[Suggestion] Planetside 2 Is In A Sharp Decline, It Needs New Content

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Tortricat, Aug 25, 2018.

  1. Tortricat

    Before I suggested that planetside 2 has a new game map every week that the factions fight over, which ever faction wins will get a major cert bonus for the rest of the week until the next battle. When this happens all players will be forced onto 1 continent , basically a new level map. It would be a weekly event and it could run on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

    On steam it is at it's lowest it has been in the history of Planetside 2 on Steam.


    Total player numbers are also in decline.

    https://ps2.fisu.pw/online/ There should be at least 1000-1500 people online on Emerald and 2 European server from 6pm-12am every day (in their timezones) but there isn't , the games peak population times are also in decline.
  2. BorgUK1of9

    Planetside 2 still has developers working on the game, Planetside 1 went into sharp decline after SOE pulled the plug on development.

    PS2 is now 6 years old, how much do you expect DBG to pay for extra content when the market is niche.

    You know when its over when the server mergers start, well thats if they merge and dont just shutdown 1 from each region.

    Also remember its holiday season in the northern hemisphere, numbers will pick up in September.
  3. UberNoob1337101

    You've made at least 5 threads on this topic.

    You're referencing Steam, not the most accurate player count source but alright. Yes, the game is in a very slow decline, but there's nothing that can be really done about it currently as massive changes require a budget and a bigger team. A skeleton crew is currently developing PS2, which explains the slow pace of patches and low amount of big non-stat altering changes.
    I don't really understand the "new game map" part. As in, new continent or new base? Both are highly unlikely at the moment, as it would take too much dev time and money unless revamping bases or using old assets. It's also not terribly important and can go the wrong way (look at Hossin, to this day it still nukes some players' computers with the amount of assets it has, causing low FPS).

    Making changes to boost the population short-term is nice, but there are also issues with laggy servers and low FPS that really need addressing if there's going to be any significant amount of population on a continent, as the game is barely playable for some players in really big fights or with many players on a continent. The game needs to be more playable first IMO, then everything else.
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  4. strikearrow

    The game needs no new content; it needs to be fixed. The game is broken as it lags like crazy and has massive numbers of exploits. New content would just bring new bugs that they are way too slow at fixing.

    The problem is that people want new content. I guess I'll never understand why people always want "new". "New" is rarely better and truthfully there really is no new in this world - new to a particular person's experience - but not new in the true sense of the word.
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  5. adamts01

    I didn't leave because of lack of content, I left because this game's performance tanked, which is the direct result of new content, new bugs. Annoying as **** mechanics like invisible quads insta-killings tanks, invulnerable AA sources in spawn rooms locking out air, and zero-skill lock on missiles defining air combat are why people joke about PS2. This game needs to be fixed before it's expanded.
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  6. entity009

    I feel like the biggest problem the game has is the wild skill gap. When it first came out it had a learning curve but at this point its downright savage to start playing. There are so many players now that are at the point where they are godlike that any friend i try to bring into the game is saying "screw this" inside of a week.

    You know those guys who just full auto headshot you from impossible ranges and seem to take 40 rounds to kill? Yeaaaahhh they are running off any new players asap. Im sure its a totally legit combination of adad spamming, latency manipulation and recoil control.....Add to that a heavy dose of toxicity and you can kiss any new players goodbye.
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  7. adamts01

    PS2 is very unique in this regard. I don't see it as that big of a problem though, this coming from a 2 year PS2 vet who started gaming with a mouse less than a year before that. Without a match maker it would be better for the game if the performance gap were slightly lessened. I think tuning down the headshot bonus from 2x to 1.9x on autos, and removing nanoweave would be a good start. Basically still making headshots worthwhile, but not making it such a rastic difference between them and noobs landing body shots.
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  8. SixNineFour

    Headshots shouldn't even be in this game, they are unrealistic and immersion breaking. At the very least, shields should have none or customizable damage modifiers.
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  9. Movoza

    I'll keep it short:
    Old game. Gets stale. Changes drive some people away while keeping some others longers. New players are scarce as most who would try have. Doesn't matter what you do. Inly thing is an insane overhaul or a new iteration (ps3). There is no money or development power for that, even though under daybreak we got a lot of extra content.

    You see the same with WoW. Declining numbers all the time, until the point they push insane updates. People return for a bit, sharp decline again as some stop, the returning to the steady decline of the game, possibly with more players than before the update.
  10. Tortricat

    I don't play Planetside 2 regularly right now. The main games I play are Halo 5, Forza 7 on Xbox One X and I am playing World of Warcraft trying it out. I also play Star Trek Online. I currently neglect playing Planetside 2 and Star Trek Online in favor of playing these 3 games.

    In February 2019 I will play Star Trek Online and Planetside 2 regularly again. I will be playing Planetside 2 5-6 hours a day on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I have 870 hours played in planetside 2 on 4 characters (used to use another account for 2 characters) but I only play my main NC character now.

    I am just worried the game won't have population numbers anymore, if there are major declines then the game might not survive for the next 10 years. They will only close this game if it stops making profits. I hope there will still be at least 1100-1500 people playing on Emerald from 7pm-1am est in 2019 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

    Daybreak is in trouble with the decline of H1Z1 but it is likely still making profits. They should always be making profits. If a extreme niche game like Mortal Online has been going since 2010 is making 100,000-700,000$ net profit after each quarter then DayBreak should never shut down.

