Planetside 2 is Hypocritical.

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  1. Jawarisin

    Lol? No, starcraft didn't even have a match-making system. Whoever happened to enter the room was playing and that was that.

    And it's actualy a great exemples of a game where experienced players wrecked new players. No match-making at all. BUT this game is one of the most popular in history. It's attained legendary status, especially in korea.
  2. Jawarisin

    Well, often dumbfire are a good option for a2g ESF. Because they have to stay on a trajectory for a few seconds at least.

    But the walker is a high-skill as soon as there is some distance. Hitting a little bit is easy, but hitting everything is hard.
    But overall yes, you're right.
  3. K2k4

    I'd like to state here that I think we're all comparing apples to oranges to lettuce. If you expect each of these to have a similar flavor and goodness then you're going to just have a bad time.

    Apples - or in this case infantry, live generally very short lives, run vulnerable at all times from most angles, and require good reflexes, aim, and situational awareness. I play primarily apples so my opinion will obviously be biased toward this playstyle.

    Oranges - ground vehicles, have the most powerful weapons in the game. They generally 1-shot infantry, have the ability to hit aircraft with some skill and positioning, and are generally the toughest units for the average infantryman to kill. They're vulnerable to poor situational awareness on the driver's side and aircraft tend to ruin their day.

    Lettuce - aircraft - esf, have some of the best spammy weapons in the game and possess the highest mobility. They also have two weapon slots, meaning they can set up themselves to be good against infantry, vehicles, and other aircraft at the same time. There is a learning curve to being a good pilot, but once you get to the upper echelons of skill you are pretty much untouchable, which is why they're popular and still potent even after multiple nerfs. A good pilot knows when to bug out, and ESF allows them to bug out with the highest efficiency in the game.
    Liberators are a type of lettuce, too, and i consider them to have the benefits of tanks with some of the benefits of ESF, but I don't really care since I usually just have to go to another base when liberator spam occurs. There's no effective way to fight these things from the ground and i am NOT a good pilot by any means.

    So in regards to balance, I feel that balance between things is in a good place because I am in fact biased towards infantry. I think design decisions about balance should be left to the developers and that active input by the community actually detracts from their decision making process by creating conflicts between the actual in-game numbers and what people 'feel' is happening. I have been involved in balance discussions in the past mainly to defend my interests in the argument, but I don't think we as players should be telling the developers how to do their jobs. Let our actions be their guide and just keep using the weapons you want to use.
  4. Scr1nRusher

    Can you Say this all over again, but take the personal aspects out of it?
  5. customer548

    I'm right with the lack of value given to different bases.
    Bases are close from each other and that's a good thing. Even noobs with no idea about anything or Lonely MAxes can travel from one base to another in a quick way.
    There's a zerg on a road, denying access to the next base ? All infantry players will be able to run on top this mountain in order to reach the next base.

    Bases too small ? I way prefer to fight in small bases than large ones. I can control what's happening without having to have teammates. Fights happen in a quick way.
    Large bases are a nightmare/boredom : Opponents most of times play a hide-and-sike, rather than fighting. You'll not be able to do as a solo player.

    It has been made like this because it's a FPS. FPS induces quick fights at short range. But i don't really understand you : i always choose te range i want to fight, short/middle/long one. Different classes and different weapons has been provided by Devs for this.

    I do agree. Lack of lore, lack of architectural design. Wouldn't it be cool if the bases architecture would change depending on the faction which would control it ?

    Thought it was the job of our great outfits/platoons genius leaders. Bringing a coordination beetween infantry, ground and air vehicules in order to accomplish strategies of high value. Tools have been given by Devs.
    But for most of them they prefer to simply outnumber opponents then to redeploy when victory is a bit harder to get than they thought.

    Anti Infantry weapons for tanks are just awesome, aircrafts are great too and deadly. I don't really get what is your opinion about Combined arms. Vehicules are perhaps a bit too "fragile", i do agree, but it highly depends on their driver's skill.
    And as you mentioned, PS2 is a game for infantry. Which is good, on my own point of view. There are plenty of other tanks/aircrafts simulator games.

