Planetside 2 is DYING.

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  1. Vaphell

    If i get to choose between a shameless farmfest where average players are curbstomped by mlg-ready wankstains exploiting the everliving **** out of the OP toy of the week and an overnerf, yeah i go for overnerf. There are dozens of other toys to play with but it takes only 1 to break the game.

    So? Every game has things that don't see much use. How often do you see walkers on MBTs? Kobalts? Restokits? Armor cloak?

    Nobody cares. Everybody uses charge anyway.

    I very much doubt that but it ceased to be a weapon usable by any bottom of the barrel, drooling moron. The deal is: want easy mode AI splash, get close for a magdump or pace your shots. If you can do it with a saron, you can do it with a PPA.

    Oh noes, welcome to every other weapon category I guess? What a pampered heavysider.

    That's rich coming from a player who belongs to a faction that used to be chock full of one trick ponies, namely prorion/bj br100 heavies. Apparently only 1 gun was a-ok back then.
  2. Niamar

    When PS2 development went to prepping for battle islands and remaking the pc game to work on ps4, and developers were stripped away for that hacking game h1z1, ps2 was finished and left to stagnate. This is a free to play game where no one pays for expansions, so they release a new version of an old gun to increase sales. Why churn out more content that will generate minimal revenue when they can sell you a new camo.

    While there are those that play for free, most of us spent far more than we did on all of the expansions in Everquest combined. Think about that for a minute.
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  3. Mad Hatter

    After being successfully goaded into derailing the subject to respond to a lying liar, let me just say that I hope the game doesn't die and is just in a bit of a lull. There's really nothing else quite like it out there and I still really enjoy flying and goofing around with my squads.

    I usually run open squad/platoons that are pretty popular and lots of fun. Look for the MÃGÏÇÅL Mÿ§TËRŸ GÃLÄX¥ TØÜR on Emerald. All are welcome.
  4. BamaRage

    Such a shame your not man enough to own your BS. Keep telling the lies and maybe you can convince yourself your the victim!

    That said the galaxy tour was a lot of fun. To bad its run by such a dick....
  5. Mad Hatter

    You really are boring me. I've never played the victim or told any lies. I addressed you in game, you ignored me and went on a crying spree on the forums that I just happened to catch(I don't read them often). You obviously have some bizarre agenda to discredit me publicly.

    Let's see your evidence. Nothing else you say or do will matter until you produce what you say you have. Perhaps you've looked for it already and had a moment of realization that you might have been a bit delusional. If that's the case an apology from you would still go a long way. I've said before I don't abide rudeness, but mental issues are something I can usually forgive.
  6. Colonelveers12

    The only planes Hatta flips in the warp gate are his own, it's as simple as that.
  7. BamaRage

    Absolute Bullsh**
  8. BamaRage

    No crying spree, just stating the facts. You threatened me in game for calling you out on your bull. Had you not made threats I wouldn't be here exposing you. Also I posted here because you were already posting here and I intended for you to see my comments. Then you say your done but then you keep coming back trying to discredit me. I find that to be the most telling as I would have left it there as well but you had to keep it up.

    So how about this, I am done with you. Your lies aren't worth my time here. I am sorting through videos now and I will be uploading the A** Hatters dick moves to YouTube when I am done. Lots of video to go through but I will get it done. But seeing that you are incapable of drawing it to a close here I will. So later chump.....
  9. DeadlyPeanutt

    lack of content is a problem... it's true.

    but it's not as simple as the buzz killing PS2. If new players dropped into fights in 10 seconds that were fun and balanced, no amount of people saying the game is dying would keep them from playing.

    the fact is, as server populations plummet, the game become less and less fun. less platoons, less squads and more horribly unbalance fights.

    shame of it is that the pop balance problems could be easily fixed.
  10. teks

    I thought the OP wrote his post well. I was expecting another whine thread, but this was actually rather constructive.
    I haven't played this game for some months, but I still keep an eye on the game. I just have lots of other means of entertainment constantly distracting me, plus school.

    What would bring me back is some new content. None of the new content they release even pertains to me, and when it does its to my detriment. I am dying for them to revisit MBT mechanics a bit, adding some new content for the lightning, and giving the light assault some love.

    I'll be waiting forever for them to finally work on the main guns. Instead of variety they keep making them more and more similiar.
  11. Mad Hatter

    Just more noise now. I haven't done anything to try to discredit you. Only to call out the drivel you've been posting here and ask you to back it up.

    Since I've never made videos myself, I've only been able to enjoy videos made by others of me. I've found some exclusive footage of me griefing in the warpgate to save you the trouble of sifting through that vast trove of evidence you claim to have.

  12. DeadlyPeanutt

    munches popcorn :)
  13. Greiztoph

    Trying to steer the conversation away from pettiness, I'm an old Planetside 2 player who has come back and left quite a bit, I'm back again. Also I'd say the devs mostly abandoning the PC version and trying to use stupid stuff to fix dumb problems, are mostly why I left. The last time I left was when they brought in those big dumb shields over bases to keep air vehicles out. Either that or it was Hossin that brought me back. Doesn't matter those are things that brought me back or made me leave. Now I'm just in a slump and bored by most games today so I decided to shove my face in the meat grinder again.

    To be honest I don't know what would bring back Planetside 2 vets, however I know if they had made a partnership with some other game to do something, eg. TF2 they might get a giant influx of people trying to get a hat, and maybe some would stay. Just a dumb idea I've seen games use to sell.
  14. Alexkruchev

    I'm not as much of an old timer as you, but I have played for two years now. The game is not as good as it was when I started, and it feels like everything, regardless of what it is, is worse to use than in the past. The population shrinkage hurts the game badly because it only skews things more into zergfights- there aren't numbers half the time to counter an enemy zerg. Where are the open field battles? Where are the massive combined arms fights?! I don't see those- all I ever see are one sided armor zergs, one sided air spams at small population bases...

