Planetside 2 population drop

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by prodavit, Nov 5, 2015.

  1. prodavit

    I been noticing that the amount of people playing on emrale have drop since the update and here is why I think this happened. First you guys nerf the cert gain. You guys may claim that you didn't do such thing but you guys did. The alert is what keep people playing dude to the exp bonus. Since the alert are now few in between and only last one hour people stop playing. Second the alert are too god damn short. I know that you're going to have alot of people on here defending it but you need to understand that people on here are fan boys and will defend the game no matter what. If I were to post a post saying that alert should be shorter, pre-update, the same people defending the one hour alert would defend the two hour alert.

    If you say that shorter alert make people be on more continent then screw your even out continent I rather have fun on one continent than be on a continet that's half pop. What you're going to get are just one faction being on one continent and the other being on the other, taking away the huge fights and putting in it place VS zerk on one continent and TR zerk on the other. make the alert last two hours and people would be pooring back and the fight would be grander.
  2. Beerbeerbeer

    Been noticing it as well.

    Happened recently.

    Not a drastic drop, but I can tell.

    Did a new game just get released?
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  3. prodavit

    I forgot to mention, sure if you guys want to keep the alert at one hour it's find if the alert are also an hour in between. right now it feels like the alert bearly show up, even less than pre-update. I use to be 2 hours in between each alert, now it feel even more or random. if you guys really want to keep the alert at one hour then make it so that the alerts have one hour in between.
  4. CorporationUSA

    I don't know how many people are in the beta now, but Overwatch has been pretty popular for the past week.
  5. Scr1nRusher

    Halo 5
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  6. prodavit

    no they updated the game, most people dont see those big battles anymore, instade in it place are zerks
  7. Rimaxan

    I like small battles anyway (24-48). It allows for fun without the problem of facing machineguns, SMGs, snipers, assault rifles, tanks, carbines, and aircraft from every direction in 96+ battles.

    The playerbase doesn't seem to be like my though so I may be the only person who likes small battles.
  8. DeadlyPeanutt

    server populations have been diving dramatically for months.... the star wars beta made it worse
  9. Scr1nRusher

    Also CODBO3
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  10. RedArmy

    i played the beta and bought the game - had i known there was NO STORY MODE - i wouldnt have bought it...
    but ive got it digital and cannot return it
  11. AxiomInsanity87

    I can tell you right now that alerts being 1 hour long is going to annoy a lot of people on ps4, along with no xp.

    I am not so excited about the victory point system now, far from it. In fact it just sounds really crap and getting closer to instant gratification special case mode than the game has already become.

    Now I have to go tell my outfit members this :(

    A 1 hour alert sounds about as dynamic as walking in a straight line.
  12. AxiomInsanity87

    Also lots of great hype but limited replay games have come out.

    The players going to play them will be back.
  13. Imperial Sect

    Just wait till the 10th...PS2 gonna be a ghost town.
  14. Akashar

    Thay've been saying this for the pc version since release, don't fret over it
  15. Pikachu

    Fallout 4, f'k yeah!
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  16. gigastar

    The previous times there wasnt a Fallout 4 less than a week away.
  17. TombsClawtooth

    The thing discouraging me from logging in is the purgatory that is Indar.

    I normally hate Esamir... But today I drove my platoon into quickly capping it for a -50% vehicle resource cost. I had fun for the first time since the patch, it was amazing to see different landscape and different bases. Granted it was nearly a ghost town, as people would apparently rather fight over the same 3-4 bases on Indar for multiple days straight.

    Are people really having fun on Indar? Sure the VP system moved ALL the population into a single continent, but it didn't improve the quality of tactics or the fights. Redeploy, overpop to force invaders out, return to your push on the other front. Rinse and repeat. The odd push you may see happens when population levels are off prime time. But most of the time, it's a choice between bash your head against a wall... Or redeploy and bash your head against a wall elsewhere.

    At this point, the victory points system is a failure in my book. It should be scrapped until they can figure out an alternative, so we can get away from the nightmare of indarside. But if DBC operates like SOE did, there's no such thing as mistakes, no reason to ever learn from them; commit and press on even if it costs you everything in the end.

    ~R.I.P. Starwars galaxies and planetside 1, if only SOE had listened to their paying subscribers and reverted a big mistake. (The mistake with PS1 was BFRs followed by raising the battle rank maximum level, so that every vet player could do everything in the game without needing help from anyone. Galaxies died because they turned a KOTOR-esque RPG into a 3rd person shooter that tried to imitate WoW.)
  18. Rynzor

    except that fallout 4 is very overrated, if I played I probs would give it few hours tops to finish it and never to come back again. Well, it would be good time killer for a week max.
  19. Towie

    I've noticed a lot more population balance issues lately - even on alert continents. During the Indar alert last night, I was playing on Indar when an outfit chat came over saying 'get to Amerish - 3 bases until we can lock it down' (not sure it was Amerish - but it definitely wasn't Indar).

    So maybe the VP changes have had an effect, spreading people more thinly ? Just a thought.
  20. Beerbeerbeer

    Ah. I bet it's partly due to COD:BO3. Forgot that was just released.

    Eh, as much as I was a fan of blops1, I stopped playing that franchise after the next release, which I even forgot the name.

    Once they ditched dedicated servers, it all went downhill for me.