PlanetSide 2 has stopped working crashes every 10-20 minutes

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Zergling, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. FleurDisLee

    when i pick my character and push the damn play button Screen goes white and crashes i CANT PLAY!
  2. IDC_

    since i had this half a year ago i played in windowed mode fullscreen.
    first i placed taskmanager on my second screen to kill the game, but in windowed mode this bug didn't came up.

    isn't 331.82 the latest? just downloaded them (not the beta), because i was using 327.xx, but will try them tomorrow.
  3. TotalLoser

    My friends warned me about this game constant crashing....
    Being the enthusiast when it comes to FPS I ignored them....
    And now after 7 hours of illogical crashes every 20 min....I have officially lost my boner for this game.... -_-
  4. Yosarian

    it's pretty brutal right now i get maybe 1 hour at a time before it crashes, they nerfed the harraser into the ground, made guns more innaccurate (yeah, that's what this game needed) i'm trying to do comp for this game and i don't even feel like logging in, i feel like i should be getting paid by SOE to log in and keep beta testing this.
  5. Nate

    I've crashed 3 times today. Once because I possibly turned too quick. Another time for an unknown reason, 5 minutes after I logged back in. And now a third time after a fresh login when I used the mouse wheel to zoom the map. The crashes seem totally random.

    Validating the files finds no problems. Wondering if a fresh install would help.
  6. aefi

    Hello. Just got the game played for 3 days already. Getting very interested in it.
    I seems to have same problem except i dont get any error messages. Game just exit straight to windows without saying anything. I actually timed it and its after 20-22 min of playing till each crash. At first i thought its my PC problem cuz its not very powerful, but looking at this tread i see that people with better PC having same problems.
    My PC is quite old i run everything on low settings? but game doesnt freeze or stutter.
    Win XP, 2gb RAM, Nvidia GTi550.
  7. IDC_

    with 2GB Ram the game will run out of free memory very fast. thats your 20 minutes.
    you can look in your planetside2 gamefolder. every time the game crashes it makes a outofmemory.txt in this folder or overwrites the file.
  8. AirSuicide

    I have win 7 and 12 gig of ram plus a 965 black edition quad core and a raedon 7770. I shold NOT be crashing PERIOD.

    But I crash about every 2-3 hours like clockwork. And like other people are saying it's getting worse with every update patch.
  9. aefi

    Thanks. You right. Will putting 4GB instead of 2gb help or should i just get new PC?.)
  10. IDC_

    4GB would help a bit.
    but with windows xp only 3 would be usable. so you are wasting half of your upgrade. you have to get a 64bit operating system to use all 4GB.
    since you have an older pc (like me) i think you'll need DDR2 Ram. last time i checked, this kind was more expensive than the newer DDR3 Ram. (or you get some cheap used ram)
    knowing your CPU and motherboard would help.
    maybe a bundle of new motherboard+cpu+ram would be better?
  11. agentblake1

    same ******* problem
    mine is win-7 32 bit
  12. Zorok

    I have noticed since the patch back in January, the game has been crashing all the time (after about 15 mins or so). I check the Application log files and nothing can be found. The game just suddenly closes with no error message being displayed. The only thing that precedes the game shutting down is that everything within the game will freeze in then a second or two later, it's crashed and I see my desktop.
  13. SigmaNiner

    swtich to 64 bit runs perfect
  14. Naehloseht

    I am running a 64 bit OS, and I keep getting these same problems, any idea whats going on with my end?
  15. PastalavistaBB

    I didn't have that much of a severe problem on daytime but now on Prime Time on Miller game just keeps crashing every 10-15 Minutes.
  16. Rik00m

    Same problem as many of people here. Game freeze and crash (black screen, no response from planetside2.exe) after 10-15 minutes.

    I tried to resolve with different ways : reinstall (4 times !!!), UseFence=0, run as admin, winxp/vista mode, firewall/antivirus desactivation and modification, Validate Game Assets in the launcher, reinstall DirectX, GPU driver, etc...

    Always freeze and crash ! I'm tired of spending my time looking for solutions...

    I5 2800
    HD 7970 3gb
    Win7 64 bits
  17. IronSymbol89

    Well ever since the Amerish Update and new death screen my PS2 crashes like 5 mins in but before the Amerish update it worked just fine but I'm sure they will fix it.
  18. ysysys

    I give up. They will never look into this. Bye Planetside2.
  19. DK22

    fwiw, I couldn't log into the Live server, even thou it says its 'UP' (could this morning thou)
    So, played on the PTS, seemed fine, played about 3 hours without any probs, a good 60 FPS, and no warping.
    But you can hardly call it playing, very few people around, but no warping like yesterday.
    so, *hands up* *shrug* I dunno!