Planetside 2 is DYING.

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  1. BamaRage

    Oh and the instance you are speaking of we were on the ground waiting on a third gunner to arrive. You rammed into us and once under the tail of our lib you pulled lift. You did right the aircraft and used the same technique doing so. So please at least be honest and man up.
  2. BamaRage

    It may become
  3. DeadlyPeanutt

    I am, like most veteran players.

    Sadly, all I'm suggesting is more choices for the players base, which would attract more players. Thinking beyond what the game is now seems to irritate the narrow minded.

    Keep in mind that hossin is the least played and least populated map. Why not improve it? OMG, because that would change the game! Horrors !!!

    Why not make smaller, balanced maps that casual players would enjoy, using characters and weapons which are already upgraded? OMG, because that would change the game! Horrors !!!

    rinse and repeat

    being narrow minded is not equivalent to being 'loyal' to the game
  4. Savadrin

    First, your demeanor, whether earned over time or not, basically sucks. As has been mentioned elsewhere, you do little credit to yourself in the way you present your messages, because they mostly come off as snide and/or petulant. Not helpful or constructive.

    Secondly, I'm not narrow minded. This is not an instance based game. It does not have an instancing system built into it. It was not designed to be such. There are, however, any number of games which ARE in fact instanced combat, and which are NOT in fact, open world MMO shooters.

    By the time your changes are made, this game is no longer this game, it is instead every other FPS out there, but you fail to see that.

    I am part of the group who happens to like Hossin. It just requires a different play style, and everyone hates change. Maybe it's because I joined this game after it was implemented and I just see no reason to whine about it. Maybe it's because I play games to challenge myself and nobody ever did that in their comfort zone.

    But the bottom line here is that whether you realize it or not, you're perceived as a lingering sore that won't leave, and the very negativity you bring helps discourage the next crop of players. We don't need old burnouts complaining, we will figure it out on our own.
  5. Mad Hatter

    11 times? That's a rather precise number as if you've been keeping steady count. Or is that your attempt to lend credibility to your slander? You seem to mostly fly Galaxies, in which case I can say for a fact that I haven't flipped you anywhere near that amount, and it's even hard to believe that being the case with a Liberator.

    I think you're just lying, though it's hard to guess why. I love to fly, I don't do it for competitive reasons, and yet when someone mentioned in a platoon we shared that I was the better pilot you drunkenly stammered "Well I don't know about that". I have to wonder if some strange misplaced jealousy is the reason for your lies and terrible behavior, and maybe just too much booze fueling it.
  6. BamaRage

    Yes, its a precise number. I started reporting dicks who pull this **** and started keeping track as to not report someone for a genuine mistake. The only one telling lies here is you sir.

    As for the comment you speak of your full of it. The statement was that I was the better pilot but you had a better gal and play better music. I said I don't know about that meaning I didn't think I was the better pilot. I have also stated here that you have the greater experience thus it would stand to reason that your the better pilot. In fact having flown behind you I am certain your the better pilot. As for the comment in game, I probably have it recorded as I have been recording my flights.I will see if I can find it and upload the vid to YouTube.

    That said I reported you for the BS over a month ago and the night you speak of was less than a week ago. You can ask Master Blaster or any number of people and they will tell you I leave my ego at the door I am sure. I play for the betterment of the squad or platoon. Often supporting and helping other players. Not to gain kudos for myself. Your pulling crap out of your a** rather than admit the truth.
  7. Mad Hatter

    This is getting rather dull, but out of the mildest of curiosity I'd like to see the youtube vid. As I recall it you were responding to a different comment altogether, but I concede that I may have that mixed up. It was besides the point anyway. I was just trying to find motive for your blatant lying.

    More to the point I'd love to see footage of my apparent history of griefing in all your recorded flights. With the way you describe things and whine about being such a victim I'm sure a montage wouldn't be so tough to sort out.

    I know myself and others do as well. I engage in hijinks in the warpgate sometimes after a victory like everyone else or with willing participants(like ihearcolors), but I do not and never have intentionally griefed anyone inside the warpgate as you describe.

    You're either a liar or terribly delusional.
  8. BuzzStar

    I've always felt that the lack of content was a big reason why ppl left. But I also think it's a snowball effect, get enough ppl to say the game is dying and ppl will believe it and start to leave because of it, hence a repeating cycle
  9. n0pax

    This pretty much hits the nail on the head. The game has no content without players online so as players quit naturally other players quit due to less being online. I know I am on the way out because of how low populations have become, I play at odd hours so I am looking at 50 players online on the entire server and it just is not fun. Whereas when I switch to Insurgency of BF4 I have my choice of servers with players everywhere.
  10. BamaRage

    The only liar here is you sir. And its sad to see someone so deceitful and being such a dick. As stated I had some respect for your in game contributions. But by playing this game of painting me a liar has dissolved any respect given. You sir have proven yourself to be the Dick for which you've been accused. Continue with your BS at your own peril but just know you risk being banned under paragraph 14 of the code of conduct.

    Now pertaining to your thread levied. Come for me in the game and I will respond. I assure you I am not the greenhorn you originally chose to grief. I will respond to any attempt to fallow thru with your threats. Cut the BS, leave me alone and I will leave you alone.

