PlanetSide 2 has stopped working crashes every 10-20 minutes

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Zergling, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. Garrix

    Good to know it's not just me. I'm also having an issue where sometimes my game seems to 'freeze' - it's not an actual client crash, if I alt tab it goes back to normal for a bit until the next crash/freeze/whatever. Just curious if anyone else has this specifically.
  2. Rahuruk

    I do run 32-bit Windows 7. Has a dev acknowledged this problem at all?
  3. whyuseabot

    I upgraded from 3s bit windows tro 64 bit and put 16 gig off ram in.. was having same problems play like 10-15 mins and crash with the upgrade can now play for hours and no problems
  4. Xenophobia401

    well as expected the patch did not address this issue. still crashing on 64 bit windows 7.......
  5. Phoenix007

    i myself am getting this too pretty annoying, and please no one tell me its a memory problem with 32/64 bit systems because i have installed it on both my comps boths i7s with 16gb of ram ones has a gtx680 2gb x 2 and a ati 6990 with 4 gb so my memory isnt an issue i spend lots of money building rigs so please do not tell me its my system either i have read post after post and im going with its SOE not patching the problem....... please i repeat please fix this bug.... please dont make us as a player/players boycot your game because you are not thinking this is a problem because it is a problem.
  6. laskuttaja

    I have finally gotten the game to work, first here's a list of things that didn't help at all for me, but may help others:

    - Unblocking PlanetSide 2 files on firewall
    - BCDEditing
    - Increasing swap file size
    - Setting game priority to high

    What finally fixed it for me:

    I think I found the fix early in this thread and I'm still curious why it worked.

    1. Go to Control Panel => Device Manager
    2. At the very bottom of the list there should be "Universal Serial Bus controllers". Open it up to see all of the USBs, then uninstall them one at a time by right-clicking them.
    3. At some point your mouse will probably stop working so use keyboard to uninstall the rest and boot the PC.
    4. After having booted, the mouse will be operational once again and the crashes should no longer occur.
  7. Xenophobia401

    were you experiencing the static noise then computer freeze crash? or just a regular one?
  8. laskuttaja

    No, every 10-20min my fps went to 1 and immediately after that the game crashed to desktop. Now that I reinstalled the USB controllers I still experience the fps drops to 1, but the game no longer crashes after that. The game did crash today but I had been playing 2,5h so it's still a major improvement.
  9. nklh4x0r

  10. Tasogie

    I get same thing, plus I get artifact flashes, so I have to log out an come back in. I also get explorer.exe crashes (I know for a fact its PS2 doing it).
  11. TheGroggyOne

    Same here, graphic artifacts, freezes, crashes, 10-20mins guaranteed.

    Windows 7 64-bit
    Ati 5800
    8g ram

    This just started happening today. Yesterday and this morning everything was fine, this evening has been a real *****.
  12. Innate

    I too have 64-bit Win7 and an nVidia card. I have experienced several crashes so far today (I've never crashed before today). I've had the artifacting screen-flash and other issues, but today I keep crashing after 20-30 mins. Only ~50% of my RAM is ever in use including Planetside and all other processes.
  13. KiwiEffecT

    same issue, win7 64bit, all up to date with latest drivers ect. This started happening a few patches ago :(
  14. Ruggle

    Same here.... win7 64bit..... random crashes over and over again (mostly after 30-60 minutes of playing). it´s not realy fun to play.
    but one thing is weird, most of the time it happens if i buy a sunderer after 20-30 minutes playing.
    if i relog and buy one, nothing happens, even with every single other vehicle nothing happens.... but if i have played about 20-30 minutes i crash with a 90% chance if i buy a sunderer, get into or outoff one and it starts to drive
    All the beta ps2 run realy smooth for me but since release it gets with each patch worse.
  15. Driad13

    I have the same problem with crashing every 10-20 minutes, really makes me want to uninstall the game...

    Win7 32bit
    4Gigz ram
    AMD Radeon HD 6570

    I have not had this problem till the newest patch.
  16. Dtswiss

    I get flickering screen , terrain not rendering. This started happening after the huge patch.

    I tried with the overclock on my gfx off and it still happens. I haven'T changed any drivers since before the patch
  17. FateJH

    Same problem, etc.. Someone alreayd posted info. extremely close to my specs was already listed so I won't repeat unnecessarily. Additionally, I've toned down all my graphic settings to LOW just to see if the issue repeats. It does.

    Before we can fix the problem, we need to identify whether we're all experiencing different varieties of problems, and if we are whether they are all manifestions of the same (kind of) bug, or if we have the same issue that our computer is interpretting differently. From the variety of solutions, e.g., memory-based versus networking-based, I think the former; but, if it were memory-based, then it could also be the latter as everything needs to use the memory.
  18. ActionFab

    I have the same problem. After every death, planetside 2 crash!!! Every 10 minutes. I don't know why. It's so frustrating!!

    Sony have to fix it soon!!!!

    I doesn't found a post in german, here it is for the german player: Nach ca. 10 Minuten stützt planetside 2 nach dem Tod ab
  19. ERR0R

    You get this too with those system specs? :/
    Just curious: Do you have an SSD?
  20. ERR0R

    Oh and sorry to double post, but just an update: this did not work for me.

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