Planetside 2 Pet Peeves! Post yours!

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  1. Pax Empyrean

    Camouflage that makes it difficult to identify which faction someone is on.

    Wonky UBGL collision mechanics; it seems to originate off center from your screen, making it easier to clip allies to your right.

    Harassers. Still way too hard to kill, but too expensive to make them as squishy as they ought to be. Make them cheaper, make them weaker, problem solved.
  2. hawken is better


    Late-night 1-12 fights that are going good, infantry vs infantry, when some scrub pulls a MAX suit. That crap is annoying.

    The steady decline of the hit registration/netcode. It never used to be this bad, where you die 3 seconds after running around a corner. Whatever SOE did post-GU8 has really screwed the game up.

    Getting a solid 1v1 when the crutchbaby suddenly knifes you. I hate "I win" buttons in any competitive FPS.

    Shooting someone, then having some ******* run in front of you and absorbing all of your bullets, then you end up getting killed by the guy you were shooting at.
  3. Tommyp2006

    Engineers who sit on mana turrets and dont repair nearby maxes or throw down ammo
    Infiltrators who dont spam darts
    Tankers that dont upgrade their secondary weapon (zoom, ammo capacity, etc)
    People who dont watch lines of fire, and run in front of you while firing.
    People who stand in doorways.
  4. t31os

    In no particular order, just those i can think of off the top of my head.
    • Having to re-login because hits stop registering
    • People who abuse prox voice comms with needless ******** / ranting / music / bs
    • People that needlessly draw attention to my sundy by shooting absolutely anything they see(often it gives away my position)
    • Drivers behind me who purposely spin me out despite myself purposely moving to one side so they can get by without disrupting my movement..(i can see them blatantly do it on the minimap, asshats)
    • Drivers who barge passed and/or shoot me, then act surprised when i return the favour with some HE rounds
    • People who ignore spotted enemies approaching our forward sundy because they're more interested in rushing into the fight to farm some kills
    • How everyone can always magically see my stationary infiltrator(i've given up assuming people can't see me, i now just assume they can, because they do somehow no matter the location), whilst i struggle to see running ones let alone a stationary one
    • Lack of class specific traits, way too many cross-class abilities and weapons
    • Players who can seemingly kill me with 1 or 2 bullets when i'm on full health and in an instant, it doesn't happen frequently but some players seem to have magical bullets that hit you the instant they see you and only require 1 or 2 rounds(and i'm not talking about shotguns).
    • Players who scream for a medic when they're stood next to a terminal and aren't in a max suit... (they could be healed by the time someone else has arrived or switched, simply by briefly switching themself)
    • Players who scream and shout orders at random players(repeatedly, and getting nowhere), as if they are some authority that gets to dictate how and where everyone should be fighting their fight
    • Squad leaders that only put down spawn beacons once an hour, and rarely remind anyone to bring along a sunderer, so you end up with nowhere to spawn when you die at the base you're assaulting
    All that said, i can live with all these things(and the rest) because i have lots of enjoyable and memorable times ingame.. :)
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  5. Jack_Frost

    My only one atm;
    BR100 VS player (infiltrator) loses vs BR44 NC me (Piston) in <5m range
    - I'm less than half his BR, so I must be a cheater right?
    - get a tell accusing me of aimbot since headshot, threatens to report
    - check kill list, wasn't even a headshot

    How can a clueless dirt-bag like that be up to BR100? Or rather, how can a BR100 be so clueless?
    Owells, I got me some screenshots, bring it on :)
  6. Larington

    People under-using the mini-map. Anytime there's radar/motion sensing the mini-map can tell you if an enemy is heading in your direction. Anytime a someone fires a non-silenced bullet from a tree a little dot appears on the mini-map allowing you to hunt the person down but most people don't see it.
    Everytime you're in a vehicle and driving around, the mini-map can clue you in as to whether or not you're going to reverse (Or strafe as Magrider) over an ally or if someone is chasing after you to get a lift or if an enemy vehicle without stealth (Or C4 user) is trying to sneak up behind you (etc).
    Or you're running around like a headless chicken yelling for healing/repair and you fail to glance at the mini-map and see there's a poor engy/medic desperately trying to catch up with you so they can do their job.

    etc. etc. etc.

    MLG Pro players use the mini-map and you should too, learn to glance at it every 2 seconds whenever you're not actively firing on someone and it will make your play experience 10 times better.

    Pro-tips: The square bracket keys [ ] can zoom the mini-map in and out and the H key expands the mini-map so you can see what's on it more clearly.

