PlanetSide 2 Stat Sigs [Pre-Release API]

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  1. Hamma

    We are proud to announce the full scale release of PlanetSide 2 Statistic Signatures! This new feature will allow you to display your current PlanetSide 2 Character statistics on any website across the internet. We have no restrictions on where you can use them! Creating a stat signature is just a few simple steps.

    All signatures require forum registration so you will need to register if you aren't already before proceeding. Next go here, if you have already claimed your character you will have the option to create a signature. If not type your character name in the top right and click "Get Stats" once viewing your characters stat page click "Claim Character" this will mark that character as your own and allow you to create a new stat signature here Here are a couple of examples:

    We are also on the lookout for new templates! In the future we will allow users to add their own templates, right now however they require an admin to add them. Click here to learn about the requirements.

    Disclaimer: Remember this feature relies on our early access to the PlanetSide 2 API and it's possible character data could be stale or incorrect until general release. Please report any issues in the comment thread. We are aware of some delayed characters as well as stat issues from the Briggs server. These have been reported to SOE.

    This feature will likely result in additional bandwidth usage and may require a future fundraiser if successful so keep an eye out! Please use this thread on PSU, or the thread here to post feedback.
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  2. GoldstarIV

    I like! What other information can be revealed on the card? Can we get most used class or most used weapon or even most killed empire?
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  3. Madmojo

    I got it, but I'm anxious for more customizations. KDR isn't as important as base caps and defense. Don't really need time played either. Add total kills maybe. Thanks.
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  4. myrmexaw

    Hodge podge
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  5. Hamma

    Not yet, but customized stats are in the plans as well as custom backgrounds this is just the first iteration. :D

    Those who want more stat types it's definitely coming. Just wanted to get these out there so we know what kind of usage we are looking at and that it all runs well. So far so good!
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  6. Chunks

    Are you guys providing an API similar to or have SOE given you early access to their Data API?
    I wanted to integrate something into my Clan site like I have done using
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  7. bPostal

    I got mine to finally work! This ****'s awesome
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  8. Bullwinkle 01

    I guess no need for an NC example, since we don't get kills. :(
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  9. Uben Qui

    lol :)
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  10. Hammerlock

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  11. n0pax

    Thank you for this but FYI your examples are broken images and are not displaying.
  12. RykerStruvian

    Its all funny and everything, but Whitehat is just necroing threads/spamming by quoting posts but not saying anything. Weird.
  13. IamDH

    Back to the grave, outdated thread!