    As to "Skillless AA", I have to disagree strongly. It's easier to use a nose gun than an A2A lock on. As a novice pilot, I get far more work done with the stock nosegun in AA fights than lock ons... the lock ons have too narrow a cone, are instantly hard countered by flares, and soft-countered by anyone who knows how to use his afterburner before I can fire to break my lock on process. Happens all the time- and they're suicidal to carry, as skyknights focus you before anything else- the only time lock ons are good is when a target is gun-dueling with another fighter. Any other time, you're basically screwed if relying on them.
  15. Dualice

    This is a big issue, in my view.

    At this point, it seems most of the people that stick at Planetside 2 are those that have been playing it a long time already, and are thus invested in it for whatever reason. If you joined as a new player, and immediately found yourself getting stomped into the ground by BR90+ players with shiny armour and guns that never run out of ammo (not deliberately targeting Vanu here, but it's a good example of unique auraxium gear)... you could be forgiven for not being immediately enthralled with the game.
  16. JonboyX

    Someone else posted this, but it resonated for me. The game is too complex for how shallow it is.

    For a new players: Lots of base layouts to learn, random lattice rules and base timers, challenges around the different weapons, ammo, cert combinations (which make chuff all difference for the most part). Confusing deaths for new players, be it random spam, lag, an angsty TK. Frustrating deaths in others (but he's in a massive max suit? How can I combat that?). Random pointless mechanics: e.g. why am I bringing down this shield? What purpose does it actually achieve? How DO I get in that biolab? Why are people flying back and forth?

    And then conversely; no depth. There's a singular capture mechanic which is to flip a point and then stop the opposition flipping it back. You don't even need to be near it really, and in many cases it is suicidal to do so especially without quality support. In between that, you just progress up and down linked bases in a mass convoy of vehicles... if you can get a ride as a new player. Or just redeploy in to a new 'instance'. There's no flanking solution on the map, alternative attack mode, base weakening preparation, character development, anything really. It's just dump a load of people on a base, shoot a bit, then redeploy and dump them elsewhere. I can't say I've ever been a pilot; having read other's posts though I can see that it's a hostile environment for a new player!

    I would therefore venture the opinion for a new player: that's a lot to bother learning for a game that really boils down to an 'instanced' shooter. Possibly the people who get past this are those that have a friend already playing to show them the ropes or get really lucky on an outfit.

    So... that's probably why it's in decline. It's been a great game (my opinion), but it's not going anywhere new now. Given its age, it's not really likely to suddenly turn the tables and draw in a lot of new players either. Nothing lasts forever though does it?
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  17. xMaxdamage

    this is no CoD, people play PS2 because there are no games like this around.

    the obvious reason players leave is because there's no (or not enough) new content to keep the playerbase interested, or to attract new player types.
  18. Pelainis117

    First of all. I"am not heavysider my main class is engi/infil/la and than goes ha(but not anymore). Heavy assaults are overpowered class roblem is not in guns if you are blind and get it so far. By nerfing one faction lmg"s and buffing other ones will never fix main problem which is in class NOT in guns. And about zoe.. You think all people use charge Lol pathetic. Plenty of NC maxes use shield and TR use deployment. How many vanu use Zoe? Afc 0. It should be buffed atleast to make fair look in all 3 factions or just completely removed from game. Becouse newbies(noobs) start game and think that zoe is actually good but it"s not. Also same sht with ppa. Anyways I"am gonna stop argumenting with you becouse you know 2 low about this game but you act like you know everything so thats the reason is.
  19. iller

    I WISH it would hurry up and die so I'd stop being tempted back to it when I'm dying of boredom.
    ...but Alas, it's not dying nearly fast enough. Even 1000 players on concurrently would still keep it in the "Huge Battle" criteria given how everything god darned thing about its incentive & "leadership" systems just encourage ZERGING and nothing else.

    Plz die faster game.... plz? I don't want 3 more years of this self loathing it fills me with
  20. Vaphell

    So that's why your very first complaint was that you mastered BJuice and they have taken it away? Since when engie/infil/la can be high on BJuice?

    I never said weapons are THE problem, but in many cases they are in fact the crux of a problem, especially in the realm of mass murder devices. PPA was a problem in itself, HE prowlers were a problem, lolpods were a problem, even UBGL spam at chokes the game is full of was a problem. That said, the fact that VS was chock full of HAs was raising brows. Did the nerf distribute people away to spraysticks other than prorion and BJ and to other classes? Mission accomplished.

    So what should happen if it's the weapon that is the actual problem? Never touch it, just inflate everything else to its ridiculous level of lethality so in the end everybody can nuke whole platoons with a mousepress? Ever had a problem with a random ******** death? Easy mode, OP weapons preferably with huge splash damage are how you get random ******** deaths in huge numbers.
    2/3 of the playerbase on the receiving end is not going to cry after they get nerfed into the ground, maybe next time you actually try to work for your kills.

    Personally i don't care much about infantry peashooters. They kill planetmans the same, most weapons are in the same DPS ballparks across the weapon classes so at the end of the day who gives a ****. It's the crowd control tools and force multipliers that can easily break the game with a bit of unchecked scalability, which is why i talk about vehicle mounted toys more.

    You know what? Remove maxes from the game and you have a deal. Indoor tanks with too much DPS were always a harebrained idea.

    I just love elitist twaats who know it all best but can't deal with disagreement. Why are you even here on a public forum? To have your preexisting beliefs reinforced?