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Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by DarkTexas, Aug 27, 2014.

  1. DarkTexas Official Volunteer Tester

    Hello Guys,

    finally we can show you our Newest Project for improving our and your game experiences by using YOUR help.
    As in the last Live-Server Patchnotes mentioned we used to start a new Project called "Planetside2issue-Tracker". You are able to add ANY issue for the live-servers as well as for the Testserver [PTS]. Since the project started we also got SOE on our side and the QA Team is checking YOUR bug-reports there as well. With this new kind of Datebase we want to make sure that YOU know whats beeing worked on and what we know already since every User can see your bug report and the status of the bug.

    Here is the Link for the issuetracker-website:

    Click Here

    Thanks for your help!

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  2. doombro

    Sticky! Nice!

    Warms my heart to see the devs and community interacting so productively.
  3. Doc Jim

    Ok, question: Do I have to create a new account to enter info on those issues or should I be able to log in using the same info as for this forum?
  4. DarkTexas Official Volunteer Tester

    Doc Jim,
    Please create a new Account there.

    Thanks, Texas
  5. KleenexTissues

    Nearly reaching 300 reports over the past weeks already! keep em comin guys!
  6. Rtwpygbzstpqacihfd

    Really good idea, great system and I used it today and up voted and commented. Only thing is many of the bugs are easily found and obvious, and I still doubt that SOE will ever take bug fixing seriously. I think they're more concerned with social media marketing gimmicks rather than assisting their actual players.
  7. DarkTexas Official Volunteer Tester

    Well, let's say we are doing our best,
    also in cooperation with SOE, we are working on many Bugfixes every day.
    thanks for YOUR help!

  8. DoctorXqY

    Could someone add how the Stronghold's vehicle spawner shield doesn't work properly? I tried submitting a bug ticket, but I got the same response each time, that "that's how those gates are supposed to work"

    Here's the bug: In front of the vehicle spawners at the Stronghold, there's a shield. This shield isn't tied to any generators. In other bases where there's a shield in front of the tank spawner, the shield is tied to the ownership of the vehicle spawner terminal, so that if the TR owns the facility, and the NC hack the vehicle spawner terminal, the shield flips for the nc. Instead, this shield is permanently tied to facility ownership, that is, whoever owns the Stronghold, that's what the vehicle spawner shield's faction is. This is a problem, because THE ONLY THING THIS SHIELD DOES is keep out/in vehicles. Inside the room is simply an empty box with the vehicle spawner. This means that if the faction that doesn't own the facility hacks the vehicle spawner, and tries to spawn a vehicle, the vehicle, and the occupant of the vehicle, are stuck inside the vehicle spawner room until they suicide or redeploy, because the facility-tied shield doesn't go down or switch factions. I'll get some pictures.
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  9. Thasarion

    You broke my game. The latest test server update causes me to only be able to play for 10 seconds before crashing, if I'm lucky. So now I can't help test, I can't earn the helmet, and I can't log into any of my test characters.
  10. DarkTexas Official Volunteer Tester

    Read the other Threats. we are on fixing it already. patch should go up in a couple of hours.
  11. Black2

    random crashes :/
  12. D'Argo

    Hey guys

    The test server keeps logging me off after a couple of minutes, since I updated the client this morning.
    Is anyone else having the same issue?
  13. Armcross

    I do, In live server. Try lowering th graphic detail to the max low.
  14. DarkTexas Official Volunteer Tester

    Hello everyone,

    I just wanted to give you guys a quick update on the IssueTracker. Some of have been wondering why the site is offline. First of all you need to know that the IssueTracker (DGCIssueTracker) was a Community project, it was not done/paid by Daybreak. We (I was one of the founders of it) did the entire project in our free time. Voluntary.

    Jhett who was paying and hosting the servers was unfortunately not able to continue it. The cost to maintain it for both the player that started it and Daybreak proved prohibitive, so the decision was made to use the bug section on our forums again. Another reason for this decision are staff shortages on daybreak's side to keep up with it. Unfortunately it wasn't possible to move over the data from the IssueTracker.

    Thanks for your support in the past.

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