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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by TSR AlexS, Nov 20, 2012.

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  1. Donnie Brasko

    Why u no add paypal??? :p

    Please enable it guys. Cheers!
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  2. Skurcey

    Yeah paypal are more business men than nice guys but it s so usefull :(
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  3. Gomezie

    Ere, is the experience bonus equipped via item.. or is it a flat increase on the character?

    Just wondering if it stacks with the alpha squad boost
  4. NoisyBoy

    Where is the 50% boost ?? :( I can not find it
  5. Antagonisten

    I also want paypal. My card doesn't seem to work. Also, please give us all the SC at once if we buy several months at a time. Let us save or spend as we please :p
  6. JonboyX

    I initially thought it wouldn't, but I'm now assuming it does stack. There's only one boost when I get in game, and that's for Alpha Squad. On my profile page it says I'm a premium member, so as I bought 6 months I reckon I should be getting an extra 55% XP.

    (I suspect I'm not, but as I only got 10 minutes in at 6am this morning I haven't been able to test this). What was it? 100xp for a standard kill with no empire bonus?
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  7. jordanstown

    paypal please :)
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  8. Gomezie

    I think so mate.. IIRC, it states the amount of added bonus when the XP is awarded, so like you say it should be easy to calculate :)
  9. Keelin

    It's baffling that this needs to be said at all.
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  10. ShdwCypher

    How do these benefits stack if you're also an alpha-squad member?
    Using the 50% as an example, it could work out as a flat 50%, ignoring the previous bonuses, to 60% if they add together, or 55% if they stack!
    Im confused! :(
  11. Gomezie

    That question has already been asked...........
  12. PanzerGoddess

    SIGH.....You do not receive 50% bonus on anything if you buy one month at a time or twelve you must have an active premium sub. You start with 25% bonus and add 5% for each "occurring" month till you hit 50% which would be six months. If you stop the premium or only buy two months you will start back at 25%....people need to learn how to read.

    "Note: Each of the above start at 25% and increase by 5% per month of sustained membership up to a total bonus of 50% each at 6+ months of membership."
  13. JaaR

    :eek: Why u no add paypal? :confused:
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  14. Peebuddy

    If you hit tab it brings up all the buffs you have (tech plant and what not) and you'll see your exp bonus' there. Currently it's only 25% even if you purchased 6 months of subscription, could be a bug or they decided against people earning certs crazy fast so soon in the game.
  15. Epicbob

    erm for membership u need to pay straight away right .. ? why no every month pay >.> worst system ever i dont pay 12 month for 98€ and tahn i cant play and waste all money .. why not the 7 €/ month thing .. pft what a ****
  16. Salvion

    I have to ask, i bought Alpha Squad even the game is free, thought it was a good way to support it and get some perks for my self, now it seems there is yet another way to pay for the game, Premium Member...
    Now you will say i dont HAVE to pay anything but i then have to play a game with the limitations it then have.
    So Alpha Squad was just sort of a tease?

    Im feeling abit stupid that bought in to this deal tbh.
  17. Antagonisten

    To be fair it was VERY clear from the start that there would be a membership of some form in this game. Also, you didn't buy any "elite status" or anything, you simply bought a package consisting of immediate beta access, 4000 SC, 12 weapon unlocks and a camo.
  18. NiburuSUN

    A very unfair system to tread paying customer different. Since i don't know if i plan to play in 2 month or in 3 because of vacation i will simply skip the option to pay money for PS2 because when i pay for 1 month only i need to pay more money per month(which is okay)+i get a minor boost(which is ********).

  19. Emperor

    They are listed under your active benefits when you press "Tab."

    I'm curious whether that means that these bonuses stack with boosts, such as the Alpha Squad boost. Does my +50% XP gain stack with my +10% slotted boost?
  20. Salvion

    You may be right in that it was clear, i do think its kind of a ugly way of marketing a game as free and the make it so that many ppl feel they are forced into a payment plan to experience the game just i a reasonable way.
    Like if i sold you a bicycle with no sadle and on rubber tires, you can still ride the bike, just not sit down to be comfortable and the handling abit crap.

    Im not gonna go on and on about it, ill just think about it for abit.
    Tnx for the answer!
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