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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by TSR AlexS, Nov 20, 2012.

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  1. No0ne

    So I can't use my Internet prepaid Mastercard and I also can't use paypal which has access to my visa card, fix this you are losing money every second you don't offer PayPal to people. Even if PayPal is charging you a commission it's better than not getting any money at all. I am not giving out Sony my visa details especially after the hackl disaster last year.
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  2. Adept

    I've got Visa and the same subbing is blocked. I won't likely persuade my bank to change their policy for Sony's sake, so my experience of Planetside 2 will likely end very quickly.
    If I've got it correct, they charge 0 for CC validation purposes, but it gets denied - just like pinging in IT.

    I'll give them about 1 week and then move on to spend my cash somewhere else.
  3. Ghastz

    Same problem here i used my card for other stuffs and it worked fine like WoW Stream etc. Not only me they are lots of people having the same problem.... This is the first game i having this problem. Are you guys trying to resolve this or let it pass?i live in singapore they dont sell Planetside 2 card how am i going to get one?
  4. Jonny712

    Still cant use my card to buy a membership; damnit SOE, hurry up and start accepting paypal so i can throw my money at you.
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  5. Garotte

    SOE does not accept my two mastercards. So will there a solutuon with cc oder do we have to wait for paypal. Will there be a paypal option?
  6. Auromas

    I´am testing PlanetSide2 - and i think the Game is good and i need a Membership. - But NO Paypal?! - Sorry NO Paypal no Membership... Now i try to buy prepaid gamescard for planetside2. But it is difficult! - One dealer for Germany....

    So i use PlanetSide 2 only for FreetoPlay.

    I´am pay only my gamecards with paypal....

    we see us on battlefield.
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  7. Adept

    I've checked with my bank and the attempts aren't even showing up on their logs.
    I'm refusing to spend cash on XP boosters when you get less for the same cash - not to mention long term membership and 'free' station coins.
    I'll be a freeloader until they et this resolved - and they better do so quick, since it's December! With lot's of games to buy and play.. and there is a BIG danger of potential customers moving on...

    Eh whatever...
  8. TechBoyX

    No PayPal, no Party.
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  9. ColonelShade

    Any update on Paypal ??
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  10. -a4-

    Wanted to pay SoE for a 6-month sub today but no PayPal, so I guess I will get a Razer Nostromo instead.
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  11. SxXa

    Paypal plzzz.....
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  12. Slite

    Yup. I will subscribe once Paypal is an available option, until then it seems like many are in the same boat with me.
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  13. TechBoyX

    Just to clarify, Im from germany and people here dont have creditcards, usualy. So the common options to pay for a game are game time cards, direct debit and PayPal.
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  14. Fenrix

    So.... paypal? everyone else lets us use paypal. why not planet side?
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  15. Vaeskesys

    I tried 3 cards. Visa, Visa and Amex. All Declined. I give up trying to give SOE my money. Thanks for saving me $14.99 a month! I'll continue to play for free and see if I get burned out or not now.
  16. ColonelShade

    Can someone from the "Billing / Account Department" please read this post and get paypal as an option ??

    The majority of posts here is about paypal. and over half of the incoming support tickets is regarding Paypal.. Now please fix this issue :p
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  17. AstroCat

    Bought 6 month but it only is giving me tier 4 40% for EXP but tier 6 50% for everything else. Shouldn't XP also be at 50%?

    edit: Resolved!
  18. Adept

    This could be silly, but I don't understand why we can't use station cash to purchase membership.
    Is SOE's goal to get users hooked into recurring payment plans?

    My concern is that I can't see any feedback. It looks like there is no will to tweak/ fix the situation.

    Can you please have something come up in news or here if you are actually working on a solution for this validation fiasco?

    Thanks in advance!
  19. Freakazoid

    i got a mastercard and lould not buy a membership....

    anway, i really would like to know if items bought with station cash are available for all characters, present and future for my account?
  20. Oakwalker

    Dunno about you guys, SONY is a perfectly safe company to purchase from with credit cards. I've been an addict to PS1 and PS2 and burnt hundreds in their market.
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