Planetside 2 is DYING.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by KoreanGuy98, Nov 7, 2015.

  1. Liewec123

    actually it isn't :D
    "wet" is a term we use for when something gets covered in a liquid,
    and as water IS the liquid it is impossible for it to become wet! XD
    water getting wet would be like fire getting burnt. ;)
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  2. TheFlamingLemon

    It's very rare to find one molecule of H20. Water will most likely have other water surrounding it. Water is wet.
  3. Beerbeerbeer

    I don't think it's dying.

    It's a well-aged game.

    It really does need an infusion of new fodder though, that will grow up into BR100, med-kit chugging Heavies.

    No idea why the firm that own DB doesn't throw some advertising money around. I see Fallout 4, CoD:Blops and World of Tanks TV ads all the time.
  4. Beerbeerbeer

    Hey drunk devs and management: stop drinking beer and research, analyze and write a justification on how some advertising money can pay dividends and boost that bottom line.

    Use bar charts, tend lines, whatever, but make it look nice, no anecdotal evidence and get some tv money.
  5. KoreanGuy98

    That's actually a pretty good idea. I haven't seen any advertisements for a while now ever since SOE became Daybreak. If they advertise more, then people will start to play the game more through the use of advertising!
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  6. Pikachu

    On steam sore page besides the slider thing there was a big pic of the new COD game always showing. Like they need special advertisement. :confused: Just soaking up the space.
  7. HannaDest

    Maybe playing the game ?
    I mean what kind of idiot plays a game like that for some silly achievments ?
  8. Pikachu

    Current generation of players can't enjoy a game unless it has progression and achievements.
  9. Pikachu

    Every time I see your name I feel the urge to burn or fry a lemon. Cut a lemon in half and put it in frying pan.
  10. Scorpion97

    in the past,they used to say that the game is dying due to presence of game cleaving stuff like the striker,fracture,banshee,PPA,ZOE,.75 ads LMGs and phoenix

    Yet,all of them got fixed (or nerfed to sand) and the reduction in population dropped MORE than before they got demolished

    Maybe we can conclude that the main reason from this persisting decrease is the concept of depriving players from their favorite weapons for the sake of getting new players?? (Which it didn't get anything but more immigration from the game)
  11. VonStalin

    maxes and heavies are killing it.
  12. baybal

    Wholely due to the failure of game design and lack of commitment from the team that inherited the project when the original dev team bailed out. I'd say few people would've dropped out of PS2 because of "aged" graphics, it's still is better than some coming non-AAA titles. The current team knows that they are there to squeeze maximum out of this project before it's scuttled. There will be no Planetside 2 2.0.

    Things the current team did right and wrong:

    Right stuff:
    They managed to do a very good media campaign in the beginning.
    They wooed many people into the game with new promises of PS2 being a FPS analog of EVE (a pesistent world that will live over many iterations of the game)
    Managed to get an excellent team of artists and conceptualists in the beginning. This included the guy who did the original designs for PS1. His works were the Bastion concept and other excellent mockups that were mercilessly thrown out of the final game.

    Wrong stuff:
    Hired a person with an overwhelming ego
    Loosing everybody with the calibre needed to change fate of the title. The current team is simply incapable of doing anything, but maintaining the rate of this playerbase loss.
    Failing people's trust
    Failed to fix showstopper bugs that are known to everybody and continue persist to this day. People were ready to forgive devs for them early on, but as things progressed more and more people undestrood that the team failed its promise to deliver the quality of an AAA title.
    Cutting out more substance out of the game than the amount being added. The coming content is a simple scheduled respins of different weapons/vehicles e.t.c. Nothing new adds any new sides to the game.

    What DBG can do to reverse the trend and start gaining the playerbase?
    Bring back the original devs, give them freedom to turn PS2 in what they saw it originally
    Make a one huge respin. Call it a PS2 2.0: new version of game engine, or a new engine alltogether. Completely rewamped mechanics of the most hated parts of the game. Make the game progress with something other than new content or meaningless events.
    Revamp the staff. The current team will not be able to increase playerbase no matter how much money you throw at them. DBG looses more and more of PS2 value with each new salary check for this team.
  13. n0pax

    It is a middling at best game in every category it covers. The key categories that can be adjusted such as the developers, funding and anti-cheat have all gone from some of the worst in the industry to in my opinion the hands down worst in the industry.

    The game is simply milking the remaining players while it lingers on before sunsetting. Anyone still spending money on this game will either move on by Christmas to the new games, is a hyper casual player or really values the MMOFPS aspect of the game where there is literally no direct competitor.
  14. Donaldson Jones

    This game is mostly chase the rabbit into the spawn then camp and repeat until victory. It's really not appealing to me anymore so I stopped playing. I obviously care about the game and think it has some good characteristics but if you want to get new players or old ones to come back some serious changes need to be made.

    Imho this game lacks excitement.
  15. eldarfalcongravtank

    game loses players over the course of three years... big whoop, so whats the deal? does this fact surprise you?
  16. laeaka

    is overpop and zerg opweapon mak me Lose interest in it. Developers should solve the problem of game balance.
    now the lock map mechanism,Need to improve. I don't want to play INDAR for a day The other map no fighting.

    Cause population imbalance is opweaponr,alert,lock map.
    is not dying, is need Refinements and adjustments.
  17. Atis

    Most players would choose fun imbalance over boring math or mirrored arsenal. It is tried and true way to make long-lasting entertainment
  18. Currann

    Whether or not they fall under the same exact genre is irrelevant in this case. The fact is, that people are gonna play the new shiny things, if only for a while. I myself am quite excited for Battlefront. Does this mean i am gonna quit planetside 2? No. But it does mean i am going to be spending a lot of time on it. Which is probably what many people are going to do. So that would mean that a temporary decline of players would happen when lots of AAA games come out at the same time.
  19. MorganM

    You can make all the excuses you want but even more titles have been released over the years. Every time we loose a chunk of players in addition to normal attrition. Thanks for making another depressing thread that feeds into new players worries about spending money on a dead game. I've seen no less than 3 people in the last week openly admit they were new and apprehensive about spending money or even spending time on this game because they keep hearing it's dying.

    Gee... where would they get such ideas? They aren't reading infographics and following population trends... they keep seeing posts like this here and on reddit!!!

    Yeah we've lost a lot of players. Game is still very viable on most servers. It's not like there's a lack of fights going on ALL DAY on Emerald. Prime time is packed with players. I think they need to deal with the EU servers more than anything. People have been complaining for weeks about connectivity and performance problems. That's lost us more players than anything lately!
  20. RottenRat

    Wouldn't it be nice if the devs realize that there is human life outside the US? I mean they closed down our international forums and took away our homes in this game, there's not the slightest interest in EU-players and today they started a video-contest. No, of course not for all players: "Contest is open to U.S. residents who are age 18 or older only." RadarX tweeted: "The fact the EU has stringent restrictions in EVERY country on gambling and sweepstakes isn't really our fault." Oh, really? So all the other companies doing this kind of contest in the EU are criminals or what? By the way, it wouldn't be a problem to have some ingame prizes - but that would mean that you're interested in EU players and that's not going to happen.