    "Elites"...Still don't really understand you. SOE did a lot of hard work to make skilled and noobs having fun. Noobs have fun when they kill me. I'm having fun when i kill more skilled player than i am. Skilled player have fun while killing noobs and me.

    I do not feel a really hudge gap beetween top ranked players and my own game experience. I feel they just have better latency or better computer or better knowledge of their environnment and better skill than mine (or hacks for a small number of them perhaps but who knows).
    But no gap due to game mechanics or game design.
  6. Scr1nRusher

    Rather then talk to me about it....... Think about it.

    Also stop making things personal.

    You structured your post about breaking down what I said, but its clear you didn't think about it. Then you ended the post talking about things personally.

    Take a step back & don't make things personal.
  7. customer548

    The structure of my post is the one you used to open this thread. I just replied to you in a peaceful way, with my own experience, my own opinion. Didn't "structured my post about breaking yours". That's just silly.

    Guess you're the one having troubles to face with different opinions than yours. If you want everybody to agree with you, why do you ask for replys ?

    I now think you're the one who really need to think. To think about this question :
    - " If i really need to open a thread on offcial forums about how much the game i'm playing at has so many "lacks", has so much "bad balance", so many supposed hidden "Elites"...And i cannot face different opinons than mine...Why not playing to another game ? "

    As you said : "Take a step back & don't make things personal."
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  8. Scr1nRusher

    Sigh, you completely missed the point.
  9. Kentucky Windage

    I will always support the other elements of our COMBINED ARMS with as much AA as I can lay down with my Burster Max, to repair your vehicle as quickly as I can to help you get back in the fight, to lay down cover fire(Pounder Max) when your out in the open trying to elude another tank while your vehicle is smoking, to render enemy mines useless against your vehicle, to provide intel from forward locations prior to your arrival, to spot enemy vehicles for you, to kill those enemy cloakers who wait for you to get out, to render the Fairies useless against you, to keep my friends free from harm, to.......I think you know where I'm going.

    I could go on and on but I think you get my point. Infantry players love tankers and flyboys more than you know and I just wanted to say we all benefit from the actions of one another. Call it mutually complementary benefits if you will.

    As a mostly Infantry player I deal with tanks all day long. Well, at least one that looks like a tank and the other some kind of hover craft with rocket engines that can climb mountains. Anyway, I want you guys to have just as much fun as I am. I have never called for a nerf on any tank nor will I ever. I am happy to whip out Dual Pounder Max and let you have it. Hopefully, I have an advantageous spot in which to unleash hell fire on you without eating pavement.:D

    In the end this game has depth and breadth and just about whatever the hell you want to do to have fun you can do. I have a blast every time I play and support my teammates.

    I don't really care about lore. I know you're the enemy and that's all I need.

    I don't really care about Large Battles. I'm happy with 24-48 or less.

    Base proximity's should be looked at. Maybe a better flow could be created with less importance placed on small outposts and more importance on Tech Plants and Bio Labs. I'd also like to see some kind of value placed on The Crown again. Award The Crown to whoever Locks the continent until such time as it's locked again. Prior to lock there would be a battle between the last lockers and those trying to lock. Taking the Crown will trigger the lock and the cycle starts over. I'm just fishing here but create some value for what we do. Anyway, that's my two cents.
  10. Doc Jim

    Just finished the grind to the big 100. I no longer like this game.
  11. K2k4

    Absolutely not. I post my opinions on things based on my own experiences.
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  12. Scr1nRusher

    What I am saying is that can you take a step back and look at things?
  13. david06

    Multiple people have posted point-by-point responses to your original post and you have ignored them all for being "personal".

    At this point it seems that you just want people to chime in and agree with you.
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  14. Scr1nRusher

    No, I just want people to discuss & think into the stuff I brought up.