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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Ballto21, Sep 21, 2015.

  1. Ballto21

    yes, i had aim that **** itself and yes, so did the tr (probably) but fact is i should have still died because i was bad, not lived because they were also bad and i used to play way too much god of war
  2. Shadowomega

    Well it looks like their aim was worse than yours so don't worry about meditank too much. If they had better aim you would have died the moment 3 people looked at you.
  3. AlterEgo

    Medi Ackbar!
  4. Ballto21

    a collective three people with bad aim is as good as one person with passable, in general

    if one guy had all these guys aim combined in this id probably still have made it out.

    its not just me saying it either, all of us have seen medkit wizards
  5. Jubikus

    Nerf Druids
  6. Shadowomega

    I have seen a few, those that tried mostly died the few that did got around the corner in time.
  7. Taemien

    I'm wondering if Daybreak's new policy in EQ governing macros filters over to PS2. In EQ macros were against the rules. Heck even Keycloning wasn't allowed. However.. with many dual(multi) boxers paying subs they decided to amend the rules on it.

    Now in EQ specifically (that I know of) you can use macros, and even slightly automated gameplay as long as you are at the controls at all times while they are going off.

    This would be interesting if it applies to PS2 since you could use a medikit macro to switch to the kit, use it, and switch back to your weapon with a single button. Course these forums would go nuts if that was the case.

    Doing a bit of quick digging, I didn't see anything in the rules against macros. You just might be able to use the macro I said above.
  8. Alan Kalane

    you managed to stay alive while beeing under fire from some n00b who can't aim well, and you've only spent 200 nanites! Fair trade!
    medkit spam so OP.
    How about you try medkit tanking someone who knows which side the bullets come from?
  9. Ballto21

    have you never seen medkit wizardry on a resist shield heavy? or any heavy really?

    it doesnt matter that the guys aim was bad, he still hit me enough to kill me but chugging medkits like a coward let me flutter off

    it shouldnt be possible against the MLGL33T360NOSCOPESHAILSATAN420BLAYZE players or the guys who have slightly poor aim, you know unless they buff medics and youre being healed by the class meant to keep people alive
  10. Ronin Oni

    Adren/Mesh shields do NOT synergize with medkit tanking. Only Resist does.

    And even then, the slow effect makes headshots easy so you can kill even a medstim tanker (shield also does not apply to head)
  11. Alan Kalane

    Honestly? No, unless it was me "tanking". If your opponent can't hit the broad side of a barn then yes, a medkit may save your life. But personaly I've never had a "medkit spam" problem. Even if someone managed to use one before I killed him he was dead with one or two more bullets.
    He hit you ~10 times counting from 0:10(you kill the engi) to 0:17(last time he hits you). That's 10 hits in 7 seconds. 1.43 bullet/s with a high RoF carbine. It's nothing. This particular n00b probably forgot to let off the trigger to let the CoF resettle, I can find no other explanation for why he was so bad.

    Any BR above 10 would just murder you in this scenario. Even despite this guys terrible aim you barely made it out alive.
  12. Scr1nRusher

    Ballto21 is more effective then a spitfire
  13. Ballto21

    Can confirm, i once survived a direct hit from a fart
  14. Scr1nRusher

    My sides just got RKO'd outta no where.

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