[Suggestion] Planetside 2 needs the war to be truely global.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by BlueGreen, Jan 17, 2013.

  1. BlueGreen

    As it stands Planetside 2 has 3 different continents each with their own seperate conflicts that cant be influenced by what is happening on other continents.

    However I believe it would make the game a LOT more enjoyable if fights went between the three different continents, each faction having a starting warpgate on different continents where they start off.

    In the image below the green arrows illustrate how continents should connect and the yellow warpgates will be capturable allowing that faction access to the new connecting continent.

    This is a combined arms game and I full accept that despite getting annoyed at being bombed a lot :p. However I believe resources should be GLOBAL, and be reduced to 6 times less than they currently are meaning overall it will be 2 times less resource gain. Also it will be necessary to reduce it further after new continents are added to the game. This will make it so theres not so much vehicles spam and we have a nice variety of action between infantry, ground vehicles and air.

    I believe everybody from casual gamers to hardcore gamers would enjoy these changes as it would lead to a constant change to where the main action is happening instead of just the CROWN or CROSSROADS, etcc.. on Indar. It would make the game feel like your actions really mattered whether you be alone or part of a large platoon or organised outfit.

    Possibly a change to make the continent bonuses a bit more rewarding as well; like 20% reduction in all costs for owning a entire continent at any time. Also if a could be certs allowing emergency resources where every1 gets 10X resource for 10 minutes. This could be used by leaders who have unlocked it and could only be used every 30 minutes when your faction has nearly lost everything.

    BTW i know many similar threads have been made on this issue but I thought I would try to organise everything into a solid argument. Also Im not saying the exact changes Ive mentioned should be implemented exactly how Ive laid out, its just a general idea of what kind of changes I think would be good.

    Please Support this thread if your hoping for a better long term game and thanks for a great core game SOE, lets hope they make it better.
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  2. the pestimist

    well explained well designed maybe a 7.5
  3. BlueGreen

    Also I would like to add that Continent capping is often so hollow, it involves large percentages defeating small percentages and make for a BORING experience for the large capping force and a RAGE experience for anyone who is trying to defend. My suggestions will make for continent capture to be a truly EPIC achievement and keep battles fresh and interesting.

    You KNOW this all makes sense! :)
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  4. TheEvilBlight

  5. Wibin

    Of any features to bring from PS1, the continent connections would be the only one I'd bring that would be worthwhile.

    They are trying to not make this game PS1, but the continent fighting has no meaning when you can just go wherever you want.

    Not actually forcing anything.
    You usually just end up fighting a loosing cert farm battle between all 3 factions.

    It would bring far more strategy to the game instead of just "zerg everywhere"

    You only have one place to go, so thats where you go! The enemy can wait outside the warp gate for you and stop your zerg and force you to figure out different tactics.
  6. BlueGreen

    I 100% agree I dont want it to be like Planetside 1, in fact I like the core game of planetside 2 in many ways better; but Im hoping people realise we need the fight to be more connected and for people to really feel incentive to fight for the continents. Im sure this well appeal to all types of games, whether you just enjoy shooting people or repairing, healing, etc...
  7. VarkaanPT

    Well posted. I never played PS1 but this was the first thing that came to mind when i saw that there were 3 continents. I thought "3 factions... 3 continents, so each continent must be each faction's home or something"
  8. Gav7x

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  9. Apis

    I agree with the OP about the global lattice. The main problem is that PS1 did not have a resource system (Timers/Cert % of player abilities for vehicles) and the PS2 devs seem pretty married to their resource/hex system. The problem is that when two factions decide to gang up one one it will cause a downward spiral for that faction. Population will drop, resources will be rare, and it could kill an entire faction population on a server for the long-term. It will be harder for the the defenders to defend/attack any territory and easier for the two attacking factions to conquer more territory with increased resources. How would the ganged-up-on defenders ever have a chance to fight back without resources? They'd have to wait until the two attacking factions decided to lay off and attack eachother.

    I just don't see it playing out well until they scrap the resource system. EDIT- I think if they left the resources continental then players could at least fall back to a locked continent or sanc and refill on resources to begin another assault.
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  10. mags

    Do this now, SOE. Vanu will bless you.
  11. JPJones

    This is not necessarily a bad thing. Typically speaking, in a 3-way war such as we have with this game and have experienced in others, the 2 smaller factions will end up ganging up on the large faction at some point to keep them in check. In my opinion, that is the biggest benefit to having a 3rd faction.

    Regarding the cross continent lattice, I liked it in PS1 and think it could go a long way towards getting the fight off away from Indar. I did not like the PS1 base lattice system, however, as it seemed to artificially limit the expanse of the front line within a continent.
  12. Wasdie

    I have a feeling OP's picture is pretty much exactly what they have planned.

    They won't do sancs but they'll give everybody a home cont and then link the continents together like they used to. This would mean your home cont could get invaded. This would be awesome.

    They just don't have those other 3 conts in game right now. They will before the year is up though. This game is going to be way different once those are in place.
  13. TheEvilBlight

    True, but at the moment the zergs tend to focus on That One Fight to exclusion of all else, and so you have Continental Base Musical Chairs. The idea of the lattice was to bring the zergs to battle, while leaving the option for specops outfits to drop generators and break up lattice. You could hack out some AMS, drop a gen, cap the towers and bring in a fight beyond the front lines while simultaneously weakening the main zerg when they lose all benefits at the base they are zerging from.

    In PS2...well...
  14. Keiichi25

    The other drawback of this is that in Planetside 1, fighting, when the people started dwindling, were limited to a select few continents anyways, so most fighting ended up being very little in the 'global' or in the case of the Planetside 1 case, 'System wide'.
  15. Naceo

    This is already confirmed to be in the works a while ago. SOE has been purposely holding off on it until more continents are in the game.

    My biggest gripe on PS2... they shouldn't of gone outta beta without this system in place because... ya know, that's the entire ******* game right there.
  16. aw_man

    That green text you are using is melting my eyes.

    Yes, they need to fix this problem, as I keep seeing NC run off to zerg Amerish and Esamir, while TR steamroll us on Indar, and while this is happening, we dwindle to less than 1/4 of the server pop.
  17. Apis

    You can still have a home continent while also having a sanc. I also like the idea of having a capturable home continent but I really think all factions will need a sanc to fallback to/regroup/recoup resources at times when they're are ganged up on. Attacking factions could just camp the losing defenders warpgate indefinitely and shut down that faction (Drop their population) after capturing a home base.
  18. Vashyo

    Even though they keep saying they don't want sanctuaries, I still would prefer the sanc system. It was good place to idle and build up for a massive invasion force.

    What we have now are rare zerglings that split up everytime they reach a new hex. And they've become very predictable since the zerg gravitates towards most certs. So the central part of Indar.
  19. quicKsanD

    Do you hear that SOE Developers, Sanctuaries are needed as are intercontinental warp gates. Right now you have 3 maps that might as well be three different servers for all the impact that have on each other. Try connecting stuff please.
  20. Playful Pony

    More than anything it is the battlefields themselves that need to become more directed in my opinion. Huge armies being split up for every new hex we enter, while completely circumventing the enemy main force and robbing us all of an epic battle. Eventually the assault runs out of steam because the force is too split up, back to warpgate and repeat...