pray SOE gets their act together when it comes to cheaters, and I hope people keep learning the game and its mechanics to better identify and report cheaters. Because as it stands, inexperienced legit players are unknowingly working against SOE and so SOE ends up having to ignore and/or unban false positives and questionable characters.
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  11. p10k56

    Now radar is magical device. You see dot and thats all. It is hard to tell where person is on what level or behind wall or in front of it.
    Cheating is rampant in this game. And radar is not magic.
    Worst are so called subtle. Using rate of fire hack with combination of aimbot and reduced spread they could chew all hp of Ha under 0.25 sec even with shields on.
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  12. Astealoth

    Last cheater I saw on Waterson was in like June, some guy walking through an SCU shield. But then again, when like 85% of your game time is spent on stupidly reckless suicide bomber tactics, it's hard to notice aimbotters. KAMIKAZE!
  13. Paperlamp

    PS2 has fairly high TTK compared to most of the shooters I've played. I'd actually prefer something closer to BF style, PS2's weapons feel kind of weak to me and the high TTK exacerbates certain advantages of various weapons too much as well as favoring a fairly stupid kind of gun dueling where moving around erratically is too emphasized(why ADS move speed is such a big deal). I think it's out of that sweet spot where high aim/weapon control players will kill faster but not too much faster, and positioning/awareness and smart play are more important than reflex.
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  14. Robes

    I rarely see hackers on mattherson, just seem to be getting an influx of new players that got killed.
  15. Negator

    30%? ****
  16. Cinnamon

    Nobody can say.

    Some hackers are so obvious that yell chat is full of people who are furious about it and that's what most people remember when you talk about hackers.

    Other people just get pissed off by everything and assume that everything that goes wrong for them is a result of hackers.

    Other people think they know a lot about the game and find certain behaviour in game to be very suspicious. For accuracy people can just really be good although this is the sort of stat that cheat detection scripts might pick up on. But then there are things like people who seem to move a little to fast and unusually or seem to be very good at knowing where people are.
  17. Earthman

    There's a snug little pillow fort of logical fallacy here on Forumside.

    It goes a bit like this:

    Cheating doesn't happen, or it's very rare. All evidence of cheating is subjective, and unless your K/D ratio and weapon accuracy is (insert stats at least as good as person denying things), you have an invalid opinion.

    Oh, the evidence for cheating not happening, or it being very rare? All subjective. And they wave around their stats, those funny things that cheats can also boost/pad with a Google search, a few mouseclicks, and a download.

    There you go, that's the pillow fort. You have no evidence of cheating, but their equal lack of evidence suggests no cheating. Surely they are right because they are MLGPROZ and you can totally trust them while they're calling you names and chestbeating on forum. :rolleyes:
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  18. p10k56

    Just try to search 'Rate of fire hack planetside2'.
    This hack was created specially do give edge over enemy haxors.
  19. Earthman

    There's so many easy-to-find cheats for this game that it's patently absurd to say "surely no one uses these, trust us" or the more common "1% of people cheat and ur a terribad scrub look at ur k/d ratio hurf blurf".
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  20. p10k56

    If in planetside2 are hacks to counter another hacks. It is highly possible that there are more haxors then 1%.
    To be viable to make such hack occurance of haxor vs haxor must be pretty high.
    So there could be more then 10% people cheating here. This 10% could easily deal more than 30% percent of total kills in planetside.
    Every third death could be HAXED...
    ...very significant number for Haxor paranoia:(
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