PlanetSide 2: One Crazy and Explosive Battle

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Bobaflay, Nov 24, 2013.

  1. Bobaflay

  2. Nervermind

    Cannon fodder FTW :rolleyes:
  3. ironeddie

    Woah your aim is bad! That looked like a great fight to be in though.
  4. SquattingPig

    Don't spoil the illusion. He's really wrecking fools left and right.

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  5. Trebb

    I could count your FPS on one hand. What do you normally get when not recording?
  6. NachoFoot

    My favorite part is 8:07.
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  7. CDN_Wolvie

    My favourite part was 7:25 LOL
  8. Xasapis

    Low quality graphics ... like he's playing a different game.
  9. faykid

    dude, i understand that you're excited by this game, i am too
    but these videos... man, stop it. you should know better. low graphics & low skill are not meant to be displayed like this to the whole community
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  10. Crackulous

    I can see it now, you, in MLG. Attention all outfits, hire this high-tier gamer while you can, there's are none who can compete. On this fortunate day, true skill has been on display for the whole Planetside 2 community to see. Feast your eyes on his combat abilities. I know your jaw has dropped in awe as you had just witnessed the immeasurable first person shooter prowess of this fellow right here.

    Seriously though, it's downright difficult to net kills when your frame rate is that bad. He has my support.
  11. koopa

    two things:

    1.your opening took away 17 seconds of my life, i would like them back please. either shorten to to 5 seconds or remove it. its obnoxious how slow it is.

    2. stop using your toaster to play planetside 2 and think about moving up to the fridge or possibly an actual computer. please.
  12. Bobaflay

    30 not recording, heavy battles wjhile recoding 17 fps
  13. Bobaflay

    I know. The reason of the video to show how explosive it was
  14. Bobaflay

  15. Bobaflay

  16. Bobaflay

    i could have played better if there was no lag
  17. Bobaflay

    so is that a good comment?