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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by TSR AlexS, Nov 20, 2012.

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  1. Jin

    Paypal paypal paypal paypal!....
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  2. CassaNova

    PayPal Pl0x
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  3. Maikel

    +1 begging for paypal, i had a recurring eve online membership for YEARS.. so whats the problem?
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  4. Timujingeo

    I'm guessing that the commision on PayPal pretty much rules it out for maximising profit, so for those hoping for paypal I'd get yourself a spare credit card with an enforced limit of £100 and just get on with it. : D
  5. Muppet1996

    I hope they sort the payment system out soon. It should be easy to pay for something for anyone of any age. Paypal is a start for that.
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  6. runekey

    I think I'll buy a month of this for my 20-day Christmas break.

    The resource/exp gain can be stacked on top of my Alpha Squad boost, correct?
  7. Demonz

    description says that you get 50% more exp and 50% more cert points, is that mean that you get 1 cert per 125 exp points?
  8. Demonz

    yes, my friend got 6x month prem and 7days booster, he got +100% exp
  9. kersk

    Unless the official policy on auto-renewing subscriptions is changed, the wording in the OP needs to be updated. In another thread it was made clear that the current policy is you only get the monthly 500 SC bonus for as long as you have an actively auto-renewing account, even if you pre-paid for several months. So buying a year subscription and then shutting off the auto-renew will forfeit all of the remaining 5500 SC that would normally be issued over the course of that pre-paid year. That is VERY surprising to players and the current wording here of "500 Station Cash each month" gives no indication that this is the case.
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  10. Gary

    Apart from its not 500 station cash each month... If i buy a 12month plan and pay it all up front i get 500 station cash that month. I then think maybe i might forget about the auto renewel and stop playing sometime in the future. So i disable the Auto renewal. This apparently makes me exempt from the 500 station cash for the next 11 months because im not set to auto renew. Blatent False advertising on there half.

    This post should of been changed to clarify this after the poor guy found he wont be getting the station cash. Added a brief example of what it should be in red. How after the size of the thread they have still not changed it is beyond me. Anyone purchasing a membership plan with multi months and paying up front should be given there station cash upfront or be given it even if turning of auto renewal. Its disgraceful that you want people to leave it active in the hopes they forget about it after they stop playing and pay you for more time.
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  11. Mehuge

    This auto-renewal lark, is completely illogical.

    Consider this scenario:-
    I purchase 1 month. I immediately get 500 SC. I cancel auto-renewal. I still have my SC.
    I do this every month for 12 months.
    I get 6000SC.

    Then consider this (my scenario):-
    I purchase 12 months. I immediately get 500 SC. I cancel auto-renewal. I still have my 500 SC.
    however, i receive an email telling me I will no longer get the 500 SC each month as it was a bonus for having auto-renewal active
    12 months pass and I only ever got 500SC and am out of pocket to the tune of 55$

    Something is wrong, very wrong. Either the suggestion that I loose the SC is wrong, or the whole thing is a shambles.
  12. SniperFodder

    I bought my membership but have yet to get a Girlfriend yet. Will my Girlfriend be airmailed to me?
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  13. leafspring

    Exactly the question I came here to find an answer for.

    Does the membership mean we get 50% XP bonus while we're online and 50% cert bonus while offline? Or does it stack so we effectively get a 125% cert bonus while online?
  14. leafspring

    (Can't edit anymore it seems, so just quoting myself instead)

    Turned out carefully reading the description helped. Cert bonus is just for the passive part. Too bad...
  15. Nucleous

    You know that the certs you gain actively are determined by the amount of xp you get right?
    So yes, 50% increase in xp will benefit your active cert gain greatly!

    EDIT: Wait a minute im dumb.
  16. Gary

    Nice to see its still not been updated desite it been almost a week since the incident that has a whole thread about how disgraceful the practice is. Its not even hard to edit a post to say that you only get the station cash if you leave auto renewal on. instead you leave it saying . "500 Station Cash each month" So i get 500 station cash for each month of membership i purchase. Nothing about auto renewal.

    If i purchase a 12 month subscription it has to be payed all upfront. If i then cancel my auto renewal (who wants to leave something renewing every 12 months if you might stop after 6?) i only get 500 station cash despite paying for 12. Now here is the kick in the face. If i purchase 1 month i get 500 station cash straight away, I can then cancel auto renew. Next month Get another one input details again and get 500 station cash and then cancel auto renew.
  17. Mehuge

    Still being mis-sold I see. When is SOE going to fix this?
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  18. Lavy

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  19. stunkerd

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  20. shamarama

    This still has not been corrected? The Station Cash isn't a membership benefit. If it was a membership benefit then everyone who was a member would get it each month, but as hopefully is becoming clearer to people now the 500sc is actually a reward for something else and so only tangentially related to being a member.
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