Planetside 2 is dying.....

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by BrbImAFK, Feb 8, 2017.

  1. BrbImAFK

    ..... well, the hardware seems to be anyways.

    Sorry about the clickbait title, but I just couldn't resist! :p

    Moving on....
    Maintenance - January 26th
    Patch maintenance - February 2nd
    Login issues - February 3rd
    More login issues - February 4th
    Still more login issues - February 5th
    More maintenance - February 8th

    At this point, the game seems to spend more time down than it does up! I'm starting to wonder why I'm paying a monthly sub - to play or not to play, that is the question! :D Perhaps it's time they retired the hamster and replaced it with a somewhat beefier guinea pig!

    Anyways.... nothing to see here, move along. Just frustrated by all the downtime lately.
  2. Ragnarox

    You have monthly sub? hahaha what a...donkey.....hahahaha

    Game started dying when they sacked all programmers responsible for building this game, there is noone left who understand this game at all. They better start working on dx11 ps3 before they lose those 2000 players and few donkeys who actually play this game.

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  3. BrbImAFK

    Are the benefits of a monthly sub worth it? Hell, no. Absolutely not.

    Do I believe that the devs deserve to eat, and get paid for hosting the servers, developing a game I enjoy playing, etc. etc.? Damn straight! Just because I'm not a cheapskate doesn't make me a "donkey", you jacka**.
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  4. Eternaloptimist

    I've been subscribing for two years and I've received many benefits with the DBC I get, the extra xp and resource gain, not to mention the pretty amazing range of new gear and terrain and bases and things you can do introduced over that time (because some of us actually pay to enable DBG to employ people) - too many benefits to say that a couple of weeks disruption wipes out a couple of years benefits.
    • If you don't like it - don't subscribe;
    • If you really don't like it - don't play.
    Seriously, it frustrates me too but if it was that regular a thing I'd do one of the above (in fact I'm looking forward to the compensation - DBG have given extra double xp sessions in the past when they've had a problem that couldn't be fixed in a couple of hours - here's hoping).
  5. Moz


    Dumb as the come!

    "DED GAEM"
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  6. Haquim

    Oh I agree completely with you on that, and I have been paying more money to PS2 than any other one to date.
    But quite a while ago they have started to run this game into the ground with as much force as they could muster, by turning epic battles with tanks, aircraft and a decent amount of involved tactics into some kind of instantiated match shooter on a global map.
    But without population control in the matches and one side has to bring their spawnpoint themselves.....
  7. Qu4d3

    I am a subscriber and those that think everything is free will be shocked when they can't find a job.

    Support something you enjoy and give back to the economy.... otherwise your just a leech.
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  8. pnkdth

    For a dying / dead game it is a lot of fun.

    Just because you've burnt out on the game doesn't mean you gotta do the equivalent of an "I QUIT! WHO'S WITH ME?"-thread. Posts like yours have been posted on the forums for years now. It is OK to quit, there are other games. You can even take a break and come back at a later date. I did, and the game feels fresh again.
  9. Rhello

    Why would people renew their support to the game after more than debatable decisions/changes ? Plus the last thing we need would be to get rid of those who don't agree to give their money, especially when the pop is very low compared to launch, unless you dream of having some more Briggs servers.
  10. Liewec123

    aaaw i came here for a drama lama!
    i love "game is dying!" threads :D

    but yup, it does seem like the hamsters have stopped running on their wheels recently XD
    meh, games have technical issues every once in a while :p
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  11. BrbImAFK

    Oh look.... they've just announced EVEN MORE ******* DOWNTIME for tomorrow! Why the hell didn't they just roll the patch into the maintenance. It's not like it didn't run two+ hours over schedule already.... oh wait....

    And it's right in the middle of my playtime too! :mad:
  12. No0T

    No it is not dying its just pestered by biased people about a particular modification they didn't like... But I see planetside very much like the first day I played it same big nasty battles.
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  13. No0T

    You are even saying its your problem not the games problem.
  14. cobaltlightning

    ffs, the game's not dieing, it's just kinda sta- wait....... Oh. Oh I see.

    Upgrade to a guinea pig? I say they should just get the full sized Pig.
    When properly motivated, living bacon can actually run pretty darn long. And when they finally do give in, at least it's easy meat candy.
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  15. adamts01

    Too damn funny. I'm stealing this.
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  16. Eternaloptimist

    I blame Brexit :eek:
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  17. customer548

    My Smg made a BR1 Rage Quit earlier today.

    I feel guilty now. :eek:
  18. pnkdth

    Because maintenance and patching are two separate things. A hotfix is usually unplanned and executed to fix critical bugs and in a MMO such as PS2 there are bound to be bugs and glitches galore. Change one thing and BOOM countless other variables change unexpectedly creating another and another.

    It can be summed up in this variations of "100 bottles on the shelf." "213 little bugs in the game, take one out, patch it around, 435 new bugs in the game." Life of devs can be seriously cruel at times.

    Yes, it sucks that we can't play during a certain time. I hear you but if they leave the game up and wait they'll piss off everyone who's afflicted by those bugs(or whatever it is). No matter what they do they'll piss someone off.
  19. Ragnarox

    Srry man I am not cheapstake I just dont pay for fautly products. Back when the game released I could play 96x battles with good framerates, now I am struggling to get 30 fps in medium battles. While my other games that I play keeping constant frames throughout the years. Btw they are not developing anything just cosmetic stuff while they servers suffer from bleeding such as lag, crashing, hit reg problems, fps problems, shall I continue? Even some ppl compared how more beautifull this game was at the beginning compared to what is now. So stay in your universe but watch out, waking up might hurt you.
  20. JonnyBlue

    I don't get any issues with the game on medium settings with a GTX 6600 , No lag or FPS issues you must have a potato , Only issue for me atm is being stuck in the UK we have to pay membership that we cant use as all the downtime is in EU playing hours and Daybreak charge us the same as the Americans which I find totally unfair.

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