Planetside 2: Pet Peeves

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by hawken is better, Aug 23, 2013.

  1. Tricky

    Jeez dude, I think it's time for you to move on to Hello Kitty Online or something. Obviously PS2 is not the game for you.
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  2. Campagne

    Haha! :D Somehow PS2 is still fun.
  3. Sordid

    My biggest pet peeve isn't actually anything related to gameplay but rather the design of weapons, vehicles, and uniforms. Some weapons make no bloody sense at all (see link in sig), a lot of them have silliness like ejection ports with rails right above them, and even those few that are sensible just look like plastic toys. Far too chunky with lots of extraneous bits (e.g. why exactly does the Commissioner have a giant slab underneath the barrel that serves no purpose?), clearly designed by someone who has no idea how firearms actually work.

    Same story with vehicles. The Sunderer isn't actually shaped like anything, it's just a nondescript lump. The Prowler's square chassis is straight from an excavator and wouldn't actually be able to traverse harsh terrain that tanks are typically expected to go through. And don't even get me started on offset tank cannon barrels, that makes no sense at all. The recoil from firing them would rotate the turret, making it impossible to hit anything. It's impossible to look behind you when flying a fighter aircraft because apparently bubble canopies are a lost technology. As are ammo belts, come to think of it. Aircraft machine guns fed by magazines that have to be changed once depleted? What is this, World War 1? The Harasser, an off-road buggy, has portal axles; unfortunately they're mounted upside down, so instead of increasing ground clearance they decrease it.

    And more nonsense on soldiers! Blue and yellow uniforms, because that makes total sense! And angular body armor that looks like it's made of cardboard boxes. There's body armor that has shoulder pads on top of shoulder pads (!) and armored shins but leaves the abdomen, where most of the vital organs are actually located, completely exposed.

    I could go on. :mad:
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  4. lothbrook

    The mass amounts of infantry AV weapons that exist in the game, making them more effect at killing vehicles than vehicles, meanwhile, unless you're TR your AI vehicle weapons suck balls.
  5. Snowkea

    Wait, you've been killed by an ASR? How bad are you?
  6. WorldOfForms

    The Phantasm wasn't OP except for a short while after it was introduced. The PS1 devs seemed to think it would be a fine idea to mount the Mossuito's nosegun to an invisible plane that could fire while cloaked. And this was much harder to see than the easy to spot cloaks we have in PS2. They told us to "wait and see" if the gun was overpowered, as their reasoning was that it would be balanced by the fact that the Phantasm handled like a boat. What didn't occur to them was that if you're invisible, you have all the time in the world to maneuver your boat to line up the kill shot.

    Anyway, they took away the nose gun after less than a month. So, how exactly could a transport plane with no weapons be OP?

    It was actually a pretty uncommon vehicle after that, but it still had some cool uses (the old "Phantasm drop n' spank on a BFR: fly up invisible, drop 5 dudes with decimators on the mech, instakill ambush).
  7. Psyqe

    Trying to walk up a seemingly gentle slope and getting stuck forever on a pebble from hell.
  8. Tow2Bravo

    1. Engineers not healing MAXs but standing right next to you shooting their pee shooter. (are you really helping?)
    2. Engineers not putting down ammo (why are you playing an engineer?)
    3. Infiltrators running in front of duel hacksaws going cyclic with a sniper rife in their hands into a room filled with enemy (FFS why?)
    4. Medics stepping on the corpse of your dead MAX and not rezzing it.
    5. infiltrators kneeling down by a Sundie, "sniping" as its getting rocked instead of switching to Engineer and repairing it.
    6. The point blank no damage bug.
    7. Sythes ramming infantry (do you really suck that bad with its weapon?)
    8. Redeploying back to warpgate with a MAX and it takes full resources away. (WTF is up with that?)
    9. Spawning a sundie only to have it insta-jibbed by a friendly.
    10. Flying C4 faireys. (probably the dumbest mechanic in PS2, idea sounds dumb, looks ******** as it happening.)
    11. Vehicles behaving like their on ice. (hmm, why is my 15 ton sundie sliding like its on ice, but on Indar?)
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  9. Campagne

    Haha! :D Players run right up behind you and hipfire the whole clip into your back. I find that annoying. :p
  10. Snowkea

    If anyone runs up behind you and starts shooting, your dead. In fact, ASRs are really bad at cqc so you should easily be able to turn and kill them.
  11. Campagne

    Not when players do the fore mentioned.
  12. Morpholine

    When my Lightning blows up during that tricky transition from roadway to bridge, my gears really grind. If it were a mine kill, I could cope, but it just seems to be spontaneous suicide for doing the horrendous act of trying to cross at a bridge.
  13. Daisse

    T2 Striker