    Other pet peeves: Someone who sends me a hate tell for a teamkill, especially when I've already attempted to apologise, even more so when they've put me on ignore before sending the hate tell, even more so if they died because they jumped in front of my line of fire just as I pull the trigger, perfectly lining their head up with my crosshair. (The daft thing is I will actually pull my shot off target when something like that happens but if someone lines their head up with my crosshair the kill can be so quick that I don't stand a chance of pulling the shot)
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  7. Sossen

    Resist Shield not blocking damage above 300 something leading to your quick demise against snipers.
  8. Llaf

    #1 Getting one shotted, can't stand it, if you spam me with a one shot weapon, I'll hunt you until you redeploy or I do.

    #2 Engineers not knowing they can switch their turret for an ammo pack while still carrying mines. My per-session KDR is high enough now that I run out of ammo quite often. Yes, you CAN give me ammo, and your survival is likely depending on it if you don't know pressing B swaps the turret for an ammo pack.

    #3 Medics who don't pay attention. I can't even begin to say how many times I've stood directly in front of a medic spamming V2 with 1 bar of life left, while they just stand there either healing other people or shooting at enemies. You picked a medic? Fkin heal me, own up to the responsibility YOU chose, besides, you get tons of XP for it anyway.

    #4 Lock ons, not much needs to be said about this one. Needs to be removed or changed to an active lock on mechanic instead of passive.
  9. Larington

    Yeah I think medics (and it's something I apply to myself as well) should realise more that in busy areas they should consider flipping on the area/group heal at the same time as using the heal tool to speed up their work (Also makes it harder for them to miss someone).
  10. LynxFury

    -the driver pleading for a gunner who hasn't bother to spend one darn cert to upgrade his secondary weapons

    -an NC wearing a red Indar camo complaining over prox about being TKed in the middle of a TR vs NC fight

    -the shrill 8 year old voice who wants to chronicle the effects of every bullet they fire over platoon comms

    -squad leaders who act like communication and dropping a beacon once in a while is an unreasonable and inconvenient hardship.
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  11. TheBlindFreak

    Tryhard lib teams that spam the belly gun at my ESF.
  12. [HH]Mered4

    1. forumsiders who post without first researching their topic
    2. People who try to charge a room while I am laying down suppressive Lasher fire, and then shoot me after 2-3 revives because they get tired of the TKs. IDIOTS.
  13. SooperDog

    1) Friendly grenades
    2) Game crashing right when I get in an ESF
    3) Triple loading screens when re-deploying on same continent
    4) Flash physics
    5) Bio labs
    6) Lock-on rockets
    7) NC outfits on Mattherson
  14. HooWoo

    1. Rocket launcher heavies
    2. People running horizontal behind my tank when I'm getting rekt by AT and then crying over tells when they get ran over.
    3. Scythe and Reaver rammers
    4. The person who used the bio-lab shield exploit to kill my mossy through the shield at Allatum :(
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  15. SuBs

    And this: [IMG]

    Logic, SOE. Get some.
  16. Aegie

    This and more of this.
  17. TorigomaSET

    OP #4, dear god #4.

    1: Countersnipers. Don't get me wrong, I know they are just doing their job, I've countersniped alot myself. But dear God is it annoying when your on the other side of the Scope.

    2: Engi's who won't redeploy their Ammo. Its not like they honestly don't know it's gone, not when 10 people are spamming their Ammo request.

    3: Broken Strikers. Hopefully this hotfix fixed that.
  18. Metallideth

    Lack of meta game (micro & overall)
    No cap on AV/vehicles too easily killed
    Deployed turret bugs
    Also not being able to deploy a turret for others to use
    Camo that originally would not cross the line of making it hard to tell what faction they were(devs words), that went out the window real quick. Shoot anything without a friendly mark, ask questions later
  19. Arkenbrien

    Engys on a cliff 500 meters away with AV MANA turrets.

    People who use tank mines as bullet-activated C4.

    People who use C4 as a room-clearing super grenade.

    People who use C4 as a tank-instagibbing uber-grenade and then complain whenever tanks get any news of being buffed or C4 being nerfed.



    Traction-less vehicles (my 13-hp go cart can go up steeper hills).

    People in the spawn point who strafe while firing out the spawn shield of an over-run base while there are 20 other people there.

    People thinking that if they stand inside of me while in the above situation they'll save on space in front of the shield.
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  20. Arkenbrien

    I'll add /yell conversations.