Planetside 2 membership, or Station Cash?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by KorJax, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. KorJax

    Trying to really decide which is honestly better of a value.

    I could get 1500SC for $15, or get the membership for a month (I don't have enough cash to warrent forking over $60+ on a single membership/SC purchase).

    I mean the membership gets me an XP boost and 500sc per month, but I feel like if I just got 1500sc worth of stuff that would effectively -be- that XP boost. Especailly if I buy SC during a triple/double SC promotion. That would mean I get 4500SC for $15.... or a membership that only gets me a 25% XP boost and 500sc among a few other minor perks that don't interest me.

    So what are your guy's thoughts? Should I just save my money till an SC promotion and get SC then, or just jump straight into a membership? I like the XP boost but if I really wanted to I could just buy a booster and get an even larger boost (I don't plan on paying for a subscription for 6+ mo... they'd have to really be updating the game constantly to keep me interested long enough to stay paying every month).
  2. Emperor

    Do both? :p

    If most of what you're going to buy is XP boosts, buy a membership for the year. If most of what you would buy are weapons and cosmetics, go with the Station Cash.
  3. KorJax

    Thats the problem though :p

    I hate current cosmetic offerings (I really... REALLY... want to buy a pilot helmit for my engineer so I can look like a pilot while flying it :p ), but I'm sure more will get in, and more will interest me later.

    I don't know if I really want to spend money on a gun right now either.

    But if $15 in SC ends up getting me more in the end than a membership could (epsecially since if I wanted to I could spend that all on neat cosmetics, or on XP boosts), then it just wouldn't be worth the membership. I can't really afford to get the 6+mo membership outright either so its not like me getting the 50% XP boost from that would be something I advantage from.
  4. TeknoBug

    Start with membership so you can rank up with the bonus boosts and then switch to SC when you're high enough. RIght now purcasing many items (that costs 1000 certs) are cheaper buying them for 700 SC, because some items that costs 100 certs are also 700 SC.
  5. Kromaxx

    Remember, station cash is only for one character... if you change servers or delete that character to save that name, you lose all the things you bought with that character. ALL OF THEM.

    Go for the XP and gain certs that way and have more fun until they make SC purchases ACCOUNT WIDE.
  6. KorJax

    I don't ever plan on playing on a different server or character though so that doesn't really affect me.

    I think what I'll do is just get the $15/mo membership and just cancel it after a couple of months or so, unless I happen to be able to super easily afford it and/or they really roll out some kick-*** updates that can keep me playing for long enough to warrent paying monthly. And then when they run SC promotions get $10-15 in SC.

    I feel like that'll leave me with enough SC and XP in the end to be pretty satisfied overall and still not spent more than $50-$60 toward

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