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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by bavarian, May 3, 2017.

  1. bavarian

    Hi all,

    Is anybody here playing PS2 with dual GPU´s in SLI and if so do you experience Graphics related issues as well?
    I do know some Games are running better on a single GPU rather than dual.
  2. Tankalishious

    PS2 isnt sli/cf optimized so it stutters alot when doing fastpaced stuff. Best with single gpu
  3. Iridar51

    That's wrong. With the right settings, SLI works just fine with PS2. It's not necessary, as for most people PS2 will be CPU-bound, but that's another question.
  4. bavarian

    Hi Tankalishious and Indar51

    That is what happends sometimes but strangely not during high work such as big battles.
    I set the game to GPU-bound due to me thinking that 2 GPU with 16BG graph mem. should handle the game with ease but changed it back to CPU-bound and it seems to be working a bit better.

    But the stuttering is happening with either settings since the last update.
    I have the I7 7920HQ with 64GB ram in my Laptop installed but this stuttering is still happening..

    Any ideas what the problem might be..
  5. stalkish

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  6. Iridar51

    I've already linked you the SLI settings for PlanetSide 2:

    Also make sure you set Windows power plan to "high performance" in windows control panel. If you're using an updated version of Windows 10, make sure to enable "game mode" for PlanetSide 2 by pressing Win + G in game.

    The fact that you're using a laptop in the first place doesn't help either, but with those specs it should handle PS2 easily.
  7. bavarian

    Well dont think so, its a GT83 VR with 2 1080´s so nope its not the Laptop..
    But it might be some settings though..
  8. bavarian

    Win 10 is a bit of a pain in the butt and I will check that Win 10 Game Mode is enabled... didnt even now that I had to manually set it..

    Thanks a lot Indar51
  9. stalkish

    Laptops are ****, simple as that.
    Spend the same amount on a desktop and youll see a difference so large it is unmeasurable by modern science.
  10. bavarian

    It seems like you dont know much about the new Generation of Gaming Laptops.
    The Topic of this threat is SLI or single GPU.

    I suggest you do a little more research on Benchmark comparison due to these Laptops are simply outrunning most Gaming Dektops available.
    If you have a SLI system you can tell me about your experience but dont try to tell me that a Desktop is better than a new Gen. Gaming Laptop/Desktop replacement..

    Please stay on topic..
  11. Tankalishious

    Well, i stand corrected then.
    I tried SLI with both 2x 660ti and 2x 780ti but couldn’t get the stuttering to go away. Did some googling and found people who had the same issues, some threads of it to be implemented and that it was,, some threads of workarounds, but later threads said it wasn't 100 implemented and working due to tye CPU/GPU issue.
    So eventually i gave it up and picked up a cheap used 980ti after the 1080 released.
  12. stalkish

    Arrr, did i hurt your feelings.
    Sorry but i disagree completely, like i said if you spent the same £$ on a desktop youd get a much better machine, not to mention ease of use, easyness on the eye, cheaper to fix etc etc etc.
    Laptops are inferior for gaming purposes.

    They have a place, but that place is somewhere you cant bring your desktop, for example i have a laptop for controlling my telescope when taking extreme long exposure deep space images, cant take my desktop to a dark sky site.
    Use them for purpose.

    O and ill write what i like, you dont own the internets.......sorry
  13. bavarian

    I just tied it as well and it does work better on a single GPU in CPU mode.
    So you are right Tankalishious, PS2 is not SLI ready yet..

    I hope they will fx/upgrade it in the future..
  14. bavarian

    Lol no you didnt hurt my feelings haha.
    It just shows that you dont know much about Laptops/Desktop replacements thats all.
    You are just a little old-school but thats ok..

    I can play GTA5 on a single GPU and Ultra settings with 95fps and temp no higher than 85degrees.. can your Desktop do that ..

    Anyways lets agree to disagree..
  15. Corezer


  16. Technologist

    How on earth is a best laptop going to beat the fastest desktops? Those laptop GPU's are massively clocked down and don't perform anything like a desktop GPU. Look up the massively reduced wattage / reduced boost clock. Yes you can pickup an awesome laptop for PS2 now but it won't even close to my SLI desktop running a I9-7900x at 5ghz and SLI 1080ti's. My CPU alone draws 350 watts and the rig pushes 1200 watts from the wall mining crypto. You can get great from rates at 1080P but I'm running 4K and 3400x1440 at 120+ more like 180 FPS if the monitor would run it.
  17. Skraggz

    Yet? Ps2 is late game in it's cycle of gaming life. SLI is highly unlikely especially being that most of the industry has stepped away from SLI due to things like the crypto issue, and other SO I related problems. It's by far better for a single large performi mg card. Though most of this could be chalked up to opinion notice how SLI have steadily been diminishing from card options.
  18. Rydenan

    Hooooo mama!


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