PlanetSide 2: Spray and Pray vs NC.

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  1. JojoTheSlayer

    The Terran Republic best soldier challenges the leader of New Conglomerate, Kurt Russell, to a duel.
    Two doctrine. Spray and Pray vs Skill goes head to head.

    Toasty :cool:
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  2. Gunnisson

    The irony being that atm TR have incredible accuracy and lack of recoil for their ROF while NC have abismal accuracy and recoil :(
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  3. Wombat

  4. Gunnisson

    That gun, god that gun :eek: it's so good yet so appalling at the same time.
  5. Phrygen

  6. Ganelon

    Still love the "OP TR" ******** that's going on and the only gun they can name is the CARV.
  7. Wombat

    Having? lol I'd main a medic if the only choice were the Gauss, that I get my GR-22 is a beautiful beautiful bonus.
  8. Phrygen

    the carv does everything. Literally everything. combine that with the shield and there is nothing more that is needed.

    and the LA carbs and ARs on your medis are great as well. Only thing TR need to do is buy a bolt action sniper rifle.
  9. Ganelon

    Because that's going to stop Vanguards.....
  10. m44v

    I think you got the factions mixed up in the video.
  11. Iksniljiksul

    The irony being that atm TR have abysmal accuracy and recoil... and so do the other three factions if you don't practice trigger control... and even when you do (firearms in this game are highly unrealistic).

    Truth is this, and it's been this way for a decade for planetside INF:

    NC are close range fighters. They excel with shotguns.

    TR are mid range fighters. High rate of fire.

    VS are long range fighters. Less "bullet drop".

    Merging the vehicles kind of ****** this all up but that was the general concept for a long time.
  12. Xae

    People can't even post a joking video with out a balance slap fest.

    C'mon folks keep the crying contained to the crying threads and let the silly crap exist with out it.
  13. Bejita231

    Kurt russel is just spaming rockets cause his LMG cant hit anything cause the recoil
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  14. n00biz

    Looks like some bad CoF their
  15. Protios

    I'm TR, I lolled so hard at that video hahaha
  16. xpsyclosarinx

  17. xpsyclosarinx

    Because that's the only thing that everyone thinks is OP...that one gun. That and rocket pods are the only 2 weapons being b1tched about in this game. What's so hard to believe about how powerful they are?

    On Topic: Love that vid, can't remember what movie it's originally from though.
  18. Ganelon

    The problem lies in the "TR are OP" crying that tends to go around as opposed to simply stating that the CARV is OP.
  19. JojoTheSlayer

    Hehe ;)
  20. Curze

    accurate depiction of a NC heavy
    they are better off using their rocket launcher than their LMG in a 1v1