    As for the vids, I am working on some stuff for youtube and an outfit website I am building. Maybe I will do a montage of dicks at the warp gate. If I do you will be a feature......

    One last thought, you may want to change your character name. If you will change it to A** Hatter I will pay for it.......
  11. Pelainis117

    Nerfing makes people leave this game. You can"t be pro in this game becouse one day your best mastered gun will be nerfed and your skill with it gonna fly away. For sure you will loose your pleassure to play this game after that. Thats how we loose people. And yes I"am one of those. I was beast with betelgeuse before nerf. Now after it being nerfed I"am begginer again.

    With love,
    Fk this ****
  12. Mechwolf

    I agree with all of what the OP said.

    I've been playing for about 2 and a half years... and I love Hossin because of the change of horizontal/sloped play to vertical/spikey play.

    Lattice system really did bust a good majority of this game. But when a new update comes into a game, it's really hard for a company to say they've made a mistake. So don't expect the lattice system to change... Runescape crumbled for the exact same reasons.
  13. Mechwolf

    I agree with the whole "overnerf" thing, that's why HA keeps becoming progressively stronger, all the weapons do less damage, but their shields stay the same. Instead of nerfing, they should be buffing the other weapons to become more like the stronger ones. Maybe a few nerfs here and there for real balance, but giving everyone else a chance to feel as great instead of taking away the opportunity for anyone else to feel that way.
  14. Mad Hatter

    So you indeed have nothing. Not an ounce of proof. Just slander from someone who obviously has issues. I have never griefed you or anyone else. My reputation is well established and yours far from it. I don't abide rudeness but I also don't like being a bully. Any further insults or actions taken against you would just feel like picking on an invalid so I'll stop it here.

    And really, you might consider not drinking so much. The world and the people in it may appear very differently through sober eyes.
  15. Vaphell

    Nerfing? Are you serious? Are you one of these KDR junkies furiously jerking off to their recursion feed?
    Without nerfs the game wouldn't last 3 months. Remember lolpods/libs, HE spam, strikers, ZOE, PPA? Each and every single one was gamebreaking. I don't give a rat's *** about your beloved farmtoy of the week.

    Of course it's nerfs, not the fact that the game is outright hostile to noobs, that the playing experience is 80% pure unadulterated ********, 5% diamonds. I am getting increasingly tired of: being steamrolled by huge blobs, being crammed into a 50m/50m excuses for bases with 100 other people, being funneled by bat**** insane terrain and the lattice into slaughter in the same 5 bases over and over again, being blasted by AV wherever I go in a tank and spending 3/4 of the playtime behind a rock repairing, losing said tanks for free just because airsshole happened to be passing by and so on and so on.

    Just a moment ago i quit because the 2 battles going on were being shamelessly farmed by: prowlers/harassers parked 2 mountains over on the TR side, 20 lancers on top of the unclimbable mountain on the VS side.
    Why would people want to be subjected to such ******** again?
  16. xMaxdamage

    I don't get what do sh*tters think to obtain by opening these threads, probably they are too dumb to realize all they do is bad advertise for the game, contributing in lowering player numbers even more.

    btw losing players after release is not a golden rule, eve online is 12 y.o. and its playerbase keeps rising.
  17. BamaRage

    I have plenty of evidence and I am not the only one complaining about your BS. I am just the only one who brings it strait to you. I also rarely drink, you happen to hear of me drinking once and you assume knowledge you don't have. That night was the second time I drank alcohol in more than a year. I am glad you have reconsidered the threat you levied. At least you have some restraint to your BS.

    And a word of advice, cut the BS. I personally have filed two complaints against you for it. I also know of a couple players who will do the same the next time you grief them. So stop being such a dick or you may end up suspended or banned. I desire neither, I just want you to cut the crap.

    Later Chump.....
  18. Mad Hatter

    You have no evidence. Present it or shut up about it. I don't grief. No one with any credibility will back you up, and there are plenty who would attest to the contrary. It's just not in my nature, and never has been.

    And really, enough whining about me threatening you. Anything I said to you was no more a threat than your line of "Otherwise I will continue to call you out and take action when its called for". As an older southern guy with such a tough sounding name, I would have hoped you'd be immune to the trend of people overplaying the victim card to assume a position of power. It's a very immature and pathetic tactic.

    Man up, act your age, and stop spouting garbage with no substance whatsoever.
  19. Pelainis117

    Lol. I talk about infantry guns while you are argumenting about vehicles and other crap. First think before you write. And by the way you like overnerf? Seems like you do. Like ppa and zoe was overpowered and now they can remove it from game becouse no one use it. Zoe decrease your stats... Ppa is worse than default mbt and harraser gun (basilisk). Now beteėgeuse is worse than other lmg"s even if it"s directive gun. More and more guns/abillities we loose. So keep nerfing until we will have 1 gun in game that would be used.
  20. BamaRage

    I thought you had an IQ above that of a brick. I have many, many hours of video to sift through and cut. Then create the compilation and upload it. I will post a link when I get it done A** Hatter.