  11. DeadlyOmen

    If the ASP feature had been creative, there would have been a ton of new content.

    Unfortunately, the forums are not mature enough to accept new content.
  12. VeryCoolMiller

    ps2 need to ban cheaters
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  13. UrielSeptimIV

    Here is what Planetside 2 needs the most:
    1. More money for PS2 development.
    2. Relaunch with PR campaign for old players who left (This game have 5+ millions of confirmed players who downloaded but uninstalled the game).
    3. More love for the dev team from community.
    4. Update with new big unique feature, something like implementation of colossus tank or fleet carrier in the actual game.
    5. Better new player experience with proper tutorial.
  14. DarkStarAnubis

    Let's dwell on this.

    If one out of 5 players would have decided to keep playing, now we should have 1 million players.
    Make it 1 out of 50, 100.000 players.
    Make it 1 out of 500, 10.000 players
    Make it 1 out of 1.000, that would 5.000 players. We do not even have that number of active players.

    So PS2 need to retain players most of anything else.

    Why people leave an unique (MMOFPS) and F2P game? Since it is unique and free, the sad answer is that they do not enjoy it: I doubt it is a matter of how many continents or weapons or classes or implants, all of those are varied enough. Then it is game-play the only reason left: in the opinion of people leaving, current game-play or meta sucks.

    Don't get me wrong: I have been playing PS2 off-and-on for one year and I love it with my heart. I believe I have barely scratched the surface of what it can offer (also because I do not play that often), but I also believe this game is not well designed or flexible enough to attract masses.
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  15. entity009

    This is what I am talking about. I would imagine this is not caused by a lack of new content due to the fact these players likely did not see 50% of the original content. The client side hit detection, lag and all around wonkey mechanics are so open to exploitation that the new player experience is pure sodomy.

    I honestly feel that recoil reduction, esp, ping manipulation and hitbox tweaking are still done on a large scale. I feel that daybreak is aware of it but the game cant take the pop hit of banning all the people doing it. What I would like to see is Daybreak find a way to make these things simply not possible anymore instead of looking the other way.
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  16. Silkensmooth

    Vehicle vs infantry spam is the number one reason all of the people i got into this game got out.

    If vehicles were mainly for fighting vehicles and infantry was mainly for fighting infantry more people would enjoy the game.

    Vehicles farming infantry is kinda like someone made your favorite cake, but they added something you really dont like. Think a chocolate cake with olives in it.

    I love chocolate cake and i love olives, but i definitely dont want olives in my chocolate cake.

    Vehicles farming infantry are the olives in my chocolate cake.
  17. Silkensmooth

    A new continent would be great imo because the old ones are very stale. Same fights, same bases over and over.

    Thats why i still love hossin. Well i guess i like it so much because i prefer to play infantry and its not a good place to drive tanks so the tank farming is less there.

    On the other hand its fun not knowing all of the bases like the back of my hand. And the bases on hossin are of better design than those on Indar or Esamir which are just tank zerg farms.
  18. Silkensmooth

    Also the fact that there is a class that is better than the other classes doesnt help. Heavies are pretty much the only viable class. If you try to play something else you are at a big disadvantage to the do everything class called heavy.

    Its hard to fight a class that has 1600 plus hit points and rarely needs to reload with classes that have 900-1000 hits and have to reload after nearly every kill.

    This makes replay value low imo.
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  19. UrielSeptimIV

    Vehicle vs infantry is not so bad after CAI and it is not the main problem.
    Negative Steam reviews for PS2 are divided into 2 types:
    2)They think that PS2 is P2W (Yes, it has questionable lootboxes but it is better now with crafting and ISO-4 recyclers)

    So, I can assume that there is some amount of cheaters in the game, but the main problem is the skill gap that is so drastically big that veteran is able to clear the point with 5-8 BR1 players in it. And when they see it - they just leave the game and uninstall it.
    Planetside has 2 game mechanics that distinguish it from the rest of the shooter world:
    -When new player comes to game he expects his CoF not increasing while firing ADS. They try to shoot a veteran player using casual spray and die after 3 bullets in their heads.
    -Big headshot multiplers are not helping either, they are introduced to the game for some unknown reason and only increase the gap between new players and veterans.

    Some time ago (In July probably, I can exactly remember) I watched a Russian streamer with 5.000+ viewers on Twitch. He left after 30 mins because PS2 was harder than Dark souls for him. He tried to use Rocklet rifle to kill infantry. What can we learn from that? We need some QoL improvments such as:
    -Add line to description for each weapon: Effective againts X on Y range.
    -Add more ingame info for damage resistances and health pools.
    -Add proper bursting explanation in tutorial.
    -Optional tactical courses
    -Translate PS2 to another languages such as Russian for example (This game is 6 ears old, SOE used to have contract with Innova that fully translated PS2 to Russian including voice lines).
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  20. Silkensmooth

    So basically you want a new player to be just as good as a veteran? So whats the point of practicing to get better?

    Replay value comes from the ability to improve.

    What happened when they added coyote missiles and made A2A missiles fool proof? The majority of pilots quit. There is no point practicing your aim when there are weapons that require no aiming to use.

    By removing skill from the equation you remove all replay value. The game becomes very boring. I wouldnt have played such a game for more than a week.

    I do agree with adding more information to weapons descriptions.
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