Planetside 2 The Journey and Experience.

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  1. MuNrOe

    Before you flame this and spit all over it hear me out.

    The date's 2005 NC forms a massive raid in their sanctuary lead by CR5's who have spent many hours in game and have earnt the right to lead the empire through squad leadership experience. Some respected some not but all worked very hard to get this responsibility.

    The raid is formed with galaxies' ams's tanks and effective skyguards. The call is made. NC Primary Cyssor Leza GOGO.

    Thanks to the link held on our home cont the large force moves out towards the warpgate and zones into Cyssor.

    Classes of all differing skills ability's and specialties working together towards their common goal.

    What follows is a 3-4 days fight over one of the hardest to take cont in all of auxsis. During that time the fight is pushed backwards and forwards but the progression is always in the same direction. At one stage vanu is up against wall, then TR then NC is pushed back to leza. Its held/defended both out popped out numbered and outgunned. All progressing towards a lattice system designed to funnel the flow of battle.

    NC push out, the courtyard is theirs, the base has been saved.

    MASSIVE fights follow that take large amounts of time where a simple squad of 5 people can make all the difference. Where even 1 player defending a generator from a router pad can mean the difference between winning and losing a base. The facility's first get surrounded by vech then the large infantry fight follows.

    That 1 ant filling a base completely surrounded with 10% NTU creates hours more fun for many players. While the multitude that came before it get OS'ed. The defending empire retakes the walls and the base is once again under their controll.

    Eventually the dominant empire with the most support wins the battle and the map turns Blue. NC captures Cyssor.

    This is what planetside 1 was about and it continued from cont to cont day in day out.

    This is what I want to stress, Empire captures Cont. That took 4 days but eventually threw persistence and determination it was done. It was achieved. The goal was won.

    Fast forward to 2012 and the release of planet side 2. The lattice system is scrapped. The Ant's disposed of and the TTK and Team Skill as opposed to numbers nearly completely diminished. The sanc's and warpgates now gone and the CR system replaced. The game made to cater to a larger audience instead of taking with it what made it great.

    Dont get me wrong I love Planetside 2 and Im gratefull for the hard time and work the dev's have put into this game it looks amazing. The game play on the other hand lacks depth. It feels too much like a whack o mole game instead of a persistent fight with end strategy. Gone are the days of small organized outfits holding back the masses bring in the zerg fits where Numbers play a larger role than skill. Gone are the days of 4 days battles for land.

    There is so much potential for this game but allot of the aspects of the original that made it so great have been scrapped to support the modern fast paced death match arena type game play that I am sure allot of us are sick of. While im glad that this has brought a multitude of new gamers into the planetside arena it really has not done the original justice. I wonder how these new players would be if instead of what we currently have , instead have allot more aspects from the original brought into the game and how they would perceive them?

    I am really trying hard as a lead officer in a large outfit to see the light that can potentially come from this game but it just feels like the same thing day in day out. I know there are allot of PS1 vets who are getting bored with it very fast. There is no " We held this facility for" anymore its move here move there round and round we go. The depth and complexity lacks from this game and Im sure the devs are working hard to eventually bring this back to the game but as it stands now is severely lacking.

    As a PS1 vet and avid supporter of the game I hope that somewhere in Dev land this message reaches them. They see the potential light for improvement and expansion and never get stuck in the mentality of "it is what it is".
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    well said.
  3. Kakarot

    yes please bring back a meta game and more sense of achievement, right now its a bunch of zerg back capping stuff. not to mention hackers...
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  4. TestyVenom

    I agree. I think PlanetSide 2 is fun and a great game, but it has definitely lost its way in the PlanetSide universe. It has improved greatly since the beginning of Beta (in functionality, level design, and gameplay objectives), but it is lacking in larger purposes of fighting. We need ultimate objectives and things to provide a greater sense of accomplishment (i.e. taking an entire continent and preventing another Empire's access to it).

    To start, we need more hacking situations that inspire/require strategy and the ability to take vehicles through Warpgates. That should help start pushing the game in the right direction.
  5. Hosp

    Fixed that. Our force projection tends to make us look bigger than we are. :cool:
    But my biggest pet peeve is, Skill/Strategy <= Numbers. PS1 it was Skill/Strategy => Numbers.

    But I'll forgive them as soon as I get my Harasser. :p
  6. MuNrOe

    Bumping this post because it was overtaken by "This game is too confusing" post. I mean seriously.
  7. TestyVenom

    We need some more support from veteran players. Where is everyone? Already given up on PS2? :/
  8. Gavyne

    Probably because most of the new players, myself included, have never played Planetside 1 and know nothing about it? A lot of the talks from Planetside 1 vets wanting PS2 to be more like PS1 are like an inside joke to the rest of the population. But having gone through EQ1 vs EQ2 before, being an EQ1 vet angry at SOE for making EQ2 something completely different, I understand. All EQ1 players wanted was an EQ1 with updated engine & graphics. Sounds like what Planetside 1 vets want here.

    It took me awhile to realize EQ2 wasn't going to be EQ1, it was never meant to be like EQ1. I think you'll enjoy this game better for what it is by realizing it's never ever going to be like planetside 1. It's not to say planetside 2 couldn't use some features & ideas from planetside 1. Just as EQ2 eventually incorporated many ideas from EQ1, it's bound to happen. But you've got to give the dev team some time to sort it all out.

    They have the base of the game, the basics, for what it would seem to be a very good MMOFPS, a one of a kind, like a hybrid. It's different from other MMO's and FPS out there. I don't think anybody truly believes the game 6 months to a year from now is going to be the same as what we see now. So while you want everybody to hear you out, frankly not many people really knows what you are talking about since what you described seems to be from a different universe ;)
  9. TestyVenom

    This thread isn't for new players, nor do we expect new players to understand. This thread is for the PS1 vets and the developers. Sitting on our hands and waiting for the game to get better, as your post seems to suggest, would deter improvement and advancement in the development of the game. We aren't necessarily outright asking for PS2 to be the same as PS1; we are asking for it to have more of the core elements and meta game that made PS1 great. We now have the proper FPS mechanics (imo) in PS2 that were not in PS1, but PS2 is missing much of what we loved about PS1.

    As it currently stands, the only point of the game is to earn XP and run around in circles re-capping what has been back-hacked. The devs need to take advantage of the increased number of continents once they have the next 3 available and try to provide more meta game aspects to the gameplay. I do not think there are enough continents to truly have a fun, workable meta game system in place or other larger mechanics that would be similar to PS1. Upon expanding the playing field, I think they should review the current mechanics in the game and either alter the current ones or add more.
  10. Gavyne

    I hardly call waiting for the game's first content patch sitting on our hands. I shouldn't have to remind folks that the game's been out for what? 3 weeks, and for the first few weeks it was all about optimizations and bug fixing. No content patches yet. Are you telling me that vanilla Planetside 1 when it was launched in 2003 had all the goodies that the so called Journey talked about? Or did many of the goodies and features get added into planetside 1 over-time?
  11. MuNrOe

  12. EZPickens

    You haven't played PS1, don't know what you are missing, don't know the history, and should probably listen to what the vets are saying.

    The devs have had YEARS of experience with what works and doesn't from the original Planetside.

    We have in its present state a great large scale FPS. We don't have the logistical and strategic fighting that pushes the game beyond just a large BF or CoD map.

    What you are missing from this argument is that we aren't upset about the changes to the game, we aren't wanting an updated PS1. We expected that Planetside 2 would come to market with gameplay and design changes based on the 8+ years of lessons learned from PS1, not just chuck it out the window to please brain-dead Everquest and BF players.